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Once Upon A Time -- Jefferson Would Have Been A Better Bae

Updated on March 4, 2013

The minute The Charming fans started pushing and hoping that Bae would turn out to be Henry’s father, I prayed the show wouldn’t go in that direction. The last thing we needed was for Rump to be connected to The Charmings. And from the moment in the finale when Jefferson rescued Belle and sent her to Rump, I’d hoped it would turn out that he was Bae. It would have made for a great story with great parallels if the writers had chosen to go in that direction, instead of continuing with their sick and warped obsession with The Charmings.

Rump is a very tragic character at heart. His history is of being tricked by magical creatures that keep leading him further and further to the dark side. So imagine the irony if Rump had pursued this curse when all the time Bae was never in the real world and right under his own nose. It would fit so perfectly in with Rump’s history and Bae/Jefferson would be following in his father’s footsteps by first being tricked by the Blue Fairy to try and trap Rump into some realm of Fairy Tale Land that would make Rump’s magic useless and then to be trapped in Wonderland after being tricked by Regina. Both men would be trapped and kept from the child they desperately wanted to get back to. And Regina using and tricking Jefferson would be payback for Rump using and tricking her. It would have been a great story.

Unfortunately, the writers decided to pander to The Charming fans that wanted Bae to be Henry’s father and Rump and Bae’s story got thrown on the trash heap because of it. The sad thing is by making Neal Bae they’ve also tossed out what little good motivations this rather sleazy selfish character had going for him. When he gave up Emma because August convinced him Emma had this great destiny to go to Storybrooke and saved anyone it seemed like he was doing it for the greater good. Now we know what August showed Neal we now know there was no good motives in Neal selling out Emma. He didn’t do it for the greater good, he did it so August wouldn’t reveal who he really was. In short, his motives were purely selfish. And when he learned the curse had been broken, you didn’t see him rushing to Storybrooke to reunite with Emma. No, that might mean his true identity would be discovered and protecting himself always comes first with this selfish lowlife. He’s actually making Hook look good.

The thing is, I shouldn’t be surprised by the writers turning Rump’s search for his son into another Charming-centric story. Since the season started the writers obsession with The Charmings, in particular Snow Blight and Uncharming. The first half of the season involved using Emma and Mulan to prop-up Snow Blight has some super-duper warrior princess. It was sad seeing Emma, the character they’ve sold as the great white hope, being made to look like a useless moron just to make Snow Blight look good. It was even worse when they did the same to Mulan. Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke all the residents had drool dribbling down their chins as the genuflected to their great god, Uncharming, worshipping at his shrine.

I thought I would never seen anything worse then the way the writing pandered to Jack Shepherd on Lost, but nothing can top the pandering the writing does The Charming family. At least on Lost other characters were allowed their own stories and not everything and everyone was connected to Jack, nor was everyone sickening Jack butt kissers. It’s why this season of Once Upon A Time has been so atrocious. Last season the other characters were allowed stories and there was none of the nauseating Charming butt-kissing as has been running rampant this season. The only really decent story told on the show this season has been Dr. Whale being Dr. Frankenstein, since thankfully the writers as of yet haven’t been able to make it all about The Charmings.

Unfortunately, I fear things may only get worse is Regina is the next one sucked into Charmingville. I’ve got a bad feeling that the show may say that Cora and Snow Blight’s mother were sisters, and if that’s the case that makes Regina and Snow Blight cousins. And it’ll get even creepier if they also say that Regina is Rump’s daughter.


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