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Once Upon A Time -- Red-Handed

Updated on March 12, 2012

What if Peter hadn't caught the wolf? What then?

This is the story I've been waiting for, and the wait was worth it. And it packed quite a shocking twist I didn't see coming.

In Fairy Tale Land, Red and her true love, Peter, have to sneak moments together, because Granny won't let her leave the house because of a wolf terrorizing the town. Red finds Granny to be a pain, especially with her constant nagging at Red to keep her red cloak on.

After locking and bolt all the doors and windows, Granny holds a crossbow as she prepares to survive another night of the ravaging wolf. In the morning, Red is gathering eggs in the chicken house when she spots Snow hiding and invites her to stay with her and Granny. The interesting thing is when Snow gives Red a fake name, she says first Margaret and then Mary and we both know that Mary-Margaret is Snow's name in the other realm. Which is rather an interesting coincidence. What it means, I'm not sure, since this was long before Regina enacted her curse.

While gathering water at the well, Red finds the well full of blood and Snow sees several dead bodies strewn around the snowy field all torn apart and bloody. During a town meeting, when there's talk of hunting the wolf, Granny tells of her encounter with it. It killed her entire family and then it left its mark on her arm before leaving her be. She says it can't be killed and they just need to keep bolting themselves inside until this thing passes.

When Snow says Granny is using the wolf to keep Red from her true love, Peter, Red determines to hunt down the wolf and kill it. During the hunt, Red teaches Snow how to track. They find the wolf's tracks and discover that in mid-stride the wolf prints turn into a man's footprints and it leads right to Red's window. Snow and Red come to the conclusion that Peter is the wolf.

Snow and Red switch cloaks as Red goes to tell Peter that he's the wolf. Peter has Red chain him to a tree, as Granny discovers Snow in Red's bed and reveals the horrible truth. Red is the wolf. The red cloak Granny always insists Red wear is a magical cloak that stops Red from turning into a wolf, but Red refuses to wear it and that's when she becomes a wolf.

Granny then reveals that her father was the wolf. He killed their entire family and infected her with his lycanthropy. They don't come out a say it but Granny and Red are werewolves. Granny hoped it hadn't been passed down to Red, but when she was thirteen she found out Red had it, too. Granny went to a wizard for the magic red cloak to stop her from changing into a wolf, but since Red won't wear her cloak, it's not that effective. Granny says as she's grown older, the affects have weakened. From that I assume she doesn't turn into a wolf anymore at a full moon.

Snow and Granny arrive too late and Red has killed Peter. Granny shoots her with a silver-tipped crossbow and covers her with the red cloak and she comes back to herself. What if Peter hadn't caught the wolf? What then? Is what Peter's grandfather says in Peter and the Wolf, and you could say the tale of Little Red Riding Hood was also the tale of Peter and the Wolf. The answer is Peter was killed by his true love. In Peter and the Wolf, Peter ties the wolf to the tree and captures it. But in this hybrid tale Peter is the one tied to a tree and eaten alive by the wolf when Red turns into a wolf.

Granny and Snow tell Red to run as she realizes she's the wolf and she killed her true love, Peter. A few episodes back, Snow threw in Red's face what she did to get Red to help her find Rump so she could get a potion to forget Charming. Now we know what Red did, it really makes Snow a pretty low cow to throw that in her face. Red took her in and offered her shelter and she didn't even know she was the wolf and for Snow to manipulate Red by throwing what she did in her face is pretty loathsome. Snow made it sound like she was such a great friend to stand by Red, but Red did far more for her. It's a pretty low class thing to do. Snow is becoming as nasty as her Storybrooke Mary-Margaret is.

Speaking of Storybrooke, Ruby gets into it with Granny when Granny doesn't like her standing there and talking to August about lemurs. She quits and is planning to leave town, when Emma and MM ask her to stay with them. Emma even hires her to work at the Sheriff's office.

David has no memory of making a call to Kathryn. MM later finds him in the woods looking for Kathryn and he's not acting like the David she knows. When David disappears, Henry suggests Emma take Ruby to find him, because she's a great tracker. She's just forgotten how truly awesome she is. And just like Henry said, Ruby is able to find David.

Dr. Whale says David was having another black-out where he can't recall what he's done when David has no memory of what happened after leaving Emma's office. Regina arrives and orders Emma not to question David. What is she afraid Emma might find out? Emma asks Ruby to check around the area of the toll bridge where David went when he had his previous black out to see if she can find anything.

Ruby spots a piece of wood covering something recently buried. She digs it up and it's an ornate box and inside it contains a heart. MM's fingerprints are on the inside of the lid. Okay, we all know who likes to rip people's hearts out of their chests. Little Miss Regina and I believe she likes keeping them in boxes just like that. I don't know how she got MM's fingerprints on it, but this has Miss Regina all over it.

Speaking of MM, any sympathy I had for her went right out the window when she was shocked when Emma said Kathryn gave her a well-deserved slap. She was shocked that Emma thought she deserved to be slapped, and Emma immediately back-tracked, but come on. The least she deserved was a slap from the woman whose husband she was messing around with. I don't think she deserved to be treated like a pariah by the entire town, but she did deserve a slap from Kathryn. Got to say, MM and David get more and more unlikable as this thing goes along.

Ruby quits the Sheriff's office because she doesn't like being responsible for getting people in trouble. Granny tells her she wanted Ruby to take over more responsibility because once Granny retires the diner will be hers. Ruby's touched and hugs her grandmother and their relationship seems to be back on track. The Ruby that left the diner is a far different Ruby that returned. I now like Ruby as much as I like Red.

We've seen a couple of wolves in Storybrooke. Like the one that ran in front of Emma's car and the one that Graham saw. Could they have been Ruby or Granny now that we know what they are. And what about the wolf that was Graham's companion in Fairy Tale Land when he was the hunter. Could that wolf had been a werewolf, too?

This was a very clever episode, since it seemed to employ a couple of fairy tales involving a wolf. Little Red Riding Hood and Peter and the Wolf. They even threw in a reference to the Three Little Pigs with Peter saying he was going to huff and puff and blow her house in. This has been one of my favorite episodes to date.


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