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Bad Drivers, Bad Storms and Bad Judgement

Updated on January 21, 2017

Thanks for the Ride, Mister!

Assume the position...

A dramatic “good luck” story was posted Thursday by UPI involving a motorcyclist crashing into the back of a car at a high rate of speed on Interstate 5 in Tumwater. Both the car and motorcycle were speeding when the car suddenly had to brake hard for traffic. Truck driver Brian Becton recorded the entire accident from a video attached to his dashboard as he followed the pair from another lane a safe distance behind.

What’s so lucky about crashing into a car at a high rate of speed while riding one’s motorcycle, one might ask. The attached video best answers the question but suffice to say the motorcyclist really flipped out, landing uninjured on the car’s trunk in a sitting position.

At first it appears the driver does not notice his extra passenger but the car eventually slows and pulls into the emergency lane allowing the lucky motorcyclist to dismount. However, instead of being thankful he did not starve to death sliding down the Interstate, the motorcyclist could be seen pacing about in apparent rage after his unintended death-defying aerobatic stunt.

You know you're having a bad day when...


When it rains it pours?

He may be the” luckiest guy”, but his insurance company doesn’t share in his good fortune. Two vehicles owned by Georgiy Karpekin , located in different cities, were destroyed by falling trees on the same day.

While a windstorm raged at Sacramento City College an especially strong gust felled a large tree that reshaped his pickup truck into what he described as a taco. "I walked up to my truck and I saw it was 'taco'd' around a tree," he told KTXL-TV.

Karpekin's bad day started there, but did not end there. After getting a ride to his home in West Sacramento, he noticed a tree had fallen on two cars in front of his residence. Closer examination revealed that one of them was his second car. Karpekin also bought a losing lottery ticket that day, but isn’t complaining. "Yeah, and then I come home and two other cars (were damaged by a tree) huh? My luck. I bought a lottery ticket. It didn't win, but..." Karpekin said. "I feel like I'm the luckiest guy.” He said insurance will cover the costs and the second car was not damaged as badly as his pickup truck and should be repaired soon.

"You can't help but laugh," Karpekin quipped.

Here come da judge!


Don't Judge Me

In El Paso, Texas, a man whom allegedly shook his middle finger at a county judge was promptly charged with disorderly conduct and issued a court date. Interestingly, the finger-shaking offender happens himself to be a state district judge in El Paso.

State District Judge Patrick Garcia is scheduled for trial in April. The El Paso County district attorney's office determined the misdemeanor case should be prosecuted. It's not clear how much money the animated judge and his offended counterpart will cost the municipalities they represent.

The fingered judge filed a complaint after he says Garcia shot him the bird in November outside the county courthouse. It is not clear why charges were filed so long after his honor's altercation with the superior judge.

Garcia told the El Paso Times he would not comment on the charge. For his part, the county judge, in his complaint, says he found the incident “humiliating.”


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