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Once Upon A Time -- Not-So Snow White

Updated on March 20, 2012

It seems Rump's potion hasn't just made Snow forget Charming. It's given her a permanent case of PMS. In short, she's as nasty and rotten as Regina is and that's nasty and rotten. She lures a blue bird to land on her finger and then tries to smash it. Luckily it gets away. The dwarfs try to do an intervention with Jiminy Cricket and she traps the bug under a glass jar when he really begins to bug her. She pissed she has to live in a hovel while Regina is living in her palace. The result of the intervention is Snow decides to kill Regina.

Grumpy goes chasing after her to try and stop her. In a last ditch effort he convinces Snow to go to Rump to get an antidote for the potion she took. Bad idea, Grumpy. Rump says only true loves kiss will break the spell. Snow doesn't care, she wants his help to kill Regina. Rump practically jumps up and down with joy. He's more than happy to do just that. In fact, he gives her a weapon free of charge. That's how much he wants her to kill Regina.

Meanwhile, Charming and Red are on the trail for Snow. King Charlie Widmore nearly catches him and Red tells Charming to go and she'll take care of this. It's a full moon. She rips off her red cloak and goes all werewolf all over the men chasing Charming.

Rump's having a busy day as Charming lands on his doorstep, as well. He's looking for Snow. Rump says he'll give him a map to where she is, if he gives him is cloak. A strange request, but as we see later he puts a hair from Snow and Charming in a vial and puts it under the label of true love.

Charming finds Snow and gives her true loves kiss and she's just not impressed by it and knocks him out. It's only when Charming jumps in front of the arrow as Snow is aiming at Regina that Snow finally remembers. However, their reunion doesn't last, as King Charlie Widmore's mean capture Charming and take him away, while Snow vows to find him.

In Storybrooke, Emma arrests MM. The box that Kathryn's heart was found inside of was MM's jewelry box. Emma gets to work trying to prove MM innocent. She can't find anything to prove their apartment was broken in and finds the murder weapon in the heating vent.

Gold comes to the jail and offers to be MM's lawyer. He says the same thing to her that he said in the past to Snow White: I'm invested in your future. Why does that send a chill down your spine?

Things look even worse for MM when David goes to Archie to be hypnotized to find out what he did during his black-out and he starts remembering Snow trying to kill Regina, but he thinks it's MM wanting to kill Kathryn. When he goes to confront MM, she feels completely betrayed by him, because she never doubted his innocence once when he was under suspicion.

August suggests Henry look in his book for an answer to help MM. He also tells Henry that he's there to get Emma to believe the book is real. Henry finds a ring of keys in Regina's office and Emma discovers one of them opens MM's door. So Regina could definitely have slipped in and planted the weapon and stole MM's jewelry box to place Kathryn's heart in.

MM is making her cell bed when she finds the key to her cell under the bed. Who left it there: Regina or Gold? When Emma vows to clear MM, MM isn't too impressed, and as soon as Emma leaves, MM uses the key and escapes from her cell.

Meanwhile Emma goes to Gold saying the only time she's beaten Regina was when she was working with him. That's because Sydney's Regina's mole. Emma even says she's willing to play by Gold's rules to beat Regina. Which brings to mind the fact that Gold still hasn't told Emma what she owes him for letting Ashley/Ella keep her baby. What it could be boggles the mind.

While Snow and Charming's romance this has this great quality to it, I have to say MM and David just gets more yucky the longer it goes on.

So apparently Kathryn is dead. I thought maybe she was being kept on ice with Belle. For some reason I didn't think Regina would really go that far to keep David and MM apart.


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