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Once Upon A Time Rewatch -- Episode 1.20 - 1.22

Updated on June 11, 2012

First off, I've got to say they need to never have Snowing say, "I'll find you. I'll always find you." Because after a whole season of that it's lost it's magic. Now it produces eye-rolling. The first couple of times it was romantic, but now it's been said ad nauseam by these two, enough already.

I guess what I enjoyed about The Stranger was the fact one person wasn't happy to throw themselves on the blade just so Snowing could be happy. Personally, if the situation was reversed, I don't think either would do the same for them. So Geppetto saying what about my son and refusing to help unless his child was safe, made my day. I'm sorry, but Snow White is the reason for everyone being cursed, so why should a bunch of innocent people sacrifice themselves so she can escape the curse? She started the whole thing by shooting her big mouth off when she promised she wouldn't.

One interesting thing I didn't notice on first viewing was The Blue Fairy left Geppetto thinking he would sacrifice all for precious Snow and her precious savior, because she said she and the fairies had to prepare. Just how could she prepare when supposedly she had no power in this curse and everyone was powerless to stop it? Does that mean the magic ones could do something to prepare themselves or affect the way there life would be once the curse took place?

Since Rump as sort of in a vacuum seal where he couldn't use his powers, perhaps he cut a deal with Regina to bring all his magic items with him, since most of them are in his shop. Regina pretty much said to Jefferson that the only magic in Storybrooke was in the magical items they brought over. Maybe that's why Gold can do some small magical fetes, because of all the magical items he has in his shop.

I also wonder if you an turn an enchanted piece of wood into a real live boy, why the Blue Fairy couldn't reverse what was done to Geppetto's parents. Is it like on Bewitched when Endora put the whammy on Darren and only the witch that cast the spell could undo it? Maybe it's some unwritten rule in the magic kingdom.

Back to the Blue Fairy. Did her preparations allow her to remember who she is like Rump and Jefferson were able to remember? The scene where she's trying to make Gold think August is Bae seemed very manipulative like she was trying to set August up to conning Gold so August could find Rumpelstiltskin's dagger and possibly kill him with it. It wouldn't be the first time she offered someone up in her attempt to be rid of Rump. She did it to Bae when she gave him the magic bean and to Thomas when she gave him the magic quill.

When Rump confronted her wanting her to open the portal Bae fell through she said the other magic beans had gotten away from her. It makes me wonder if somehow Jefferson's hat could be a magic bean, itself. We saw that it doesn't just open a portal to Wonderland but it also opened a portal into Fairy Tale Land, itself, when Regina retrieved her poisoned apple.

Speaking of Regina, has this woman ever kept one deal she's made? She makes the party she strikes a deal with do for her, first, and when it's her turn to do for them, she does the opposite of what she promised. She promised Hansel and Gretel if they got the poisoned apple from The Blind Witch she'd help them find their father, but once they gave her the apple and refused her offer to live with her, she made sure that they were put in a different location than their father was. She's screwed Jefferson over twice. She told Snow if she ate the apple she'd spare Charmings life, and it appeared in the finale that she was going to kill Charming, instead.

I really do think Jefferson is Alice In Wonderland. Regina left a white rabbit card on the back of Paige's bike to get him to come to her. It was a white rabbit that Alice followed that lead her into Wonderland. If Jefferson is Bae, then he fell through a whole in the ground much like Alice did. And when Jefferson returned to Wonderland he went through a looking glass just like Alice did in the sequel to Alice In Wonderland.

From conversations with Jefferson and Gold, it's hinted at something we didn't initially know about the Dark Curse. Regina had a lot of control over it. She fashioned for everyone the life they would lead once they were trapped in Storybrooke. She also picked and chose who to bring over to Storybrooke, suggesting there could still be characters living back in Fairy Tale Land. Rump said he knew Regina wouldn't be able to resist bringing Maleficent over to Storybrooke and she brought Jefferson over from Wonderland.

I'm also back to my theory that Rump lied to them all when he claimed Emma could end the curse. Regina referred to making someone remember their past as waking them up and that's basically what Emma did. When Graham kissed her he woke-up. And when Emma used true love's kiss to wake Henry up she caused everyone in Storybrooke to wake-up. I think that's all she was ever able to do. Wake everyone up. Because long before Rump released his magic on the town, nothing more than everyone waking up to who they really are happened and they weren't magically transported back to Fairy Tale Land.

One last thing, according to gold he put a drop of his true love potion on the parchment he wrote the curse up on. The problem is Rump didn't have his true love potion until he had both Snow and Charming's hair, and he didn't have them until Snow tried to kill Regina. So Rump would have had to given Regina the curse after that. However, Regina had already gotten Hansel and Gretel to retrieve her poisoned apple from The Blind Witch, which means she would have already had the curse before Rump had Snowing's hair and traded it away to Maleficent for the sleeping spell. So how could Rump add true love to the curse if he'd already given it to Regina before he even had his true love potion? Think I have to put it down to storyline inconsistency and just go with the flow and not make a big issue out of it.

I've also discovered the former Lost writers have putting more Lost Easter eggs in this show than I thought they had. When Emma was emptying the pouch with the Once Upon A Time book an Apollo candy bar fell out along with the book and other items. In the season 5 finale of Lost when Jack met Jacob he was getting an Apollo candy bar out of the vending machine. I also finally realized that time the clock was stopped at and stopped again was 8:15 aka Oceanic flight 815 aka 4 8 15 16 23 42. I really hope that's as much of Lost as they put into the show. Lost the final season is not something any show should aim for.

Once that lousy ending happened, Lost pretty much disappeared from syndication. Darlton made it pointless to even rewatch the show. And because of that they cut their noses off to spite their face and cost themselves a lot of the money they could have reaped in via syndication.


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