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Once Upon A Time -- Do Rump And Belle Have A Future?

Updated on July 2, 2012

I've seen a lot of people online hating that Rumpelstiltskin turned out to be the Beast and that when Belle kissed him he wasn't transformed into the pretty young prince like in all the adaptions of the story. To be honest I always thought the beast being turned into a beauty himself was kind of a cheat. Just like how the beast appeared to Belle in her dreams as his pretty self. It kind of undermines the message the love transcends beyond how someone looks. It's why I always liked the old movie The Enchanted Cottage where this two unpretty people found love and when they looked at each other they didn't see their ugliness, they saw beauty.

I've never been a fan of the Beauty and the Beast story, but I really liked Once Upon A Time's adaption of it. Rump didn't appear in Belle's dreams as all pretty and handsome to romance and seduce Belle into kissing him and breaking his curse. She fell for him even though he was nasty and repulsive. Belle didn't kiss Rump expecting the toad to become a handsome prince. She just hoped the man she saw glimpses of would come to the surface and the evilness in him would disappear.

Unlike the classic fairy tale version, Rump rejected Belle's love, declaring, "No one could love him." Then Regina lied to him and made him believe because of his rejection Belle was dead. In the season finale Rump or should I say Gold and Belle were reunited. But even being reunited with Belle didn't stop Rump from releasing magic on Storybrooke. Was it just because he missed the power that magic gave him or did he do it to try and help him find Bae? That's an answer left to season two. Of course the question is now that Rump and Belle have been reunited, can they really have a future together?

Gold isn't the evil imp Rumpelstiltskin but he also isn't who he was as a human. He's almost a hybrid of Human Rump and Magic Rump. He beat up Belle's father because of the lies Regina told him and he went to great lengths to get back the chipped teacup that was a momento of his time with Belle. So he still loves Belle, but the question is can Belle love him as he is? If she met Rump before he was taken over by magic, would she have loved him then, the man everyone disdained for being a coward?

The Belle in the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast had it easy. By kissing the beast, she got the handsome prince. Our Belle has a more complicated journey since Rump is a very complex individual compared to the prince in the Disney film. I believe part of the reason he rejected Belle's love was because if he gave up his magic then Bae would be lost to him, forever. Rump created the curse so he could come to this land without magic to find Bae. If it came down between a choice between Belle and Bae, I'm not sure which one Rump would choose.

Can Belle accept the things Rump has done so far? Like creating this curse so everyone is trapped in Storybrooke and beating up her father? Or the things he's most likely to do next? And what happens if Rump finds Bae? Will he finally relinquish his need for the magic, since he knows that's what Bae wanted most?

There's a lot of variables in what could happen next with Rump and Belle. They're not like Snow and Charming where there's the foregone conclusion they're going to get together. As of now, it could go either way.


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