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Once Upon A Time -- Is It A Lost Retread?

Updated on September 21, 2012

21 similarities between LOST and QUAT

Some of the similarities to LOST didn't really bother me until an Apollo candy bar showed up in the finale the same way it showed up in the season 5 finale of LOST. Then I really started thinking about it and there's a little too much LOST stuff in Once Upon A Time.

1. A land of magic -- On Lost the island the castaways were stranded on had magic. It could magically heal your injuries, it had an invisible cabin that could move around the island and there were strange island whispers that usually warned that something bad was about to happen. In Fairy Tale Land there's all sorts of magic as would be expected. Where QUAT has it over LOST is they don't have to explain the magical mysteries. It's expected that such things will happen in Fairy Tale Land. Having to explain all the magical mysteries on LOST is where the show crashed and burned.

2. A group of people are trapped together -- On Lost it was a plane crash that trapped all the 815ers on the island. In QUAT it's a curse that's stranded the fairy tale characters in Storybrooke.

3. Something bad will happen if you try to leave -- On Lost, if people tried to leave the island something bad would happen to them and they'd be forced to return to the island. On QUAT if anyone tries to leave Storybrooke something bad will happen to prevent them from leaving.

4. The characters pasts are told as present events unfold -- In Lost every episode featured a flashback story for one of the characters. In QUAT a characters past is told [but not every week] about their life in Fairy Tale Land which none can remember.

5. A triangle is at the center of the show -- On Lost it was Jack/Kate/Sawyer and on QUAT it's Emma/Henry/Regina. Kate hero worshipped Jack, while Henry does the same with Emma.

6. A doubting hero -- On Lost, Jack refused to believe the island is special and things are going on that can't be explained through logic and that the island is Jack's destiny. On QUAT, Emma refuses to believe that all the people in town are fairy tale characters that have been trapped in town by a curse and it's her destiny to save them.

7. A character is killed off prematurely in the first season -- On Lost it was Boone when he climbed up into the drug plane and it fell from the trees with him inside, but the show kept finding ways to bring him back for an episode here and there. On QUAT it was Graham when a spurned Regina crushed his heart, and he's already been brought back once in a fairy tale flashback.

8. A man wants to take a pregnant girl's baby away from her once it's born -- On Lost, Ethan planned to take Claire's baby from her the minute he was born. Gold wanted to take Ashley's baby away from her the minute it was born.

9. Regina = Ben -- On Lost, Ben was stealing people's children from them feeling the children were better off without their parents. On QUAT, Regina has separated parents from their children. She basically told Jefferson since he left Grace she was better off without him and she promised to reunite Hansel and Gretel with their father and sent them to different places so they couldn't find each other. They also both had rotten parents. Ben's father was horrible to him, until Ben finally murdered him. Regina's mother killed the man Regina loved and it's still to be discovered exactly what Regina did to her mother.

10. Rump/Gold = Locke -- Both men were cowardly at times. Locke wanted to unearth the hatch but when it came time to go in he was too cowardly to go down it himself and sent Kate in first and she disappeared down the hole. While Rump promised Bae he would follow him into the new world the magic bean unearthed but he was too afraid to follow and let Bae fall through the hole. Locke was determined to keep everyone stuck on the island so he could find his destiny, while Rump trapped everyone in Storybrooke in hopes he could find Bae.

11. Creature In The Lake = The Smoke Monster -- On Lost, the Smoke Monster could morph itself into dead people to fool its victim. On QUAT The Creature Of The Lake can morph into a beautiful woman to lure men to their deaths.

12. A father trying to find his way back to his child -- On Lost, Walt was kidnapped from the raft Michael was on as he tried to escape the island. Afterwards he did whatever he had to do to be reunited with his son. On QUAT, Regina manipulated Jefferson into leaving Grace to take her to Wonderland. Afterwards, she trapped him there and since then he's been trying to find his way back to his daughter.

13, Locke/Helen = Rump/Belle -- On Lost, Helen wanted Locke to give up his obsession with his father and build a life with her. On QUAT, Belle wants Rump to give up magic and have a life with her. In both cases Locke and Rump chose Cooper and magic over love.

14. Snowing = Jin/Sun -- Both couples were separated multiple times and had to find their way back to each other. Snowing sent their baby away in hopes when she was grown-up she would return and save them, while Sun left her daughter behind to go rescue Jin and Jin decided to die with Sun instead of going home to their daughter, thus leaving her an orphan.

15. The Fairies = The Others -- The Others enslaved Sawyer and Kate and forced them to help build their landing strip. While the Fairies have enslaved the dwarf race to make them mine their fairy dust for them.

16. The Blue Fairy = Richard -- In both cases you never are sure if they're the good guys or the bad guys. The Blue Fairy used Bae to try to get rid of Rump, while Richard used Locke to try and get rid of Ben.

17. The Dark One = The Man In Black -- On Lost, The Smoke Monster tricked Locke into leaving the island, knowing he'd die, so when his body was brought back to the island he could inhabit it. On QUAT, The Dark One tricked Rump into killing him so he could be set free and Rump could take his place as the new Dark One.

18. Henry = Jacob -- On Lost, Jacob left the island and visited several future 815ers to bring them to the island to save the island. On QUAT, Henry left Storybrooke to bring Emma back with him so she could break the curse and save everyone trapped there.

19. 815 -- On Lost, the flight number is 815 and 8 and 15 are two of the magical numbers that repeat throughout the series. On QUAT, the clock in the town square is frozen at 8:15.

20. Prince Charming = Sawyer -- On Lost, James Ford began impersonating Sawyer to avenge the death of his mother. On QUAT, King Charlie Widmore threatened Charming that he'd kill his mother unless he impersonated his son, Prince James. In Storybrooke, James now David was living with Kathryn who in FTL was very disdainful of him, much like Sawyer was living with Juliet in the Dharma Initiative who was very disdainful of him when they first met.

21. Snow = Kate -- On Lost, Kate was a thief and a bit of a tomboy and so is Snow in FTL. While Kate hated and murdered her stepfather [who turned out to be her real father], Snow's stepmother, Regina hated her and tried to have her murdered.

So it's not just one or two things. There's quite a lot of similarities; too many if you ask me. The writers need to break free of Lost and make this show an entity unique unto itself. Lost is the last show you want to emulate in any way, shape or form.


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