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Once Upon A Time -- How Dreamy Became Grumpy

Updated on March 5, 2012

It seems everyone wasn't getting their happily ever after in Fairy Tale Land as Grumpy's sad love story with the Pink Fairy unfolds. Well, neither did Belle and Rump, either.

The first thing we learn is dwarfs aren't born, they're hatched from eggs. They work in mines all the live long day making fairy dust for the fairies to sprinkle. The Blue Fairy is currently apprenticing The Pink Fairy, Nova. Nova drops a whole lot of fairy dust on Grumpy's egg and he hatches early with a memory of her.

After coming out all the dwarfs are giving axes and on the handle it tells them their names. Grumpy's handle says Dreamy and he is a dreamer. He meets Nova, who is a bit of a klutz, who nearly loses all the fairy dust for the year, but Dreamy saves the day. Nova confides her dream is to one day become a fairy godmother. Good thing she wasn't Cinderella's fairy godmother when Rump whacked her for her wand.

Nova invites Grumpy to go watch the fireflies with her, but he doesn't realize that and hopes she has a good time. When Grumpy runs into Belle, whose at a tavern, she makes him realize it and urges him to go take his chance at love. She's miserably in love because things didn't work out with Rump.

Grumpy does that and he and Nova plan to sail off together to see the world. Unfortunately, when he tries to sneak away, he's caught by head dwarf, Bossy, who tells him dwarfs don't fall in love. He joined in chorus by the Blue Fairy who convinces Grumpy to let Nova go so she can fulfill her dreams of becoming a fairy godmother and Grumpy does just that.

When he returns to the mine he's a very bitter man. He breaks his axe and gets a new one, which declares his name to now be Grumpy.

In Storybrooke, Grumpy is called Elroy and he's a drinker. He meets up with Nova who is now Astrid a nun. She's just as unattainable in Storybrooke as she was in Fairytale Land. He helps her light the lights at the Miner's Day celebration. The sales of candles help the nuns pay their rent. Just as in Fairytale Land miners and nuns are connected. Taking a fancy to Astrid, and hearing how she made a mistake and ordered 12 dozen helium tanks instead of 12, he vows to sell all the candles so the nuns can pay the rent. Unfortunately, when he and MM can't, he lies that he did.

He even tries to sell his dilapidated boat to Gold, who is the nun's landlord or get Gold to let the rent go for a month, but Gold won't do it. He doesn't like nuns. He says he has a long and complicated history with nuns. Since Gold knows he's Rump that must mean that all the nuns in Storybrooke are actually fairies and as we know he whacked one of them for a wand. But is there more to the story on why he doesn't like the fairies? Something that happened before he killed one of them?

Astrid realizes Elroy lied to her and is disappointed in him. Elroy then comes up with an idea and causes a black-out in Storybrooke which forces everyone in town to buy the candles. He also tells Astrid he's going to fix his boat up and when he does, she can be his first passenger.

Things are still going bad for MM who is being treated like a pariah. But it seems the black-out may have thawed some of the people's harsh attitude towards her a bit. Unfortunately, she watches as Emma takes David away in the back of her squad car.

Earlier, Emma had questioned him about the last time he talked to Kathryn, but Sydney gives Emma phone records of a conversation between David and Kathryn that makes what he said a lie. She doesn't know that Sydney got the records from Regina who could have doctored them anyway she pleased. So much for Emma and her mystical ability to tell when someone's lying. Sydney's lying like a rug and her internal lying warning system isn't picking it up. I kept expecting the show to end showing Kathryn rotting in the cell next to Belle.

I'm a little surprised it appears that Regina is framing David for Kathryn's disappearance. Seems she'd frame MM instead. But then maybe that's where this is leading somehow.


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