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Official Press Release of E.P. "Saturn's Ring" by Author/Digital Musician, Jacque D'Artichoke, J.D.

Updated on October 20, 2015

Saturn's Ring Lands on Splotchy Earth Grass

A bit about Saturn's Ring E.P. by Jacque D'Artichoke

Stackerazz Record Productions, a subsidiary of Media, at ever-so-long last, very proudly presents: Author/Digital Musician Jacque D’Artichoke’s second, downloadable E.P., Saturn’s Ring, which is now available on iTunes, Google Play, and as an CD!. Just in time for a treasured gift for the 2015 holiday season!!!— And my November birthday!

Saturn’s Ring is the sophomore E.P. offering to Moon Palace, which was released in March, 2015. Saturn’s Ring takes the world on a brisk, uptempo, “often cosmic and whimsical sound shuttle” through D’Artichoke’s odyssey of infinite space, as well as gravity. (His spaceship has solar and wind panels for a more practical energy dispersement!) D’Artichoke brashly takes on the world and himself, to boot, in a successful effort to jettison space junk.

Saturn’s Ring is a riveting musical corollary to my autobiographical novel, The Ascent of a Barbarious Court Squatter by Author/ Digital Musician Jacque D’Artichoke, J.D. http:// The-Ascent-Barbarious-Court-Squatter/dp/146370898X In both the novel and E.P., I intend to internally steamroll existential dilemmas, irregardless of external thwarts or realities.

The planet Saturn has several rings of ice around it. Each ring snugly embraces the planet’s gaseous atmosphere and core, keeping it intact and holding it accountable to counteracting forces. If one of the rings ever melts, the beauty of the elliptical hold will dissipate, and the interior orb will eventually become much warmer. (But at least, for the time being, the planet and any inhabitants will become much less combustible with a blast of icy coolness). On this E.P., Jacque D’Artichoke’s heartfelt emotions MELT “rings of orneriness” before our very eyes.

Jacque D’Artichoke’s second E.P., Saturn’s Ring, also has more relative implications: There are sometimes cooler relationships within the OUTER constraints of one’s INNER circle. And the misperception by some malcontents that the title is a play on words for “Satan’s

Ring” is ludicrous. A similarly ignorant notion is, “You sat. Now, lie in your ‘urn’ without earning the right to bear a ‘ring’ of your own.”

Saturn’s Ring is an amalgam of Digital Pop/Electronica. Although there are sparser digital Fender Guitars than the prior E.P., the newer collection is just as impactful. The songs are composed utilizing amazing Apple computer software. For bonus creativity on several of the tracks, I hook up an Alesis Midi controller and Blue Snowball, “ginormous,” metallic Orb of a microphone to the Apple’s USB ports. And deservedly so!

Saturn’s Ring chronicles a single man’s life progression with definitive hope to open humanity’s GIFT, if even for a glimpse. The collection boasts five songs, like the five-song, similarly “inter-stellar- titled” E.P. included in the comeback effort’s predecessor, Moon Palace.

Track #5 on Saturn's Ring E.P., Making Amends

Track #5, Making Amends, is a four minute, series of self- improvement mantras with zippy, original bass and synthesizer grooves and a rollicking beat. The beat, bass, and synth riffs are consistent, while the addition of different samplings fade in and out. I have orchestrated the repetitive affirmations over several years of calculated meditation into this “tidy bundle” of a song.

Making Amends is a great way to jumpstart your day, work out to, wind down the evening, or deliver a peppy “pick me up” with an optimistic lens, any time or place useful! It is indeed, a reconciliation of sorts, especially with one’s own self. A grateful friend told me that Making Amends “appeals to the hopefulness of humankind.” The tune really does get a person “ready to brave the day’s survival!” by internalizing affirmations.”

Making Amends alone is worth the whole E.P. price of under $5.00, for its succinct and compact practicality. It is almost as if the other four tracks on the E.P. are bonus, freebies! And, there are even samples of dogs barking on a couple of occasions during the song!

Track #1 on Saturn's Ring E.P., Sharpening Steel With Steel

The first, short song on the E.P., Sharpening Steel With Steel, contains ***SECRET, SILENT*** lyrics that were never inserted into the tune’s Unsung Melody! Enclosed please find the WORLD PREMIERE of these clandestine lyrics. Here they are for you— first!:

I want to engage your mind’s freedom.

Are you available for press conferences? Nothing would be more ideal
 Than revolving your wheels.

No words can do justice

To being near you.

Whether we are alighted birds

Heading South for crumbs...

Or Salmon-Baked Sky-Shooters,

Sparks from this 1970 Mustang, not Porsche, Still Rush air to all Riders.


Is illuminated

By your Shield

And Wild,

Manageable, yet Untamable Mane.


Steel Sharpened With Steel alludes to Jacque D’Artichoke’s tumultuous, yet fortunately nurturing relationship with some of his role models. As a result, both his emotions and intellect are chiseled and pounded out like a beat up, sports jalopy. Still, the resultant burning direly needs simmering. The Steel from his ancestors’ swords clashing with his own blade sharpens his strength and senses, yet chaotically stalemates "On guard."

The tune simultaneously refers to D’Artichoke’s fervent wish for a true soulmate and the hopeful capacity to rise to the occasion when the timing is tenable, with some patiently allotted practice. Some evening, Author Jacque D’Artichoke might just wield the adventurous Excalibur

as Sir Arthur Stackerazz, from Author Jacque’s avant-garde novel, The Ascent of a Barbarious Court Squatter.

Throughout some suffering as well as triumphs, Jacque gleans glimmers of love. He imagines the accentuation of love’s tremendous boon based on glimpses of exposure to emotional possibilities. Sharpening Steel With Steel boasts one of the most dramatic ascensions and finales in modern synthesizer music of any Unsung Melody that really is a “must-sing” by the sure-to-be- delighted listener. Especially now that the potential listener has the*SECRET* lyrics to brandish, won’t s/he be incredibly curious how they snap into the tune’s peppy instrumental swoon?!

Sharpening Steel With Steel contains some unintentional “clipping” during the initial “liquid” synthesizer chords because of the unnecessarily fat wavelength and headroom parameters for Garageband’s 24-bit recording, especially when inputing my Alesis Midi-Controller snugly into the Apple’s USB port (so natural!) for some especially heavy sound inundation. The clipping adds character to the track, despite the minor distortion. Good things can sometimes come from a digital song writer and frontman who couples as an amateur producer with all of his unbridled gnarliness. The shower’s running, but I haven’t yet removed all the grime from the after-hours soiree.

My one-desk recording studio with purple strobe lights is in between two city blocks on a hill, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Twenty- four-hour-accessible, auditory delights resonate at the lift of a dimming switch, the depression of the Mac’s red “Record” button as well as the 61- key controller’s punctuation with original synth riffs and a Moon bass (as the Sharpening Steel With Steel music video by Author Jacque D’Artichoke depicts at my aptly demarcated, Bachelor pad).

Neighbors between the city blocks have fallen underneath the floorboards or hit the hay, have been swept away and/or have long gone in trenchwear into the vastness of the less cloudy micro- climate’s night than the great Bay City. It’s just me, sometimes a sole,

Lone Bear Republic India Pale Ale, the clipping, and the strobe lights underneath my private enclave underneath the oft’ glistening Milky Way...

Track #2 on Saturn's Ring E.P., Wart-Mongered Toad

Track #2, Wart-Mongered Toad, is one of those Epic songs that transcends musical genres and usually shushed boundaries. It builds momentum by interweaving duet (solely me crooning differently, but in tandem with myself), hip hop, and then pop rock. It even contains a floating saxophone, towards the finale, scaling through the resistant sexual tension and a toad “ribbiting!”

Wart-Mongered Toad is a song about the imperfection within myself as well as larger humanity. And the pressing need to find true love in spite of the very shortcomings that might turn a soulmate off, as well as the need to improve. The tune’s refrain confesses, “You don’t know not long ago I was a monstrous, groveling lame. Will you still love me — if it happens all again...If I’m a wart-mongered toad?” During the rap section of the song, replete with record scratching, the toad concedes: “I am imperfect, but must strive to be sincere!”

Throughout the tune, the duet vocal bridge rolls in: “AFTER THIS CUP OF COFFEE!!...” Jacque D’Artichoke is a consummate coffee addict (his only chemical vice!). While the coffee fuels his passions of writing, composing, scholarly pursuits, romanticizing, and tennis ball cracking, it also makes him uber:hyper and often incomprehensible. He often appears falsely frenzied to potential soulmates because he is so caught up in everyone else’s matrix, save his own.

The song is also a play on “War-Mongered Toad.” Many people throughout history and throughout current events have been intent on destroying human lives through unnecessary war. During other times, history has shown us that war is the only deterrent that keeps the peace. The trick is to minimize war whenever possible, while carrying the big Yoda light saber! Do you really wish to be a member of the coveted Jedi Council, with all of the restraining responsibilities that come attached to power?! Or does Darth Vader appeal more to your taste buds?

There is a certain implication that with the almost unforeseen, magic help of a woman’s love, the Toad may return to form as an upstanding prince. In a sense, the tune is a “futuristic pre-cursor” to Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing.

Track #3 on Saturn's Ring E.P., Brothers

Track number three, Brothers, is a brief Pop ballad with some progressively frenetic, electronica escalations, a cosmic, space- odyssey plateau, a smattering of rapid fire drums interspersed with bass drumming mini-bumps, as well as Jamaican influences.

Brothers focuses upon wishfully improving relationships between siblings and other relatives, as well as those between our extended sisters and brothers of humanity. Many of our relationships should strive for greater idealism, respect, and significance. “Silence, while time flows like a fountain of age...

“No tear drops will fall tonight, nor most every other night.” The song illuminates shortcomings of how these important relationships are too often cursorily dismissed, but also how they should improve “for infinite potential” with some justifiable compromise and deserved reconciliation. The displaced singer/song writer displays hope for the future: “Got to hope that 99% of life’s guffaws are recoverable.” He insightfully acknowledges the practicality of dismantling no-longer- necessary, emotional firewalls: “If we can only loosen our resolve, it’s not necessary to be invulnerable when tall.”

In the Brothers music video by Author Jacque D’Artichoke, Jacque offers sound advice as he guides a fellow Duck’s fishing pole for a good catch. At the beach, Jacque scatters birds, birds...and more birds in wild, reckless abandon! Birds that engulf him from higher perches than our besieged author. There looms larger than “some plausibility” of poop inadvertently befalling him while under theoretical siege— and under oblivious pretenses to the poopers as well as the poopee.

Silence, indifference, and defamations are indeed, hurtful, by all concerned— including from the song writer’s actions. D’Artichoke has been solo-hoofing for so long that while he remains optimistic, blunt realities of self-enclosure as well as perceptions of his own and others' impermeability make some of his dreams for reciprocal relationships still, unrealized.

Signing off for now. Schwpin... Cheers!

~ Author/ Digital Musician/ hopeful romantic/ and semi-professional tennis slugger, Jacque D’Artichoke, J.D.

Saturn's Ring v. Moon Palace?!

Which E.P. do you prefer, Moon Palace or Saturn's Ring by Author/ Digital Musician Jacque D'Artichoke, J.D.

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