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Obsession with celebrity gossip

Updated on February 5, 2015

Celebrities are people too. Some might think they're superhuman or just plain better than us "normal" people, but show me a celebrity that hasn't f***** up and done something embarrassing and I will personally punch myself in the balls. It's fun to laugh at but think about it, imagine your most embarrassing moments exploding all over the internet for all the haters, lovers, or just bored people to see. I don't know about you but I would take pride in the fact that someone's getting a laugh, making someone else's day better is a good feeling.

This image is from the infamous video that was seared into our minds a few years back. So what, Mr. Hassellhoff was hungry while incredibly intoxicated. Luckily for us it was all filmed and posted all over the internet for our amusement, and succeeded in giving millions of people a good laugh, myself included. To ease the guilt of laughing at it, there was a good reason for this being filmed: read on...

See, this incident was recorded by his daughter. It was originally meant to show him the toll his alcoholism has taken. Which apparently worked. When the video was brought up to him he said “It was really nonsensical and none of that needed to happen. But in the end, you know, I tried to find a reason for it all and I found that reason. And that reason was that everything had to come to some sort of closure to move on. That has helped." Wow, what a classy rebuttal to a REALLY embarrassing video. So it was intended for a good purpose, but sorry Mr. Hasselloff, can you really blame us for laughing? Thank you for this moment and I certainly hope you're living a happy, sober life now.

Bald Britney Spears

Now here's another example of crazy celebrity surprises. Why did Britney Spears shave her head? I started to research this to find out, only to find a sh**ton of crazy f****** stories and theories. Everything from midlife crisis, cover-up for already going bald, to shaving it off so she couldn't get a hair follicle test for drugs (really people? there's a million other ways to get drug tested). I still haven't found the true reason so if anyone knows for sure let me know. Whatever the reason is, I personally don't think she looked that bad.

Lindey Lohan drunk

Ohhh miss Lohan, you're too much fun. So many very publicized embarrassing moments, it's hard to keep up. This girl would be fun to party with, that's all I have too say about her.

This is yet another topic I could go on forever about. But all I really wanna say to the judgmental a-holes out there: can you really say that you haven't done something incredibly embarrassing? No you can't. Personally I give celebrities mad props for still having fun and being themselves once in a while. It's quite refreshing knowing that they're real people. So keep on keeping on celebs, and If any of the pictures I put up here or in future articles embarrass you don't worry. I plan on doing an article where I will post some embarrassing moments of yours, with one of my past embarrassing pics to counter (trust me I have THOUSANDS that I'm not ashamed to share). With that I leave you all with this: If you judge these celebrities random photo moments, just remember if we had a camera on us all the time, I guarantee we'd all have a crotch shot out there at some point. Spread the love!


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