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"Obsession" A Wake Up Call For America On Radical Islam

Updated on May 3, 2011

"Obsession" the Movie

The following blog was written August 15th, 2006. A few years later has not made any changes in the world. America still fights on against one collective enemy in two countries, and the extremist groups are now spreading to surrounding countries.

"Obsession" the Movie

I saw this movie, "Obsession" about radical Islam. It's a very powerful film that backs up our worst fears about who these terrorists groups are and why the hate us and the Jews in particular. Not only does the film make very good analogies of WWII Nazi Germany, it goes one step further and describes how radical Muslims were involved at many different times throughout history starting with the Nazis because of their extreme hatred for Jews. Apparently Hitler convinced a Muslim leader to lead an army outside of Germany...of mostly Muslims because they shared a common enemy, the Jews. Today is even scarier as the radical Mulslims are everywhere, in England, in America, spreading their hatred in our own backyards. And they mean business. Forget asking why? It's too late for why. Radical Muslims are at war with Israel, America and England to the death.

It sounds ridiculous...

but it's the truth. All they know is hatred, holding guns and pledging their allegiance to Allah that wants Islam to rule the world according to the film. They want to rid of all religions that don't follow their exact path including Muslims. It's them or us! Unfortunately, there are plenty of good-natured Muslims that live in America and England that don't believe in the radical Muslims' 'Jihad.' Ironically, Jihad means 'inner struggle.' They've got so much twisted around in their heads and so much propaganda about ridiculous statements and false accusations that they grow up believing whatever radical Islam wants them to believe. They're brainwashed.

The Muslim organizations in America do need to speak out more often and all other faiths and organizations of America need to stand together with our Muslim American brothers.

There is still a lot of bad, uneducated people in America keeping hatred alive. That needs to end as well. We need to stand finally as Americans, free to be of any color, of any faith and be whatever we want. We can not let Hitler take over the world again...because history IS repeating itself like it or not.

(*President Obama has now taken out Osama bin Laden! So, that's a great shift in the war on terror! )

If you get a chance please check this film out for for yourselves. There's a promo trailer and the film can be purchased on their website:




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    • Ross H Martin profile image

      Ross H Martin 7 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Thanks Tony!

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      I have not seen that movie but I think the point you are making is a sound one - we all need to stand together against hatred and prejudice. Knowledge can help us to understand the nature and effects of prejudice.

      I highly recommend Karen Armstrong's "Islam - a short history" (2000) in which she wrote "To cultivate a distorted image of Islam, to see it as inherently the enemy of democracy and decent values, and to revert to the bigoted views of the medieval Crusaders would be a catastrophe. Not only would such an approach antagonise the 1.2 billion Muslims with whom we share the world, but it would also violate the disinterested love of truth and the respect for the sacred rights of others that characterize both Islam and Western society at their best." A fine book and highly readable.

      Love and peace