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Once Upon A Time In Wonderland vs. Once Upon A Time

Updated on April 8, 2014

Should OUAT have only been one season long, too?

I'll admit I tried but really couldn't get into Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. I didn't watch the show from the start, so maybe that has something to do with it. I only started after I'd had enough of The Vampire Diaries and just couldn't stomach it anymore.

I'm not sure they cast the right actress as Alice. I guess we're all used to seeing a blond as Alice. And while Cyrus is cute, he and Alice didn't do much for me and I didn't really see any chemistry between them. I thought there was more chemistry between Will and Alice. I ended up liking Ana and Will better.

I did think the show got better as it went along. It was great seeing Cora again. The stupidest thing [in a long list of stupid things Once Upon A Time has done] was killing off Cora, all to give boring Snow White a black spot on her pure little heart. She was always trying to get some young girl to give up true love with a poor boy for power and marriage to some old king.

I don't know how effective a villain Jafar was. He was definitely no Rumpelstiltskin. While Rump was a victim of life until he became a victim no more by becoming the Dark One, Jafar kind of brought most of it on himself. If his father trying to drown him didn't convince him he meant nothing to him, nothing would. I mean, he was holding the reprobate hostage in the hopes one day his daddy would say he loved him and that day would never come. He even ended up using magic to make Ana think she loved him. So he ended up being rather pathetic and he got exactly what he deserved when he got popped in a bottle to serve someone. Kind of back to right where he started as a servant when he was a child.

I thought the show wrapped up the series wonderfully in a very satisfying finale. Everyone got a happy ending, but Jafar, which is just as it should be. Which got me to thinking that Once Upon A Time should have also been a one season show. The show is an absolute mess and I just wait for the day the plug is finally pulled on it. However, when the axe finally does fall I doubt the ending will be as satisfying as Once Upon A Time In Wonderland was.

Once Upon A Time started out as this wonderful diverse cast with no one the star and everyone treated the same, and within the first season the show became The Charming Family Show. I'd hoped the Lost writers had learned from their mistakes and would avoid the pitfalls from that show on this show, but they only recreated them on this show, but bigger and better.

At first, the back stories were evenly spread out and we got fairytale stories from characters that were just guest stars for one episode, like the tale of Hansel and Gretel. Then somewhere along the line practically every back story was about Snow White or Prince Charming. It got to the point I literally groaned, "Oh, God, not another one of their back stories. Haven't we seen all their back story by now?" It was the same on Lost. They showed so many boring Jack flashbacks I groaned when I had to endure another.

Jack was also written with extreme favoritism so other characters were used to prop him up and things other characters got vilified for, he was whitewashed for. And, unfortunately, they did the same thing with The Charmings. Charming thought he was married to Kathryn but he was cheating on her with Mary-Margaret. I don't care who he's married to in Fairy Tale Land; he thought he was married and unavailable in Storybrooke and he cheated on his wife. No one said boo to Cheating Charming and he didn't suffer any repercussions for being a cheater. And the uneven way they wrote the Henry/Regina relationship was pretty disgusting. Regina raised the brat but since she isn't his bio mom he could give two you know whats about her, while Henry had no problem with Emma giving him up and not really wanting him back, at first.

The show went one step further with their Charming worshiping by having everyone in Fairy Tale Land willing to die for them just so Snow White, Prince Charming and their baby could live happily ever after. At least on Lost everyone wasn't willing to die just so Jack could be happy. But maybe that's what that silly church scene in the finale was really all about and they just expanded on it in this new show. They all gave up their happy endings to worship at Jack's shrine and follow Jack into the light. Yep, pretty much the same thing.

It also seems they're taking fan pandering to a new level, as well. They recently killed off the Neal character, no doubt because the Hooker fans didn't like him standing in the way of the romance their shipping. The thing is Neal had a story outside of Emma and Henry and Hook doesn't. So don't have him get together with the precious Chosen One, but don't kill him off.

Rumpelstiltskin got totally shafted when they made Neal Bae. Rump started the entire curse and spent years enacting it to find his son, and when he found him, they made the story all about the Charmings and totally dropped the ball in regards to Rump finally finding his son. And they did it again by killing him off to appease a bunch of loud pushy shippers.

If Once Upon A Time had also been a one season show, I think it could have gone out with some dignity and class. I always thought Jefferson should have been Bae, since there were a lot of parallels in his and Rump's story. He could have brought Belle to Rump in the finale and reunited with his father, which would have caused Rump to end the curse. And when the curse ended everyone could have been transported back to Fairy Tale Land. End of story.

Instead the show continues to rattle on. They pretty much hacked up Regina and Rump for their beloved Charmings. They killed off two important characters in Cora and Regina, so now what family these two characters had is gone. The only family they have left is the Charmings. They rewrote Regina's past and now Robin Hood is her true love. They rewrote the real Prince Charming to be a loathsome rat who deserved to die all so New Charming looks like the real hero.

As I said, the odds of this show going on with a satisfying ending like Once Upon A Time In Wonderland are from slim to nil. They really should have just had this be a one season show, cause since the curse ended this show has been going downhill fast.


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