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Old Time Rock n ... Radio?

Updated on February 17, 2017
love the 50s culture
love the 50s culture | Source
How about sitting on the couch with movie snacks while listening to a gripping radio show?
How about sitting on the couch with movie snacks while listening to a gripping radio show?
Maybe pizza would be best.
Maybe pizza would be best.

How cool is it to escape from a night of tv reruns and pull out a CD of better written Old Time Radio shows?

What I've found is that I prefer the radio version of the classic, "Father Knows Best" to the tv show. And how satisfying to hear "I Love Lucy" in its original form called, "My Favorite Husband".

Like an author, a radio writer has the task of painting a picture for your mind. Sounds and timing of the actor replace sight gags. And knowing that the actors were playing to a real audience and not canned laughter. Not to mention the countless product placements. There's no mistaking that a show is sponsored by Maxwell Coffee or Jello when the entire production takes a commercial break glorifying the product in a way that makes you want to purchase.

There have been many a time when I wanted some entertainment, but not necessarily a movie or a VHS filled with old television shows. For that matter, since I don't really listen to the radio much, I usually put in a CD. But sometimes my mood dictates something a little different. Not really music, but a really well written sitcom or drama. How about it?

How about closing your eyes and being able to be transported to another time, another place? And to tell you the truth, discovering OTR spoiled me for audio books. I mean, most audio books are simply reading and not actual music, except for maybe in the interludes. But what about if audio books were produced like OTR ...? WIth an live studio audience even. How awesome would that be?

Not just audio books, but rethinking comedy albums ... Remember when there used to be tv commercials promoting comedy albums by EDDIE MURPHY, RICHARD PRYOR, STEVE MARTIN, etc? Nowadays, some comedians still make albums, but you may not be aware that it exists.

Why am I talking about audio books and comedy albums in an article about old time radio. Because there is something engaging and comforting and soothing about hearkening back to another era. Back when technology was limited. When ministers recorded sermons and the album sales were enormous.

So if you're tired of banners springing up in the middle of your classic tv shows and the absence of end credits and so many other annoyances, give Old Time Radio a try. I dare you.

Here are some links where you can possibly find OTR on mp3 format to download and burn to CD. Enjoy. And remember, these shows have mostly fallen out of copyright and are in the public domain. Meaning that you are free to download, though some sites ask for donations.

My favorites: You Bet Your Life (a quiz show starring Groucho Marx)

My Favorite Husand (a sitcom starring Lucille Ball)

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar (a detective Show)



Archie Andrews ( sitcom featuring comic book darlings, Betty and Veronica)

TruSoulDJ is a self proclaimed expert on all things trivial to the Mainstream. He is an avid classic comic book reader, non popular music lover and tv-show-on-dvd binge watcher who shops the clearance racks near and far to find the best deals. He would like to think he knows everything important within the realm of Pop culture. But in actuality, he only knows about 99.9 percent of what he thinks he knows.

Lucille Ball (The Best of Old Time Radio/Legendary Performers)
Lucille Ball (The Best of Old Time Radio/Legendary Performers)

Before "I Love Lucy", there was a radio show called, "My Favorite Husband".



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  • trusouldj profile image

    trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

    Thanks Epi ... I tried The Golden Gate Quartet once, but didn't really like them. Mahalia has a haunting voice and scares me a little, but the other quartets you mention are truly some of my favs. Especially "savior pass me not" by the Swan Silvertones and "Steal Away" by Sam Cooke

    I dare you to try a group called The Canton Spirituals (Live in Mississippi 1) and a solo project by the late Pop Winans.

  • epigramman profile image

    epigramman 4 years ago

    Hubawesome my friend - yes I am afraid that radio is losing its audience to even cellphones and text messaging now and of course the internet but a long time ago it was the early age of TV.

    You have put together a world class hub presentation here though and I usually listen the radio in the car during my hourly commute to work.

    Also I love gospel music too but the older more traditional sounds of Mahalia Jackson, Marion Williams, The Golden Gate Quartet, the Dixie Hummingbirds, the Swan Silvertones, the 5 Blind boys of Alabama, Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers .........

    So nice to meet you. My name is Colin and I live at lake ere time ontario canada 2:09pm

  • trusouldj profile image

    trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

    Thank you for stopping by Kashmir. I was just listening to "Henry Aldrich" a couple of days ago; picked me up during a depression. Good stuff.

  • kashmir56 profile image

    Thomas Silvia 4 years ago from Massachusetts

    Thanks for the great trip down memory lane, those old time radio programs were awesome !

  • trusouldj profile image

    trusouldj 5 years ago from Indiana

  • profile image

    moostoofa munsoor 5 years ago

    thank a lot were can i get the old time radio

  • trusouldj profile image

    trusouldj 6 years ago from Indiana

    Dahoglund - I envy you a bit. I'm a bit jaded, having grown up on tv. But not so jaded that i can't appreciate the pure genuis of the art form. And yeah, those Father Knows Best radio shows are wonderful.

    Kosmo - You make me want to listen to War of The worlds. I read about how people really thought that the world was being invaded ... Crazy ... The power of radio, I guess.

    Vietnamvet68 -- if you listened to the radio version of Greeen Hornet, i'm curious if you watched the tv show. I only have seen bits and pieces, including the crossover with the Batman tv show. But i was excited about the new movie, until I watched a good 10-15 minutes of it. It was filled with lots of profanity and sexual innuendos ... With Iron Man 1 and 2, I took the time to edit the movies on to a VHS for my 7 year old. But in this case, I didn't care enough about the movie to try.

    Thanks everyone for writing.

  • vietnamvet68 profile image

    vietnamvet68 6 years ago from New York State

    as a little boy i loved to listen to the Green Hornet, lone ranger,gunsmoke on the radio

  • Kosmo profile image

    Kelley 6 years ago from California

    Man, you're going way back! The only radio show I can remember hearing was "War of the Worlds," though I didn't hear the original airing in 1938, of course. As for Donny Hathaway, I still have his LP recorded live at the Bitter End in NYC in 1971. Now that's going way back too. Later!

  • dahoglund profile image

    Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

    I'm old enough that I listened to radio shows before we ever heard of TV.I liked the radio Lucy much more than the Television show.i didn't know father Knows best was on radio though. I liked fanny Brice, Edgar Bergen, gunsmoke and the private eye shows.