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October Baby Movie Review

Updated on May 12, 2013

October Baby is a Great Movie!

Go see this movie. Rent it if no longer available on the big screen. This movie is going to remain one of my all-time favorite movies. It is that good. My wife and I both really enjoyed it.

This film really impacted my thinking about abortion. A strong adherent of the right to life of unborn children and strongly against the ease with which a young woman can go and kill her child, this movie really called to me.

Exceptional Acting

The movie itself is much more than I anticipated. The acting is very good. Some Christian films have just good acting. The acting here leaves no room for negative commentary. All the actors and actresses performed exceptionally well.

The story line is written by Theresa Preston and Jon Erwin. The story is credited to Cecil Stokes, Andrew Erwin and Jon Erwin. The story line flows very well. Though the story line seems straight forward: adopted girl goes to find her birth mother, there are more than a few surprises in the movie and I did not lose interest at any time (this is an important measure for any movie- if the viewer comes out of the movie, and begins processing the technical attributes of the film, or the time, the movie lacks something.)

Christians Represented Positively

In one scene of the movie, the main character, Hannah (Rachel Hendrix), and her childhood friend, Jason (Jason Burkey), must spend the night in a common hotel room.

Jason is situated on the floor with a pillow and blanket. Hannah is in the room's only bed. She begins to talk about how she is a Christian and has not kissed a boy or participated in other boy-girl activities. As I watched this scene, because of the conditioning of typical Hollywood films, I began to expect, "This is where they do something very not-Christian, like have sex."

Instead, Hannah takes a blanket and pillow, and leaves to the lobby of the hotel, to sleep on a couch there. Jason follows, and sits near her to sleep in the same public place (where nothing can happen via temptation and opportunity).

The truth is, many, many people all over the world live pure lives just like this. Hollywood, contrary to reality, has many false teachings. You may have heard these lines from television and Hollywood: (these are lies): "College is the time you are supposed to experiment sexually." Another HW lie is "Prom night is the night you are supposed to lose your virginity." The truth is, your wedding night is the night you should lose your virginity. Marriage is the time to learn the joys of intimacy.


Hannah's adoptive parents are Baptists. They almost went bankrupt when they adopted Hannah after she was just born. She was premature, and hospital bills were not covered by their insurance plan. Her father was still in his training program as a 4th year intern. Yet, they stuck with the little girl, and raised her as their own child- a beautiful thing that makes our Heavenly Father joyful.

October Baby Movie Trailer

A Prayer for Those who had an Abortion(s)

Prayer is a mighty thing. It has never let down a person who believed. It favors those who are diligent and those who do not hold back their hearts. Do not fear brokenness before a Loving Father.

Dear Father in Heaven, you are the source of all that is good. You hold the keys over sin. You are able to break or create all things as you choose. Father, I sinned against you when I made a decision in my mind, without even understanding what I did, or even knowing full well it was wrong in your eyes to do what I did. Father, my Father, please forgive me. Please forgive me for what I have done. Please forgive me all my trespasses. As you require, I also forgive all those who have harmed me, including any who encouraged or advised me abort; including any who did nothing to help me: absent fathers, whether they knew or not, absent friends and family... everyone involved, including the one who drove me to the location. I pledge to never repeat this act.

Father, please release me and all my heirs from the curse of this sin. Please extend your hand of peace and healing over my life, over my womb, and over my heart, and over all that is me. Please forgive me now and forever.

[Now, you use the authority given to believers over serpents and scorpions and all forms of devils]

I notify you, devil, that you no longer have any right in my life because of this sin, which is forgiven. Jesus told us that we should forgive those who ask. I have asked the Father, and I know I have been forgiven. You now must go. Go, and never return. You are not welcome in my life. I do not want you. I break every chain that may have come onto my life because of this old act; I break every snare; I remove every net or barrier; I remove every work of the enemy against my life, my emotions, my finances, my health, my soul, my emotions, or any other aspect of my life.

I command any and all dark forces working against me to be gone and to never return. In Jesus' mighty name.

While you pray, the Holy Spirit may bring to remembrance some thing that needs to be broken. He may have reminded you yesterday. If so, be sure to list these things, commanding them to go. Use the name as best you know it, "breast cancer", for example. Or, use a symptom, as in, "depression".

You may want to start with a full hour of praise and thanks to your Father. Then, start your deliverance prayers.

I hope and pray you will have perfect peace and will receive the forgiveness of our Father, and that you will be relieved of every work of the enemy against you.

Rotten Tomatoes October Baby Reviews

Apparently, Rotten Tomatoes is the place rotten heart go to review film. Ninety percent of almost 30,000 people liked October Baby. However, 72% of those who took the time to write a review gave it a thumbs-down green splattered tomato.

Here is one review, left by Andrew O'Hehir:

The odds that this has happened in the real world approach those of being struck by lightning and eaten by a shark at the same time. With a winning lottery ticket tucked in your swimsuit. - A. O'Hehire

Now, here is a quote from director and producer Jon Erwin:

"I think a lot of people find the story unbelievable, and that's the beauty of it -- it's absolutely inspired by a true story," Jon Erwin told Baptist Press. "I screened it one night, and a young person came up to me and said, 'This is my story.' And that keeps on happening. She said, 'I was an abortion survivor. My sibling was killed.'"

Apparently, Andrew did not major in statistics... or even reality, for that matter. Despite his complaint being limited to the probability of a baby surviving an abortion (as they are living beings, not the euphemistic "fetus" liberals believe them to be), or of one twin surviving (which has happened, see quote above); Andrew gave a juicy red tomato to The Amazing Spider Man and another to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

I posit O'hehir's complaint lies in something other than probability.


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