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Trump University Rap Tune

Updated on June 19, 2016

Trump University Fight Song


If you want an ejookashun

an become a bizness flash

enroll in our college

and learn to talk trump trash

We’ll teach you to be deceitful

We'll teach you how to lie

You'll learn how to scam those fools

Just give TRUMP U a try

If you want to be like Donald

You have to lie and cheat

That’s how he made his money

Scamming can’t be beat

We'll teach you how to style your hair

and how to dye it blonde

Then apply some agent orange

You too can be a clown

Yes you can be a piece of sh*t

Just like ol’ Donald T

Write a check for 50 grand

To Trump University

We ain't got no campus

we aint got no team

Our leader is a big buffoon

who likes to shout and scream

Forget about diversity

and all that righteous stuff

you'll matriculate with dishonor

just like the Big Trumpus

You'll earn a phony diploma

like the one below

a certificate of deception

signed by the school's top a**hole

Boo Boo for Trumpus U

Certificate of Deception from Trump U

Look what 50 grand can get you
Look what 50 grand can get you

Trump Strategy Revealed

By threatening litigation, the Trump team forced many small suppliers and tradesmen to give up trying to collect for work completed . Hundreds of businesses were denied payment for the flimsiest excuses. Many had to declare bankruptcy as a result.

That's the way we do business said trump.


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