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Once Upon A Time -- A Whale Of A Tale

Updated on October 29, 2012

How Regina became evil

This was probably the best episode of the season. We learned a new side of Jefferson and let's just say Regina may have been getting a little bit of her own back when she trapped him in Wonderland. In short, that con she pulled on Jefferson to get him to take her to Wonderland, he had pulled on her previously. What Rump did to Regina was probably the evilest thing he's done to date. Yeah, he's done some rotten things, but people made a deal with him, so they weren't exactly innocent. What he did to Regina was foul. And we finally found out just who Dr. Whale was, and it wasn't the whale from Pinocchio, but it was definitely a whale of a tale that pretty much frees this show to bring any character from fictional literature into the story. I actually correctly guessed who Whale was from last week's promo.

The Storybrooke story, which was where all the action was, this week, began with Prince Pompous or as I called him, this week, Prince Suckbag, punching Dr. Whale for his one night stands with MM. My question was why don't you punch MM, she's the one who spread her legs. And let's not forget, Pompous, you were also doing another man's wife. Why is the excuse, "I was cursed and I didn't remember," only go for you and Snow Ho? Or maybe he just used that as an excuse because unlike all the other sycophants in town, he doesn't kiss Pompous' very unroyal hind end.

Whale put up with Pompous' crap to learn what he wanted to know. Could Regina return people to their lands? It went completely over Pompous' head that Whale was basically saying I don't come from the land you come from. He then bursts in on a therapy session Regina is having with Archie. No offense, but he would be the last person I'd go to for help. After all, he was the cheerleader for everyone throwing themselves on a blade all so Pompous and Snow Ho could have their happily ever after. She's seeing Archie to kick her magic habit, but she's really going through all that for nothing, as the Twerp could give a crap about her, whether she uses magic or not. Regina basically tells Whale to get bent.

However, Regina wants to talk to Whale later when she's driving home and sees Daniel standing in the rain. Regina used a spell to bring Daniel's body with her and when she goes to the mausoleum it's gone. She rushes to Whale wanting to know if her brought Daniel back, only he isn't up to answering her questions. He's lying on the floor of his lab with one missing arm. Seems when he brought Daniel back, Daniel returned the favor by cutting Whale's arm off. It's kind of like in the Pet Semetary when you brought dead people back; they weren't the same. Or it's possible it could have been the heart Whale used to bring Daniel back.

Of course, Pompous comes trotting in with his little tin badge pinned to his jeans to accuse Regina of doing this to Whale. He never heard of Miranda Rights or not physically abusing suspects as he shook the truth out of her. And he had no empathy for Regina discovering her true love is back from the dead. No, only he is deserving of true love in his pompous little mind. Regina realizes Daniel would go to the stables and our empty-headed Pompous basically slaps himself in the head and says, "Oops, I did it again." Yep, Pompous left Henry down in the deserted stables with only horses for company while he trotted off to build his magical portal to FTL so he can reunite with his beloved Snow Ho.

Basically, Pompous is running true to form in the parenting department. He leaves his grandson in a deserted stable by himself just as he dumped a newborn Emma into a wardrobe to send her to a land he knew nothing about and just believed everything would be okay. He didn't think that maybe newborn baby Emma would have starved to death before someone found her or she might have been eaten by a wolves. He just believed everything would be okay, so that makes it okay.

They arrive at the stables in time to find Daniel holding Henry up by the neck. Go, Daniel! Yeah, I know it's wrong to root for someone to kill the brat, but he's just so annoying. If it was any other fairy tale kid like Bae or Grace or Hansel and Gretel, I would be upset. Of course, Pompous wants to shoot Daniel down like a mad dog, even though Regina had to beg him to give her a chance to reason with him. Seems he's forgotten how when his precious Snow was evil and he got through to her, instead of shooting her down like he should have, but that's different. Just like it's okay for MM to have a one-nighter with Whale and she's blameless, while Whale is to blame and gets punched for it. He has two sets of rules: one for himself and the other for everyone else.

They didn't show how Regina finally got through to Pompous. I'm guess he and the Twerp went out holding hands and skipping down the sidewalk whistling a happy tune. For a few seconds it appears Regina is going to get through to Daniel, but the heart in his chest seems to be affecting him adversely. It may have been a bad heart in the same way Frankenstein put a bad brain into his creature's head in Young Frankenstein. The one Igor got him was labelled abnormal. Daniel comes back long enough to tell Regina to love again and let him go and she sends him away with her magic.

Meanwhile, Whale brings his arm to Rump's shop wanting him to put it back on him. In our Lost moment of the week, Rump made Whale aka Victor admit he needed magic, much like Locke tried to get Jack to believe in the island in one of their endless science vs. faith debates. In current day Storybrooke, Rump was Locke and Whale was Jack. However, in the past, Rump was definitely Sawyer, as he pulled one nasty long con on Regina.

Rump was mentoring Regina as he taught her magic, but she wouldn't rip the heart out of a unicorn and crush it. So he set her up to become the monster he needed so she'd enact The Curse so he could come and find Bae. He had Jefferson take her to Whale/Victor who he sold as a Wizard that could bring back the dead. Regina got Victor a heart from her mother's vault and Victor pretended to put in in Daniel's chest, proclaiming it was a failure and he couldn't bring Daniel back..

Regina had only agreed to apprentice with Rump because she hoped through magic she would be able to bring Daniel back. Convinced Daniel was gone for good, it was like Regina's own heart was ripped out. She returned to Rump and ripped the heart out of his new apprentice and crushed it in her hands.

Later, Rump met with Victor and Jefferson and thanked Victor for helping to turn Regina into a monster. His payment was the heart he pretended to put in Daniel, but kept for himself. Before Jefferson took Victor home to his realm, Rump and Victor engaged in a debate of magic vs science, and Victor felt science was superior to magic. As Victor jumped into the portal, Rump warned him there would be a price to pay, which he ignored.

When Victor got back to his own world, which was a black and white world, he used the heart to resurrect his brother, who he'd just turned into a literal monster. We've all seen the black and white movies of this story. His brother would become Frankenstein's monster. Yes, Dr. Whale is really Dr. Frankenstein.

The interesting thing about this long con that Rump, Jefferson and Victor pulled on Regina, is it really puts Jefferson in a new light. It also shed new light on why Regina trapped him in Wonderland. It hints that she found out the truth about the long con he and Rump and Victor pulled on her. So she pulled a long con of her own on Jefferson trapping him in Wonderland. It may also be why Regina turned on Rump and was trying to become more powerful than him and why she made him think his love was dead. It also explains why Regina plucked Victor from his own realm and trapped him in Storybrooke.

Regina once again indicated she had some choice in who she brought along with her to Storybrooke. She could have left Jefferson in Wonderland, but she brought him to Storybrooke and trapped him in his house where he could watch Grace but could never be with her. Much like she was trapped looking at Daniel in his glass coffin unable to be with him. Just like bringing she trapped Belle in a secret room beneath the hospital so Rump was kept from the one he love. Ditto for Victor being kept from his brother. So Regina didn't just use The Curse to get even with Pompous and Snow Ho, she used it to get revenge against Rump, Victor and Jefferson, as well.

Meanwhile in present day Fairy Tale Land, Snow Ho, Aurora, Emma and Mulan arrived back at the encampment to find everyone slaughtered but one survivor. Snow Ho declared it was Cora who did it, since all their hearts were ripped out. I had hard time telling if the surviving peasant was Hooker because it looked like he took off all the guy-liner he usually uses.

Emma, however, didn't trust him. She proclaimed she was a human lie detector which made be bust out laughing. Honey, with as many times as people have lied to you and you haven't been able to tell, you need to stop proclaiming that. If you don't, you're going to earn the moniker Delusional much like your daddy has earned the moniker Pompous.

Anyway, she ties him to a tree and summons the ogres to attack him, so Hooker spills his guts. He reveals of the deal he had with Cora to get to Storybrooke to get revenge on. He says Cora has some ashes from the magic wardrobe and he knows of a magic compass that could get them all to Storybrooke and he'll lead her to it if he can come, too. Emma's all fine with that. Of course her usual M.O. is to disdain Rump like her Daddy does and then go to him when she needs his help, just like Dear Old Dad does. So she may think twice helping Hooker get revenge on Rump.

Anyway, Hooker leads them to a giant beanstalk and proclaims The Giant who lives at the top is the one who has the magic compass. Yep, next week it's Jack and the Beanstalk. Only in this case it's Emma.

Again, this was a great episode. It really revealed a lot of motivation on Regina's part for what she did and it made you look at Jefferson in a whole new light. He doesn't seem like such a victim now.


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