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"Oblivion" Movie Review

Updated on August 3, 2014

"Oblivion" Movie Poster


"Oblivion" Rating

4 stars for "Oblivion"

A Review of "Oblivion"

"Oblivion" is a bit of a mixed response view after seeing it. On one hand it has some excellent sci fi visuals and action packed scenes. On the other it has a really bizarre love story in it that doesn't make sense and felt a little uncomfortable. On another hand it feels a little too much like any other Tom Cruise action flick. I'm not entirely sure if that hurts or helps the movie though. There's an argument for each side really. If a viewer is a die hard Tom Cruise fan they will love that he's sticking to what he does best. If a viewer is not exactly a die hard fan of Mr. Cruise and enjoys seeing actors challenge their range they may be disappointed that he stuck with something tried and true for another role. So what is "Oblivion" about? The story centers around a man named Jack (Tom Cruise, "Jack Reacher") and his partner Vika (Andrea Riseborough, "W.E.") who are based on a futuristic dying Earth. They are removing the last of Earth's resources to send to the mothership that orbits Earth that has some of the last humans aboard and then to further take the resources to Titan, one of Saturn's moons that the rest of the human race has set up a colony upon. Vika dreams of returning to Titan. Jack has other dreams. He dreams about Earth before the Scavs invaded and about a mysterious woman. Jack ends up going on a mission to fix a drone and he comes across the woman from his dreams (Olga Kurylenko, "Quantum of Solace"). With her help and the help of the leader of the Scavs (Morgan Freeman, "The Dark Knight") he begins to question his mission. Just from that brief description you can probably come up with a few Tom Cruise movies that are pretty similar in nature or plot to this movie. Perhaps: "War of the Worlds" or "Minority Report" comes to mind? Yeah basically. Anyways despite "Oblivion" being fairly similar to many of the projects Tom Cruise has worked on the movie is good. It has plenty of action. The visuals are well done. There's a love story for the more sentimental minded. The acting is pretty good by the entire cast. The only things that are exactly "bad" while at the same time not exactly being "bad" is Tom Cruise and some facts about the love relationships in the movie. It might have made this movie a little better if a younger, more fresh faced actor had played Jack rather than Tom Cruise. Before all you Tom Cruise fans fly off the handle I want you to at least hear me out on why I feel that way. Tom Cruise is in his fifties now. He's no spring chicken. Yeah he takes care of himself and still looks pretty fit and healthy but there's one problem with him in nearly all of his movies now. All of his costars are twenty to thirty years younger than he is. What gives? This is why I think perhaps a younger, more age appropriate actor should have been cast as Jack and maybe Tom could have played a different part or signed on as a producer. Yeah I know that many movies follow this formula, but I still can't help groaning anytime I see a much much older actor being the romantic interest for a much younger woman in so many movies. Maybe Hollywood should start making more movies with older actresses playing the romantic interests for much younger men? Despite the age thing I do still like Tom in this role. I swear he is really good and he acts well with his costars. He really shines in action movies (that don't require him using an accent) so it's always good to see him in this type of role even if his romantic partners are getting younger and younger. And truth be told "Oblivion" is marketing itself more toward the male demographic so of course guys want to see attractive women in the lead roles and at the same time want to see an every man actor like Tom Cruise be in relationships with these women rather than a pretty boy younger actor. Overall I would rate this a four out of five stars, because I am a sucker for a good sci fi flick with the latest special effects being used to the max and I do like seeing Tom Cruise in the kind of roles that made him famous. Also Morgan Freeman is great in this movie. The guy looks like he's just having a blast the entire time in his role and being in this movie.

Who Is This Movie For?

"Oblivion" is for people who like sci fi flicks. It's similar to "Star Trek (2008)" and "Looper". It is more aimed at a male audiences, but if you're a woman who likes sci fi I'm sure you will be able too enjoy this movie as well. There isn't any Michael Bay level of objectifying women in this flick just some beautiful much younger actresses than Tom Cruise. They aren't objectified though and none of the characters is sexist towards them.

Where to find "Oblivion"

What is your favorite recent Tom Cruise movie?

What is your favorite recent Tom Cruise movie?

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"Oblivion" Trailer


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    • Nicole Hering profile imageAUTHOR

      Nicole Kristine 

      4 years ago from MN

      That's very true that he needs to grow more instead of always going for the younger man role all the time.

    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      I agree with you, the problem with the movie was Tom Cruise. He's a good actor and I liked him in his older movies like Rain Man and Jerry Maguire. He should go into roles of older men, playing fathers, and showing his acting skills instead of action films at this point in his career.


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