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Observe and Report

Updated on January 18, 2010

Observe and Report Movie

Watch Observe and Report
Watch Observe and Report

Introduction to Observe and Report

Observe and Report follows the life of a middle aged mall security guard who still lives with his mother. This witty yet slapstick film follows the close group of mall security guards as they band together in an attempt to bring down a flasher who is terrorizing the mall shoppers.

Seth Rogan plays the lead mall cop who takes the flashers attacks on his mall as a personal insult.  His bi-polar personality leads him on an energetic quest to capture the miscreant, and the introduction of a rough edged police officer reminds him of his lust to become a full police officer.

In Detail - Observe and Report

Observe and Report is definately a great film, though it strikes an uncanny resemblance to the recently released 'Paul Blart - Mall Cop'. This is also far from one of the best performances from comedian Seth Rogan, who has brought us some fantastic films such as 'Knocked Up' and 'Pinapple Express' .

Despite this, Observe and Report has a complex interaction between the characters, overlayed by the more obvious ones brought to the floor by Seth Rogan. While most of it's jokes are obvious, simple, or just plain unfunny, there are also a lot which feel quick and sharp witted.

This regular mix between the good and bad makes this a hard movie to explain, it has some fantastic acting, and the script seems pretty solid.  I do think this film could have been polished further, with more connections between the people, and relationships, without these I found it very hard to relate to many of the characters, despite how well they were played.

All in all I think Observe and Report is well worth watching, Despite it's sparse laughs in places, the film is entertaining, and can be watched time and time again.


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