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Once Upon A Time -- How Pinocchio Messed Up Emma's Life

Updated on November 6, 2012

And cost Emma the love of her life

I've never said this about a Once episode, but this was one really boring episode. I know a lot of fan girls think Captain Hook is the best thing since Graham, but I just find him boring and annoying. As I watched him chattering his head off as he climbed up the beanstalk, he reminded me of an annoying insect flying around my face and I wanted a fly swatter so I could swat him. Of all the Hook's I've seen, this one is the worst. This Hook has none of the menace or threatening presence Hook is supposed to have. He just comes off as a pipsqueak that is only good at bullying people weaker than him. Henry's father, Neal Cassidy, also isn't that interesting. They made me miss Graham, who was both easy on the eyes and an interesting character.

In Apocalyptic Fairy Tale Land, Hooker asks who wants to climb up the beanstalk with him. Emma decides to do it and he clips a bracelet on her. Emma whispers to Mulan if she doesn't come back down the beanstalk she's to cut it down, even though Snow won't like it. Then we have to endure Hook's non-stop chattering as he thinks every word that drips off his tongue is cute and adorable. When they get to the top of the stalk, Emma knocks the Giant out with magic powder. When that wears off, she traps the Giant and gets the compass. In short, she could have gone up the beanstalk herself for all the help Hooker provided.

The best part of the journey up the stalk was Emma handcuffing Hooker and leaving him there. Smartest thing this character ever did.

The back story this week is how Emma met Henry's father, Neal Cassidy, and ended up in jail. She jacked a car, the same car she has to this day, and found Neal Cassidy lying in the back seat. Turns out he had stolen it previously. After that, they became a team, a modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Until one day they decided to settle down in Tallahassee. Unfortunately, Pinocchio had other ideas.

Neal was on his way to pawn some expensive watches and meet Emma when Pinocchio grabbed him and convinced him he had to let Emma go to fulfill her destiny. Instead of Neal showing up to meet Emma, the police do and arrest her for stealing the watches. I'm betting it was good old Pinocchio that arranged for her arrest and not Neal, since he was upset about it and said he should have been the one doing time. He gave August the keys to the car and $20,000 to give to Emma. Unfortunately, August only passed on the keys to the car and I think it's obvious he pocketed the money for himself. He probably justified it that he didn't want Emma thinking to well of Neal and say, going to look for him, instead of fulfilling her destiny to break the curse. It was apparently August that sent Neal the postcard saying the curse was broken. So, Neal may be on his way to Storybrooke.

You know, when you really think about what these so-called good characters of Fairy Tale Land have done to Emma's life, it's absolutely appalling. Prince Pompous shoved his newborn daughter in a tree trunk to send her to some land he knew nothing about not knowing if anyone would find her and take care of her all so she could come back and save him and his precious Snow. Then August destroyed Emma's chance of happiness and true love all to make sure Emma ended up going to Storybrooke to break the curse. And they think nothing of what they've done to her life all for themselves.

Everyone loves to disdain Rump but he would have never done to Bae what Pompous and Snow Ho did to their own child. Everything he's done has been with one goal in mind: finding his child. And he only became the Dark One to save his child. He could give those two poor excuses for parents, Snow and Pompous, some lessons on being a parent.

I think it's pretty telling that even after Emma believed that Neal betrayed her, she's kept the car all these years that he gave her. She even went to Tallahassee after she got out of jail, maybe hoping she'd find him there. So, basically another true love was destroyed all so Snow Ho and Pompous could remember and reunite. Yippee!

Meanwhile Aurora and Henry are having the same nightmare. They're in a red room with a burning red curtain and appear to be looking at each other. Both were recently under a sleeping spell, so that could be the connection. That may be where their consciousness or soul was sent while under the spell.

Personally, I've always thought our minds go somewhere when we sleep. We can be on the edge of sleep and feel like we're falling and it seems so real we wake-up with a start and are heart is pounding like we were really falling. When we wake-up, we escape from wherever our mind goes when we sleep. However, if you couldn't wake-up you'd be trapped there. So, maybe that's one of the lands that the show will explore, this season.


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