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Once Upon A Time -- History Repeats Itself For Neal

Updated on May 9, 2013

Original Airing: May 5, 2013

I wasn’t exactly anxious to see this episode and I put off watching it until Wednesday. It’s become more of a chore to watch this show as this season has gone by with the writers Charming worship. To my surprise it was actually a good episode. That’s because it did what made the show good. It re-imagined an old fairytale classic and didn’t make it all about the loathsome Charmings. I suppose in the writer’s minds since Neal has Charming cooties all over him, that in a way it made it all about the Charmings in some way.

The back story was what happened to Bae when he fell through the green glowing hole the magic bean opened. He ended up in London where he was starving for food. He snuck in the house and was eating a loaf of bread when Wendy Darling came upon him. When Mrs. Darling learned Wendy was keeping Bae hidden in the Darling home, she told Bae he could stay and made him a member of his family.

Wendy confided in Bae about this shadow that keeps coming to the nursery window. Bae tried to warn her not to let it in, but she did, and it took her away to Neverland. The Shadow returned her because he wanted a boy, not a girl, and would be coming back to take one of her brothers. She told Bae he was right about magic being bad. Once a child sets foot on Neverland they can never leave.

Bae tries to keep The Shadow out, but he gets inside the nursery and to save Wendy’s brothers he offers to go with The Shadow instead. But before The Shadow can make it to Neverland, Bae gets him to drop him and he ends up landing on Hook’s boat. Oh, the irony. He ended up on the same boat as his mother was on. I wonder if Hook ever connected the dots and realized Bae was his beloved trollop’s son.

So, Peter Pan, the mischievous boy in Peter Pan was really an evil shadow that kidnapped children from their nursery and imprisoned them on Neverland for the rest of their lives. Quite an interesting take on it, which was what made the episode good. They need to do more episodes like this and quit the Charming butt sucking episodes.

In present day Storybrooke, Tamara and Greg were torturing Regina to tell them where Greg’s father was. After he nearly fries her from shooting volts of electricity in her, she finally tells him the horrible truth. As soon as Greg left Storybrooke, Regina killed his father and buried him in the spot they were camping in when Storybrooke first arrived in Maine. When Greg goes to check out her story he finds his father’s skeleton.

It seems Tamara and Greg work for something called The Company which is dedicated to eradicating magic from out world. They see magic as evil and it must be destroyed. Storybrooke isn’t the first magic place they’ve vanquished.

Neal sees Rump smashing his foot in a man’s face to impress skanky Lacy and says he thought he’d changed, but he hasn’t and he wants nothing more to do with him. Rump doesn’t care so long as he has his skankbag. Little does he know that will be the last time he ever sees his son, again. Said Skankbag urges Rump to kill Henry and wants him to give her the gift of immortality.

Meanwhile, the Sheep Boy and the Blight go whining to Emma about the missing beans and they storm Regina’s office looking for the beans. They find the last remaining bean plant, but the bean is gone. Emma believes something has happened to Regina, and of course the two dummies think it’s Rump, and the Blight scoffs at Emma’s belief it’s Tamara. Emma isn’t half bad when she thinks for herself and doesn’t let these two dummies call the shots for her.

Emma goes to search Tamara’s room again, as Neal once again defends her. He finally has to face the truth when Tamara hits Emma on the head and shoots him after admitting everything was a lie. That she staged their first meeting. Then she uses the magic bean to open a green glowing hole. Neal gets Emma to let go of his hand, as he tells her he loves her, before disappearing through the green glowing hole.

Meanwhile Sheep Boy and the Blight rescue Regina. She informs them that Tamara and Greg have the power to destroy Storybrooke. The black jewel she retrieved was a trigger to set off Doomsday in Storybrooke.

So, when Rump finds out history has repeated itself and his son has been sucked into another green glowing hole will he finally pull his head out from Lacy Skankbag’s nasty smelly butt? One can hope, since this Rump/Lacy story has really ruined Rump. He needs to get back to being determined to find his son. It’s ridiculous they just dropped that story for this Rump/Lacy trash.

The man spent years creating this curse to find his son, and when he does, he spends all his time trying to impress some disgusting piece of trash and giving his son the finger, basically. Yeah, dumb Charming-obsessed writers. That makes a lot of sense. NOT!


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