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Obama And Grylls: Portrait Of A Survival Expert And The US President.

Updated on December 19, 2015
Obama Showing An Intimate And Fun Side Taking A Walk On The Wild Side With Bear Grylls.
Obama Showing An Intimate And Fun Side Taking A Walk On The Wild Side With Bear Grylls. | Source
Bear Grylls:  Bringing Survival In The Wilderness Into Our Living Rooms.
Bear Grylls: Bringing Survival In The Wilderness Into Our Living Rooms. | Source

Bear Gives Obama A Grilling.

Bear Grylls and Barack Obama could not be two different people in the spolight, one being an English privately middle class educated ex - SAS survival expert and Christian, the other being a mixed - race American President leaving office in 2017.

Mr Grylls programme 'Running Wild' which was aired on 17 December in the US features himself and the current occupant of the White House living in the wilderness in Alaska. At one point Bear and Barack feast on Salmon which was already half eaten by a bear not the Grylls variety.

They also ate berries and drank bottled water but did not drink urine but Obama conceded he would if his life depended on it.

Obama said Grylls was a "A mediocre cook" but according to Grylls in an interview which he took part in with the NBC network said Obama told him spending time with him in Alaska was the best time of his Presidency.

Topics discussed by the pair were fatherhood, their fears and the subject of climate change as they watched a glacier in Alaska melting due to what many pundits think is clear evidence of climate change.

Grylls said he had to pinch himself to make sure he actually was in the company of President Obama and Obama said he wanted to use the programme to highlight from his prospective what he saw as the evidence of climate change a subject dear to Obama's heart.

This is not the first time Bear Grylls has taken so called celebs into the wilderness in the past he has taken English comedian, actor and panel game host Stephen Fry there and American actor Ben Stiller.

Grylls has established various programmes on television where he is surviving in forests, deserts or other wild places on his own or where he leaves teams of people both male and female to see how they get on in survival technics on tropical islands. One controverisal subject I have to highlight is his killing of animals in the wild and are these creatures protected and does he have permission to kill these creatures if that is the case or not.

No doubt whether Grylls is on his own or with famous people or leading teams of amateurs into the wilderness he will probably always continue to fascinate those who enjoy his programmes.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      3 years ago from Blackpool

      Indeed, Im glad you liked the article.

    • emge profile image

      MG Singh 

      3 years ago from Singapore

      Interesting hub. Such posts enliven the world


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