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Once Upon A Time -- No More Happy Endings

Updated on October 23, 2011

First off, the fairy tale scenes are just completely visually breath-taking. There places you just want to be. I was a bit leery considering this show was from the writers of LOST, but as long as Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse aren't part of it, hopefully this won't turn out to be the disaster that LOST became.

Fairy Tale World -- Snow White has eaten the poisoned apple given to her by the Evil Queen and instead of the Evil Queen, who turned herself into an ugly old crone, dying a well-deserved death, this queen is alive and well and back to her former beautiful self.

Prince Charming rides on his steed through the forest where the Seven Dwarfs are holding a funeral for Snow White, who is encased in a glass coffin. Charming is told he's too late and he insists on giving one last kiss to his beloved Snow. When his lips touch hers, she comes back to life. He vows he will never give up on her.

Fast forward to Snow and Charming's wedding. Just as they say their "I dos," the Evil Queen prances in to tell them her day will come. She intends to put a curse on them all so all their happy endings are no more. Then she disappears in a puff of black smoke when the Prince throws a sword at her.

Months later, Snow is pregnant and she tells Charming she wants to go see Rumpelstiltskin, who is imprisoned, but can see into the future. He tells her the Queen's curse will happen. They'll all be trapped in a place where time has stopped and they won't remember who they are. But he also claims that Snow's daughter, Emma, will return on her 28th birthday and the war with the Queen will begin to regain their past lives and their happy endings.

During a council meeting the Prince wants to go and kill the Queen before she can enact this curse. A fairy enters and says if they can make a wardrobe out of an enchanted tree, one person can be kept safe. Since Baby Emma is the key to saving them all from the curse, she's naturally elected. They ask Geppetto to build an enchanted wardrobe.

Geppetto finishes it just as Snow goes into labor. The Prince wants to put Snow inside, but Doc says she can't be moved. As Snow is giving birth, the Queen's curse is creeping towards the castle. Snow insists Emma be put in the wardrobe, since the wardrobe can only protect one person.

Charming takes Emma just as the Queen's guards have infiltrated the castle. He actually has a sword fight with Baby Emma in his arms. He manages to put her in the magic wardrobe, but afterwards he'd killed by the Queen's guard. Just as Snow is cradling her dead husband in her arms and kissing him to try to bring him back to life as he had done her, the Queen arrives and the world around them dissolves as if it never existed.

Our World -- The Present:

It's Emma Swan's 28th birthday and she's spending it by meeting a man named Ryan she met on the Internet for a blind date. She lowers the boom on him and reveals she knows he's a criminal and she's the bail bond's woman who put up his bail. He makes a run for it and she catches up with him, slamming his head against his steering wheel, knocking him out, when he sneers at her, "What do you know about family?"

Emma goes home to celebrate her birthday with a cup cake when there's a knock at the door. It's a child named Henry, who explains he's the child she gave up for adoption. He gets her to take him home to Storybrooke, Maine. He tries to tell Emma that all the fairy tale characters are trapped there and that they're real and she's the key to saving them and restoring their happy ending. Emma doesn't buy this for an instant. She buys it even less when his psychiatrist comes up to him. Henry tells her he's really Jiminy Cricket.

When Emma returns Henry to his adopted mother, who is the Mayor of Storybrooke, it's the Evil Queen. I'm not sure if she actually remembers who she is. So she may have gotten trapped inside her own curse.

Emma heads out of town and discovers that Henry left his fairy tale book in her car. Suddenly, a wolf appears in the road just as she's about to reach the town line. Earlier, Henry had told Emma that when a fairy tale character tries to leave town, something bad happens to stop them. She swerves to avoid the wolf and crashes her car, knocking herself out.

Emma wakes up in jail. Geppetto is there. He looks like he might be the town mechanic. Emma gets out of jail be offering to find Henry, who has run away again. Emma discovers that Henry got the money to locate her by using the credit card of his teacher, Mary-Margaret who is really Snow White. Mary-Margaret was the one who gave Henry the fairy tale book.

Emma locates Henry who begs her to just stay for a week. She refuses, and takes Henry back to the Mayor. When the Mayor gets all Evil Queen with her and threatens to destroy her if she doesn't leave Storybrooke, Emma decides to stay for a week. She checks into Granny's Bed and Breakfast where I think Granny is from Little Red Riding Hood and the granddaughter she's having a nasty argument with I think is Little Red Riding Hood.

While Emma is checking in Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin enters. When he hears Emma's name he seems to know who she is. Granny tells Emma that Mr. Gold owns the entire town.

At the hospital, Mary-Margaret is visiting the sick. She brings flowers to a comatose man who is Prince Charming.

Suddenly, in the town square the clock that wasn't working has begun to run. Time has no longer stopped.

As for the Mayor, she hugs Henry's fairy tale book as she looks in the mirror. Again, does she remember who she really is or did she end up getting caught inside her own curse.

I really enjoyed this show. It's different and it's refreshing. And the scenery in the fairy tale world is a feast for the eye. I'm just surprised ABC stuck this show on Sunday nights. It's one of the best new shows I've watched this season.


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    • Kerri McClelland profile image

      Kerri McClelland 6 years ago

      I do think it is intersting how the switch back from the fairytale world to present day, allowing it to stay relevant. I didnt have a chance to watch the entire episode, but look forward to finishing it!