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Once Upon A Time Rewatch: Episode 1.8 and 1.9

Updated on June 2, 2012

Rewatching how Rump became what he did, I still sympathize with him. Maybe if the people of his village hadn't treated him the way they did, he would have been able to show mercy upon those he made deals with when he became the Dark One. Even without showing mercy to anyone, I still don't find Rump as petty as Regina is. To say that woman has issues with parents abandoning their children is an understatement, even when she's the one that causes the abandonment.

It was interesting seeing how completely Gold played Emma during the sheriff's election. He was using that smelly stuff when Emma arrived at his shop, then he left behind a rag covered with it so she'd recognize the smell when he started the fire. He knew she would out him in public and everyone would elect her sheriff. The man has a very Machiavellian mind. It's like he's playing on a giant chess board and thinking in advance which move of which piece will accomplish what he wants.

All though Desperate Souls Gold was making remarks about doing anything for your child. And we now know everything he's done has been to find his child. He became the Dark One for his child, to prevent him from having to go off to war. Which adds a bit of nobility to Rump's horrific actions. At the core is a father's love for his son and his desperate search for his son. I'm thinking the favor he has Emma pay back will be she has to find his son.

In True North you really saw just how petty Regina could be. She was trying to send Hansel and Gretel to Boston knowing something bad would happen to them if they tried to cross the county line. She couldn't get past them turning down her offer to live with her and to forget all about her father. She went on about how their father had abandoned them, but she kidnapped him, so he never abandoned them. It was very sick and twisted what she pulled on them in both Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land.

One thing I wonder if just how the Blind Witch got hold of Regina's poisoned apple. We know from episode 1.2 she traded the sleeping spell for the Dark Curse. Apparently, at that point, Regina wasn't ready to punish the whole kingdom to get her revenge on Snow White. Why do I have a feeling Rump had a hand in Regina losing that poisoned apple and the Blind Witch getting it. It was similar to getting Charming to plant the true love vial in Maleficent's belly. He picked places where Regina couldn't get at the thing.

The Blind Witch's cottage was made of magic and Regina couldn't get in. And it seemed that the Blind Witch was only into eating children so only children could enter. So Regina found a loophole in the problem of getting back the apple. She admitted to Hansel and Gretel that they weren't the first children she sent in to get the apple. Then once she enacted her plan with the apple, Rump helped Charming to thwart her plan and break the spell of the apple, so Regina would have no choice left but to use the Dark Curse if she wanted revenge on Snow White.

There was also the scene where Gold tells Emma the name of Hansel and Gretel's father off a blank card. Once again, there's the suggestion that despite him not supposed to be able to have any magic power in Storybrooke he still has it. Maybe it has something to do with his pawn shop.

Another interesting thing is Emma is supposed to bring back everyone's happy ending, but of the happy endings she's helped happen, Gold has had a hand in them. He hired Emma to find Ashley. He had to know she'd find out about the deal for him to take Ashley's baby and she'd do something to stop it. And he gave Emma the name of Hansel and Gretel's father which allowed her to reunite them. It's like he's trying to make the reputation he created for her by telling Snow and Charming their child would be able to break the curse into a reality.

One last interesting note is that Regina can apparently spy on the home of anyone with a mirror. That's how she was able to burn the Blind Witch alive in her oven. But she was also able to see Snow with the seven dwarfs, so it hints she doesn't need a mirror to spy on you, either. She saw Charming in the woods, too, and no mirror was around. Apparently she can spy on anyone anywhere with that magic mirror of hers.


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