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Office Christmas Party Review

Updated on April 6, 2017
Office Christmas Party theatrical poster
Office Christmas Party theatrical poster

Zenotek's Annual Christmas Party!

Office Christmas Party is a comedy written by Laura Solon and Justin Malen. The film was also directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck. The story follows a tech company and their annual (and costly) Christmas party. However, this year is different. Due to financial issues, the party must be a success in order for most of the employees to keep their jobs. The film's cast features an ensemble of high-profile comedians and actors/actresses. Some of which include Jennifer Anniston, Jason Bateman, Olivia Munn, Jillian Bell, and T.J Miller. Also, guest appearances of SNL stars Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer. The film was released on December 9, 2016.


The narrative for the film is simple and sweet; hundreds if not thousands of employees will lose their jobs if the annual Christmas party doesn't impress a certain client. CEO Carol Vanstone (Jennifer Aniston) lays down the law and threatens to get rid of staff and cut bonuses if the firm does not improve it's earnings. Desperate to keep his employees, Branch Manager Clay (T.J. Miller), Chief Technical Officer Josh Parker (Jason Bateman) and Head of Technology Tracey Hughes (Olivia Munn) formulate a plan. They are going to throw the best Christmas party ever to impress Walter Davis (Courtney B. Vance). If everything goes well, then their financial troubles are history.

Fun, Fun, Fun

The movie's greatest advantage is its holiday-party theme. This allows the narrative to be as light-hearted as it wants to be. The party scenes are simply exciting. There's lobby room ice sledding, exciting dance sequences, crazy antics, and blaring rap and hip-hop music. The film doesn't contain any serious moments to spoil the film's upbeat atmosphere. It is not out to deliver any heartfelt messages. Fun is what the movie is and what it does best.


Office Christmas Party draws its hilarity from its characters and the actors' ability to portray them. Olivia Munn's signature deadpan comedic style allows for the lines she delivers to hit. Jillian Bell's portrayal of Trina (the pimp), leads to a ton ludicrous and entertaining moments. She knows how to play a lunatic, for sure. Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon (especially) are welcomed additions and add to the film exceptionally. However, not all the characters are memorable. But, those that are make a lasting impact. Overall, the movie's likeability depends on how much you enjoy comedies. If you're a fan of silly narratives and naturally funny dialogue, then this is the film for you.

Office Christmas Party is available on DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming platforms.


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