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Rosemary's Baby and Duplex

Updated on October 10, 2013

Stars of the Movie and Witches Sabbath

Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes
Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes | Source
Witches Sabbath
Witches Sabbath | Source

Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby is about a young couple moving into a fairly expensive apartment building in New York City. They have not been married for that long. It is all new to them. Guy, the husband is an actor. He is a new actor and has been in some TV shows and commercials. He wants to get more work. They need to support themselves after all. New York is an expensive city. Rosemary is the young wife.

There is a lot of competition for acting work in New York. Once you get into the big time it is a very nerve wracking business. You don't really need other problems bugging you. The husband is up for a part that he wants to get to be able to succeed and become famous in New York City. He has been in the theater also. Another actor gets the part. But there are other parts. New York has a lot of things going on.

They move into the new apartment building. Rosemary, the new wife, is very busy decorating it. She wants everything to be perfect. They begin to get settled in.

As they are getting settled in they notice that they have some older neighbors. The walls are fairly thin and they can hear them talking there. The older wife next door that is quite a character sees them and goes over to invite them both over to their apartment for dinner. The husband does not want to go at first. He says they will never be able to get rid of them. Rosemary does not want to push him about it. He says then that he will go to it.

They laugh together at the evening later. The young couple both complain about the meal and the bad cooking. The old lady has tried really hard to get them to eat her cooking and like it. She is quite nosy about Rosemary and what is going on.

Later Rosemary talks about wanting to have a baby. The husband tells her that they can start on it. That is because his work is going well. That is when all of the trouble begins. There is going to be a baby night. But things do not quite go right.

Rosemary does get pregnant. She is delighted. The old lady tells her about a baby doctor that she knows that is the best that she can go to. Rosemary decides to change doctors and go to that one. Somehow things begin to go wrong. Rosemary is not feeling that well. The old lady next door is really a pain in the neck. Everything has to be her way. She is very bossy.

The husband has gotten a Broadway part. He needs to practice his lines and work on the play. He has gotten it because the actor chosen to play the part has taken sick. It is a good chance for him to do the play.

Strange things start happening with the couple next door. Rosemary begins to get suspicious about what is going on. She tries to invite her younger friends. The young women tell her that something is wrong. They tell her that she should not be taking the medicine that the doctor has her on. Later though Rosemary loses the pains that she had and feels better.

Rosemary has gotten a message from an old friend He is an older man that has been talking to her. He tries to warn her that something is wrong. Rosemary has a book about witches and is very upset. She finds information about the husband next door being involved in witchcraft. She is beside herself. Unfortunately, her old doctor does not believe her when she attempts to tell him about it all.

Rosemary then tries to protect herself and the baby from harm in the best way that she can. I won't tell you the ending because some people still do not know the ending and I do not want to ruin it for you.

The movie has a lot of suspense to it. I just finished the book in one reading when I started on it. I wanted to see what the ending was. I was surprised to find out that the author did not believe in the devil. It seemed as if he would after writing about that.

The Dakota Apartments in New York City

The apartments used in the movie.
The apartments used in the movie. | Source

Rosemary's Baby Cocktail and Irish Coffee

A Rosemary's Baby drink that you can get to go with the movie is apple brandy. You can use apple juice and apple brandy and either serve it heated or cold. Or you can use Applejack, some Grand Marnier and a dash of orange bitters for it.

The drink in the movie that the old couple give them in Rosemary's Baby is Vodka Blush.

For Duplex you can have Irish coffee for the upstairs tenant that is Irish. Remember to have popcorn.

Rosemary's Baby Horrorgami Art in London


Rosemary's Baby Trailer

Rosemary's Baby

Drew Barrymore



Duplex is a comedy movie starring Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller. Both of them are good in it. They work surprisingly well together as a couple. They are also a couple that have just been married. Another thing that it has in common with Rosemary's Baby is that they also decide that they want children and start trying to have them.

Ben Stiller is a writer in the movie. His name is Alex in the movie. He has already written one book. He needs somewhere that he can complete his new book that is due in quiet. It is important that he be able to write in the day. His wife Nancy, played by Drew Barrymore, goes out in the day and works for a living.

They buy a new place to live also. It is a duplex apartment. When they are shown the apartment, they are told about a little old lady that lives upstairs. Her name is Mrs. Connell, she is Irish American and her husband is gone. She has a parrot to keep her company. The landlord says that she is very nice and quiet and probably won't be there for much longer. She is very old and ill.

The young couple thinks it is a great idea to buy the duplex. They will in a sense be her landlord. They will have to make repairs. They shall make repairs as it turns out. The old lady does not die at all right away. She stays on and is more trouble than they bargained for. Havoc begins to break out. The old lady loves watching TV that is very noisy. They buy a clapper and try and trick her with it to shut it off but it does not work.

She begins going down and butting in on whatever they are doing. She gets the Ben Stiller character to come and help her with her grocery shopping. She asks him about his book. She tries to be helpful. When she tries to get repairs done, he does not seem to be much help.

The couple begins to have trouble trying to make repairs and it takes their money and time to do that. The guy is trying to write his book but is having a very hard time doing it. He ends up being unable to meet the deadline.

Eventually they are so upset with their older tenant and at their wit's end, that they try to hire a hit man. It does not work out for them. Instead the place is instead ruined.

I will not give the ending away on this one either. The old lady dies at the end. They are told that she has died and go over to see her. It is after they have had to sell the duplex. They have lost money on the deal. It has not worked out very well for them.

It is a very funny movie as it works out. The actress that plays the older lady is very funny. She has everything down and gets the young couple at every turn. They are no match for her at all.

Both Movies are Horror Stories in a Way

The movies are similar in that bad things happen to the young couples in both the movies. Both of them could even be classified as black comedies. They could also both be seen as being horror movies. They do try and kill the old lady in Duplex. Duplex is really a comedy. Rosemary's Baby is funny in parts but it is no comedy. It is just not that funny.

Rosemary's Baby is a very sad movie. Mia Farrow was very good at it. She plays an expectant mother that is trying to protect her baby. It is something that is just in no way funny. It really gets to you that they are doing all that. You wonder just what kind of people they are.

Both of the movies do not have happy endings. They both make you wonder about what has happened. There are things that can be learned from both of the movies. They are things about greed and love and the world. One hopes one can go out and face the world ourselves and do things in the right way. There were difficult lessons to be learned in both of the movies. There are things like trust and love betrayed that can be too much to handle.They are some things that we just have to go through sometimes. One wonders to what lengths a person might go or what you yourself might do.

The funny part is that in both movies the old people that are their neighbors do not really care about the kids moving in at all.They just want to take advantage of them. There is something going on in both movies. It is to do harm to both of the couples. They plan it and want to reap the benefits from the plan. The couples are not able to get them to leave them alone. Then they have fallen into the trap that was set for them. That is on both of the movies.

In one the couple falls apart and they will probably never be back together again. In the other the couple stays together but they do not win and have a really hard time after it is all over. It has not worked out well for either of the couples. It would be better if they had not been involved. One wonders what that is really saying. It is better not to get involved with the neighbors sometimes.

We may never face the challenges that Rosemary had to face in the movie, but we can learn from it. It makes you think about all of the things that you really know about religion. It is something that we have always taken for granted. We can wonder if there is really a devil there after all. Or is the devil really within?

Actors are very conceited, it can be very difficult. The older couple were being polite and nice to her at the end. Maybe Rosemary will have a new start after all of that instead of a bad ending.

What we have to remember is that we will all be old also, unless we do die first. Everyone should not be rude to them either.

Neighbor Problems

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    • FullOfLoveSites profile image

      FullOfLoveSites 3 years ago from United States

      I love Rosemary's Baby... It made me feel so hungry too in a way. I just miss that movie and I haven't seen it for a long long time now. :)

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