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October Is The Perfect Month for National Album Day

Updated on August 14, 2018

Best Albums Released In the Month of October

Charlie Brown grew used to rock at the end of every October, when he went trick-or-treating with the other kids from the comic strip. Starting this year, however, rock in October will be something folks in the U.K. look forward to.

October First has been designated as National Album Day over there, which will commemorate the many great records in the history of rock. It has not really been explained as to why the tenth month was chosen over the others, but it does provide a much needed boost of sunshine before autumn settles in.

Another part of the rationale might be the number of really good albums released in the month of October over the past six decades, including several by Elton John, the Monkees and Led Zeppelin. While none of the studio albums by The Beatles had an October release, many other artists saw their best discs come out in that month.

Here are the fifteen best albums that were released during the past sixty years.

Tapestry by Don McLean, 1970
The folk artist was proving himself to be quite a songwriter, even years before he made it big with American Pie.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, 1973
Double albums are usually flops, but the four sides of this classic are filled with delights such as the title track, "Bennie and the Jets" and "All the Young Girls Love Alice."

Quadrophenia by the Who, 1973
Pete Townshend proved that Tommy was no fluke, creating yet another epic with tunes like "5:15", "Bell Boy" and "The Real Me."

News of the World by Queen,1977
They opened side one by claiming they will rock you, which is exactly what the quartet did on this follow up to "Bohemian Rhapsody" and A Night at the Opera.

Heroes by David Bowie, 1977
Fresh off his first number one hit "Fame" Bowie once again went in a different direction on this masterpiece.

I'm the Man by Joe Jackson, 1979
Although it lacked the exhilarating novelty of Look Sharp, this sophomore effort established Jackson as much more than a one-hit wonder.

Double Fantasy by John Lennon, 1980
Two months after "Starting Over", "Watching the Wheels" and "I'm Losing You" hit store shelves, Lennon was assassinated in New York.

Sandanista by the Clash, 1980
Three sides of sheer punk delight are stored here, where the band is at its peak.

Infidels by Bob Dylan, 1984
Coming off of several sub par releases, hits like "Sweetheart Like You" and "Jokerman" thrust the bard back into favor with his multitude of fans.

Harvest Moon by Neil Young, 1992
Grunge bands had already revived interest in Young, who returned to his folk rock roots in this beautiful set.

What's the Story Morning Glory by Oasis, 1995
Gallagher brothers Liam and Noel debuted their Beatles-influenced sound on this sensational record, highlighted by "Wonder Wall" and "Don't Look Back In Anger."

Fountains of Wayne, 1996
Seven years before "Stacy's Mom" hit the charts, the quartet introduced its pleasant blend of power pop and clever lyrics on this self-titled record.

Chutes Too Narrow by the Shins, 2003
"Kissing the Lipless" opens the band's second effort, which shows James Mercer 's emerging talent for songwriting.

Write About Love by Belle and Sebastian, 2010
Stuart Murdoch had been around for a decade making quality pop rock, but this album is the best in the catalogue.

Colors by Beck, 2018
Morning Phase had earned him a Grammy previously, but this follow up offered more funk and musical gloss on songs such as "Up All Night" and "Dreams."

© 2018 Doug Poe


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