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On Rosie O'Donnell Leaving The View

Updated on May 8, 2011

Rosie Leaving The View, What Will My Mother Do?! - Don't Get Me Started!

So it was announced that Rosie is leaving The View after only one season. Is anyone surprised by this latest announcement? I mean with all of the constant media attention to every word she said I can only imagine this whole thing has played out...well, exactly the way Barbara planned. Because say what you like about Rosie, daytime television, etc. Barbara Walters is no dummy. One season, get ratings up and then get rid of her. It was the perfect strategy. The big problem I see is much more personal. You see every day I have to hear what Rosie said on The View from my Mother. In great detail she'll sort of tell you what Rosie said with commentary throughout of what my Mom thought about it, what the other gals on the panel did and what my Mother sees as the solution for the latest Rosie dilemma. Rosie leaving The View, what will my mother do?! - Don't Get Me Started!

First I have to say that my mother despises when I write about her but she is a wealth of material so today she will have to forgive me for making this about her. Hey, look on the bright side Ma, it's a Wednesday, not a big day for blog reading on the whole (well, okay, I'm lying). I have always kidded my Mother that she has a People magazine mentality. What that means is that she loves reading magazines like People and that's where she gets most of her material. This is no longer true. Now that she is online all the time, she's getting news from all over but the mainstay of her news is basically "People-oriented." I don't know of too many people who have their mother leave them a voicemail similar to, "Kitty Carlisle dead, 97" and then she hangs up. She has had her finger on the pulse of the celebrity news for some time now and Rosie was a great added bonus for this season of The View because she gave my Mother (and everyone else) quite a bit to talk about on what seemed like a daily basis.

We all know that Rosie has changed over the years and yet like most celebrities, everyone seems way more comfortable trying to keep her in a box that she outgrew years ago. She's no longer the chubby best friend coming into your home via television to show you the latest Broadway show, throw Koosh balls at you, show you how to do a craft and then watch as you all put your heads between your legs to see what she's giving away to the studio audience today under the seats. That said; she's also not the crazy militant lesbian that so many people make her out to be either. (It's amazing what one bad haircut will get you! Thus the reason no one should hang out with Boy George, well, at least take fashion tips from him.) She's still an advocate for children's causes and what no one ever seems to talk about is that whether she is doing the decoupage technique on a birth certificate onto a piece of drift wood or causing a rift between herself and Donald Trump, she's good television. What's more she's good for television. There's only one Rosie and what she proves time and time again is that while you think you know what you're going to get from her, she always manages to surprise you.

I don't know who they'll bring on next to try and revive The View but you can bet that if Barbara wants the show to continue, she'll come up with another smart idea as to who will sit in that seat. Let's just hope that there's no chance of Star Jones coming back. And let's hope they don't try to play it safe this time and hire someone like Lisa Rinna (The Broadway show Chicago is definitely not playing it safe, putting Rinna in as Roxie, even with her husband in the show - anyone else see that pitiful performance on Dancing With The Stars last week? Whooo, that's some bad theatre ladies and gentlemen!)

But most importantly, what in the hell is my Mother going to do? They've taken off her Imus and now no more Rosie on The View. Where will my mother get her news and commentary? And whose regurgitated comments will I have to listen to now that she no longer has either of these people to listen to daily? Well, much like Rosie, my Mother is always full of surprises and no doubt she'll surprise me again when she finds her next great source for info. If you do your best to not read the message boards filled with hate you'll know that we'll all be pretty sad to see Rosie go. Not just because of what it means to have a lesbian on daytime television (hell, you can get that on cable any time now) but because she really does have something that a lot of people seem not to have anymore...child-like wonder. She still gets excited over her children, celebrities and coffee cake. So while I'll miss her for the few times a month I watch that show, I'm sure other people will be much more affected. Rosie leaving The View, what will my mother do?! - Don't Get Me Started!


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