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Off to the Key Of ZZZ's

Updated on October 5, 2009


Wednesday 2:30 A.M.
my calloused fingers
at long last cease
from stringing my frets.

My last vocals
end in a rather loud yawn,
much like the sound hole
on my sunrise colored

hummingbird guitar. 

Four songs written,
lyrics and music
committed to memory,
as I head for
the key of ZZZZZ's

My guitars all lounging
in haphazard poses,
like roadies sprawled
in exhaustion minutes
after the stage was set.

These are my
sculptures of wood,
chrome, and steel
frozen here in
a moment of weariness,
after years of striving
to Roll the burden of Rock
up a very steep
hill to fame.

I write for
peace of mind now,
blending a piece of my mind,
with the music in me.

The crowds have
long fallen silent,
the green rooms
only hold blues.
But I am content,
as I go to chase
dreams beyond
all reality
that only sleep
can bring.



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