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Once Upon A Time -- David and Mary-Margaret Overload

Updated on April 14, 2012

And I'm starting to feel the same about Snow and Charming

At first, Snow White and Prince Charming were a breath of fresh air. They were magical and charming. And it seemed like their counterparts in Storybrooke, David and Mary-Margaret would be the same. Then David woke-up, Kathryn showed up as his wife and things went downhill fast from there.

I understand because of the premise of the curse, David and Mary-Margaret have to be kept apart. That said, discovering he was having sex with Kathryn while romantically pursuing Mary-Margaret was just gross. We don't know how far things progressed with David and MM, but there's a very huge possibility that David was having sex with MM and Kathryn at the same time. YUCK! Since David has amnesia, couldn't he have found an excuse not to have marital relations with Kathryn? The thought that he's servicing both these women at the same time is just plain gross. There's nothing romantic in the least about the situation.

Then came the Valentine's Day card incident. He gave MM the card he bought for Kathryn. David is obviously carrying on a real relationship with Kathryn, so what is he doing messing around with MM. I don't care that in Fairy Tale Land these two are married, in Storybrooke he believes he's married to Kathryn. Carrying on a real relationship with Kathryn while also carrying on a relationship with MM makes David all kinds of a dog.

Finally, MM insisted David needed to be honest with Kathryn, but when it came time to do it, he wasn't really honest about why their relationship wasn't working. Then he lied to MM that he was honest with Kathryn. So calling David a hero or the good guy is the furthest thing from the truth. He's been anything but the good guy in this situation. The least he owed Kathryn was the truth, and he just couldn't do it.

MM initially got the sympathy vote with everyone treating her like the Scarlet Woman, but when she was appalled that Emma thought she deserved to get slapped by Kathryn, there went that. She doesn't seem to think she did anything wrong. She was messing around with another woman's husband. The slap was the least she deserved from Kathryn. The guy was mentally confused and married, so she should have stayed away, not pursued him like the guy was single and available.

I don't think the writers could write these two anymore unlikable if they tried. Of course, it got a little worse when MM got arrested for Kathryn's murder and David underwent hypnosis and remembered when Snow was planning to kill Regina and confused it with MM killing Kathryn. So he had no faith in MM and believed she did kill Kathryn. Again, absolutely nothing romantic about these two. Nothing root-for about them either. There's just not one positive quality they possess together as a couple.

From the promo for the next episode it seems will be getting subjected to another heaping helping of MM/David. I had so much of them shoved down my throat, I feel like I'm going to projectile vomit if I get anymore of them.

Unfortunately, the ickiness of MM and David is starting to seep into Fairy Tale Land and the character of Snow White. She threw in Red's face what Red did and how she stood by her to get what she wanted; basically for Red to take her to Rumpelstiltskin. When we saw Red's episode we saw what a vile thing sweet little Snow did to get what she wanted. No kind of friend or decent person would throw something like that in the face of someone that helped them when Snow had no one to help her. It's makes Snow a right little creep who will sink to any depth to get what she wants. Certainly no Fairy Tale heroine.

Snow convinced Red her true love Peter was the wolf ravaging the village, so Red tied him to a tree. Red wasn't wearing her red cloak and she turned into the wolf and killed Peter. And that's what Snow threw in her face like what she did she did on purpose and saintly little Snow stood by her after the horrible thing she did. Red had no clue she was the wolf and Peter was the love of her life. What a vile little varmint Snow White truly is. It makes you understand why Regina loathes her so much.

As the story goes on, it seems the only one who got a happy ending in Fairy Tale Land was Snow White and Prince Charming. Seeing the part Snow played in ruining Regina and Red's happily ever afters, it makes you wonder why she's so deserving of one herself. So what Regina did doesn't seem all that bad, since she just gave back to little Snow what she gave unto both Regina and Red.

The ironic thing is more of the characters are getting more of a happy ending in Storybrooke than they had in Fairy Tale Land thanks to Emma. She's the anti-Snow White. She's helping people to find their happy endings, while her mother cost them their happy ending.

Hopefully the show will finish up Snow and Charming's tale in Fairy Tale Land and give us a break of them, as they concentrate on other fairy tale characters. As for David and MM; I'm not sure much can be done to make them palatable. The writers chose to write them in such an ugly manner you have no reason to root for them to be together. In my case, it's quite the contrary. I'd like to see them kept apart. They're that ugly together.

Maybe if we also got a long break of MM and David in Storybrooke and concentrate on other characters, then they could come back to them after we've had some time to get past all the ugliness these two have created in their quest to be together. Right now, it's too fresh and I don't care if they were Snow White and Prince Charming in Fairy Tale Land; it's not enough to get past all the ugliness they've created as Mary-Margaret and David.


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