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Updated on December 7, 2012

Oh here comes the female rip off of superman

Where do I begin with this lovely sexy super vixen's film? Based off the classic D.C. character, this film uses the original version of Supergirl. Where Supergirl a.k.a. Linda Lee (Helen Slater) is Superman's cousin from Krypton, and inheritingly has all the same powers as well. In the movie, Supergirl resides on Argo City, the last surviving city of Krypton. However, as luck would have it, Supergirl is shown an orb that has the power to create almost anything out of thin air. Unfortunately, one of the things she creates causes a major hole into their city that threatens their survival. To make matters worse, the orb somehow falls to Earth, where Selena (Faye Dunaway), a sorceress, tries to use the orb's powers to take over the world.

Hell, there's even a pointless love story that involves a guy named Ethan being fought over by Supergirl and Selena; and Jimmy Olsen makes a cameo too. Sure, Helen Slater had the look to pull off Supergirl, yet she lacked the spunky charm of the comic book character. As for her alter ego, Linda Lee, she just seemed rather unnecessary. I mean it just seemed kind of pointless for Supergirl to take up a secret identity if she was only going to be there temperarily and she wasn't in that many scenes as Linda Lee. As for the the special effects, they were pretty good. However, its nothing that anyone wouldn't see in other Superman films.

As for Selena, I'll admit Faye Dunaway over acted in this role. To be fair though, the script seemed like most of her lines made were made to make any actress sound like some cartoon Disney villain.

As it seems Faye obviously picked a bad film to do. There's nothing wrong with that. Hell, I don't condemn Arnold Schwarzennegger for doing "Batman and Robin." However, not to get sidetracked. "Supergirl" basically seemed flat out boring. The dialogue just seemed too wordy and cheesy, and the romance seemed like it too generic and rushed. In the film, it seemed like this Ethan guy and Supergirl were in love with each other even though they only bumped into each other few times in the movie. It lacked that special kind of romance you would want out of a super hero film. Bottom line, "Supergirl" fails to establish itself as a legitimate super hero franchise.

Tribute to Supergirl

Tribute to Smallvilles Supergirl


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    • Stevennix2001 profile imageAUTHOR

      Steven Escareno 

      7 years ago

      Well your lucky, as most of the movie is nothing more than watered down trash if you ask me. Hardly worth checking out. Anyways, thanks for stopping by.

    • trusouldj profile image

      LaZeric Freeman 

      7 years ago from Hammond

      If Christopher Reeve had made a cameo, it may have helped. But I'm pretty sure the whole process was rushed in order to capitalize on the Superman franchise. I've never seen the whole movie, only bits and pieces.


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