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Once Upon A Time -- God, Why Did It Have To Be Him!

Updated on February 26, 2013

Original Airing: February 17, 2013

My hopes that the show really wouldn’t go there and make Bae Henry’s father as most of the Charming fans have been pandering for died a thousand deaths when that’s just what the show did and caused me to lose any interest I had in a Rump/Bae reunion.

I figured they would go there with the possibility that Neal was Bae to reunite him with Emma, but I prayed it would be another false lead like August/Pinocchio was. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Icky gross Neal was once the cute sweet Bae.

It also didn’t help that the big Rump/Bae reunion pretty much took a backseat to Emma trying to keep Henry from discovering that she lied that his father was dead. Making it worse is there was absolutely no chemistry or connection between the actors playing Rump and Neal.

On the Emma front, Neal got elevated to the title of selfish sleaze when it was revealed what August showed Neal to convince him to sell out Emma to send her on her way to Storybrooke. What he showed him was his old typewriter with the words that he knew he was Bae. So basically Neal sold out Emma to protect himself. Not because he realized she had some destiny and so she could go back and break the curse.

Rump’s backstory this week, which is usually pretty good, was pretty blah, as well. Rump and Milah were happily married and he was excited to be going into the Ogre Wars to prove he wasn’t a coward like his father was. Unfortunately, while there he met some kind of seer creature with her eyes cut out and eyes on the palms of her hand. What she told him convinced him he would die on the battlefield and not be a father to his son, so to stop that from happening he purposely hurt his leg so he could be sent home. Afterwards, Milah changed towards him and said he came home because he was a coward, when Rump tried to make her see he did what he did because he wanted to make sure Bae didn’t grow up without a father. Of course, Rump made that happen when he chose his magic over Bae in the end.

Basically, twice a supernatural creature took advantage of Rump and pretty much ruined his life. Rump isn’t really a coward, but because what he did so he wouldn’t leave Bae fatherless is perceived as an act of cowardice, he’s been convinced by everyone around his he is a coward. It’s actually the magic he clings so strongly to that’s turned him into a coward afraid to do without it. In short, the magic didn’t make him brave; it’s what ultimately made him a coward.

Years later, Rump tracked the seer done and took her gift from her. The creature was set free much like the Dark One was by Rump taking over their power. Before dying, she told him a child would lead him to Bae and the child would be more than he seemed to be. Is it any surprise that since wittle Henry, the most annoying kid on the show, is one of the beloved Charmings that he’s special? Rump vowed he would kill the child when he learned who it was. So now wittle Henry’s life is in danger, as well. Oh, joy.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina tried to help Hook and Cora find Rump’s dagger so when he returns to town they can control him. Rump left a note in Belle’s purse that led them to the library and a map. Cora took care of Hook after he showed them where the map was leading them. Then she told Regina they’ll make Rump kill Emma, Snow and Charming and then Henry will be all hers and no one can blame her for their deaths.

It’s kind of sad what’s become of Regina. Its sad how easily Cora was able to get her hooks back into her. Even learning she framed her for Archie’s death didn’t get Regina to think twice. On a completely superficial note, Cora’s new do has taken years off of her. The way things are going Cora may be the only root-worthy character left on the show. Regina’s been weakened by becoming her mother’s puppet again and Rump has been sucked deeper into Charmingville.

There’s speculation that this episode featuring Snow’s mother will reveal that she and Cora were sisters. Which means Regina will also be related to The Charmings. I guess as this show creeps closer into morphing into All About The Charmings you have two choices: either be a Charming sycophant or be related to them somehow.

We also had more of the boring story of Mr. Mendell getting on tape Regina doing magic.

The writers for this show should write a book, “How To Ruin A Good Show In 10 Easy Lessons.” While I’m sure this show will be renewed for a third season, I think that will be it’s last season. You can’t turn a show that started out as an ensemble cast and morph it into being all about four very boring characters and expect it to continue to flourish. That’s what you do when you want it to die on the vine.


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