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Once Upon A Time -- Let's Make A Deal

Updated on November 13, 2011

When Ella Met Rump

Cinderella is probably my favorite fairytale, but I'm only familiar with the Disney version. I really need to start reading the original Grimm fairy tales.

Ella's stepmother and stepsisters go off to the ball as Ella is left behind in her rags. Suddenly, her fairy godmother shows up to makes all her dreams come true. Everything going fine. Just as you would expect it to go for Ella, when Rump shows up and whacks the fairy godmother because he wants her wand. He plans to leave Ella behind in her life of misery and servitude, saying it's all for the best, because magic always has a price. Ella, however, promises him anything if he does for her what her fairy godmother was planning to do. He does with a proviso. He makes her sign a contract she doesn't read promising to give him something precious in return and he doesn't reveal what that precious thing is.

Next time we see Ella it's her wedding and she's marrying Prince Thomas. Snow and Charming are there. So is Rump. He finally reveals what he wants. The contract she signed promised him her first born child. When Ella becomes pregnant it's a moment of terror not joy. Thomas comes home to find Ella packing to leave him. She finally tells him about the deal she made with Rump. Thomas forgives her and vows they'll find a way to stop Rump from taking their child.

Charming and Thomas come up with a plan. Ella will tell Rump she's having twins. Rump will want both. Ella is to get Rump to sign a new contract with a red quill pen the blue fairy bewitched. Once Rump signs the contract he'll be imprisoned. So it was Ella, Thomas and Charming who were responsible for Rump being imprisoned.

Ella's apprehensive about going through with the plan because they'll be using magic, again, and she remembers Rump saying with magic there's always a price, but she goes through with it, anyway. All seems to go well. Rump is imprisoned, but when Ella starts feeling contractions, Thomas goes to get her water. When he's by the well he seems to hear something strange. When Ella goes looking for him, Thomas has vanished. Ella goes to Rump demanding to know where Thomas is. Rump cackles that with magic there's always a price and that until she hands over her baby to him she'll never see Thomas, again.

In Storybrooke Ella is now Ashley and Thomas is now Shawn. Shawn's father got Shawn to break-up with Ashley when she found out she was pregnant. He also arranged for Ashley to sell her baby to Mr. Gold. Enter Emma who gives Ashley a motivational speech to basically be all she can be. This inspires Ashley to break into Mr. Gold's pawnshop looking for the contract she signed. He comes upon her and she pepper sprays him and escapes.

Gold hires Emma to find Ashley. He says she stole something valuable from him when she broke into his pawnshop. Emma reluctantly agrees to try and find her. She gets sent on a wild goose chase by Ashley's friend, Ruby., so Ashley can try to escape town. But as Henry explained earlier, anyone who lives in Storybrooke that tries to leave town, something bad happens. They find Ruby's car smashed and Ashley about to give birth.

Emma and Henry rush Ashley to the hospital where she gives birth. Gold shows up to take her child, but Emma says he can't have the baby. Following in the footsteps of Ella, Emma agrees to a deal with Gold, not knowing what it is. He claims she'll owe him a favor. Since Regina already has Emma's child, we know it can't be giving him her firstborn child. But with Gold/Rump it could be anything.

Earlier, Emma had delivered Shawn one of her motivational speeches to basically flip his daddy the bird and be there for Ashley. He shows up at the hospital and tells Ashley he loves her and even brings a pair of shoes for the baby.

Emma, herself, earlier, got treated to one of Regina's little speeches, but one could hardly call it motivational. Regina said she knows Emma can't stay in one place very long, so she no longer views her as a threat. She may have cause to rethink that when she discovers what Graham the sheriff has done. He's gone and offered Emma a job as deputy. At first, Emma turns it down, but when Henry says that unlike everyone else in town, she can leave anytime she wants, Emma decides to stay. When Emma asks how Regina will take it, Graham says he doesn't care. Which isn't a very good thing, because Graham happens to be Regina's lover.

While this was supposed to be Cinderella's story, it was more Rumpelstiltskin's. We just saw how evil he truly was. While Rump can make your skin crawl, I somehow find Gold even more evil if that's possible.

I think the story I want to know most is that of Ruby aka little Red Riding Hood. Ruby dresses so slutty. That's not the red riding hood I remember.


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