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Once Upon A Time -- Dark Night of the Hunter

Updated on December 12, 2011

We know what Snow did; Just not what it was!

Graham kisses Emma, saying he wants to feel something, because he doesn't feel anything. When he does, he gets a flashback of his real life in Fairy Tale Land. And thus begins the beginning of the end for our pretty sheriff with the divine accent.

Emma pushes Graham away, and he goes to Regina wanting to feel something. He ends up having sex with her, and he has another dream about his past life. He, unfortunately, makes the mistake of telling Regina what he dreamed. Not realizing he is quite literally sleeping with the enemy; his enemy.

In Fairy Tale Land, Graham was the Huntsmen who had been raised by wolves and who cried whenever he killed something. His life changed for the worst when The Queen had him brought to her.

Evil had killed Snow's father and she planned the same fate for Snow. The big thing Snow did was not keep a secret Evil had confided in her. Whatever the secret was, it insured Evil will never have love. So we know what Snow did, just not what exactly it was that she revealed that was so bad.

The Huntsmen agrees to kill Snow in exchange for her passing a law that it's against the law to hunt wolves. She agrees, but when Snow writes a letter she wants given to Evil after he kills her, The Huntsmen can't go through with it and tells Snow to run. He instead presents the heart of a stag to the Queen as Snow's heart.

Unfortunately, when she tries to open his huge card catalog thing and it won't open, she realizes that she doesn't hold Snow's heart in her hand. So in revenge, Evil rips the Huntsmen's heart out and puts it in the vault. He doesn't die, as Evil tells him she now owns him, since all she has his heart in her hand. Then she orders him taken to her bed, to be her love slave, presumably.

Snow's letter of forgiveness to Evil doesn't melt her cold black heart, either. Seems Evil isn't the forgiving type once you wrong her. Something Graham will discover in Storybrooke.

Graham sees the wolf from his dreams in Storybrooke and follows it into the woods where he runs into Gold, who is burying something. I thought it was the wolf. I don't think I really want to know exactly what Gold was burying. Gold seems to spur Graham on in his journey to self-discovery. The next stop is to Mary-Margaret, who says he thinks they may have known each other in another life. MM mentions Henry's book and Henry's theory their all fairy tale characters. Graham says he can't remember when he met anyone in Storybrooke but MM blows it off as no one remembering how they met someone. Henry shows him his book and that in it Graham is the Huntsmen.

The wolf shows up again and this time Emma is with Graham. They follow it into the woods, to a mausoleum. Graham is convinced his heart is inside. Unfortunately, before he and Emma can discover where it is, Regina shows up. At this point, Graham makes the deadly mistake of dumping Regina. Saying he feels nothing with her, and would rather be alone than be with her.

After Graham and Emma leave, Regina moves aside the lid of her father's coffin which leads to a staircase into her old castle in Fairy Tale Land. As Graham and Emma are sharing a tender moment and he's thanking her for helping him to remember, Regina takes his heart in her hand and destroy it. Just as it looks like Graham and Emma will share a first kiss, he falls to the ground dead.

I knew with Graham finding out the truth of his past, he'd have to die, but even til the end I was hoping it wouldn't happen. The question is if the curse is broken will The Huntsmen be alive in Fairy Tale Land? Charming appeared to die just as Evil's curse began, yet he's alive in Storybrooke. So would the Huntsmen still be alive in Fairy Tale Land?


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