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Once Upon A Time Rewatch: Episodes 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12

Updated on June 3, 2012

I think the one big thing I missed in 7:15 am was the fact that Rump appeared to dip Snow's strand of hair into the potion he made. I think the potion did more than Rump said it would. I don't think it just too her memory of Charming from her, I think it took all love from her. Rump kept going on about how love was bad. It would explain why after drinking it she acted like she had the biggest case of PMS known to man.

Of course it makes you wonder just what having Snow's potion-dipped strand of hair entwined with Charming's in that vial did for Rump. What did it help him create? If the potion took all of Snow's love from her when she drank it, that means her love would have to go somewhere. So did it go into the strand of hair Rump possessed?

In Fruit Of A Poisonous Tree, you got a read good look at just what Regina's mother sold her into. To say that Regina's marriage was pretty horrible for her is an understatement. Perhaps if it had brought her any semblance of happiness she might have been able to forgive Snow for telling her mother about Regina and Daniel's plan to runaway which lead to Cora killing him. But in the marriage she got stuck in there's no way that could happen.

We saw at his party the way he totally disrespected Regina and treated her like nothing to lather praise all over Snow and her dead mother. He didn't even acknowledge Regina's presence. He should have just hired her as a nanny to help raise his precious Snow instead of taking a wife. And with each time Regina was treated that way you can just imagine her anger and hatred just continued to build knowing if not for Snow the life she could have had.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the man read Regina's diary. You have to think it wasn't the first time. He had to do it on a regular basis. Regina to put those lies in her diary knowing he would read them, so reading her diary must have been a regular thing for him, And even though he didn't want Regina he wanted to make sure no one else had her, either. He imprisoned her in her room instead of offering to let her go to be with the man she loved so she could find some happiness of her own.

Judging by the fact they didn't even sleep in the same bed, you can guess they never had sex together. Something I'm sure Regina was grateful for. But it signals he didn't even try to have another child with Regina to give her something she could love and that would possibly make her happy. No, all he married Regina for was to be a glorified nanny and he never let her forget the fact. Leopold was truly deserving to be killed.

The last person seen with the Genie's lamp is Regina. Yet, in episode 1.6 when David goes into Gold's shop looking for directions you see the Genie's lamp sitting on the shelf amongst all the other items there. So it seems since Regina made a habit of making deals with Rump just like she does with Gold in Storybrooke, that she traded the Genie's lamp to Rump for something. The question is what? Another big question is did Rump use the Genie's lamp as part of the magic he needed to build his Dark Curse?

Genie said that everyone who had made a wish on the lamp had never had the wish turn out well. Was the lamp bad magic or is all magic bad magic? The message is that with all magic comes a price. You have to pay some price for using magic. So it seems there's no good or bad magic. The illusion of it either being good or bad seems to be the way the person using it dresses it up. The fairies for instance are pretty and are dressed all pretty when they use their magic, giving the person they're helping the illusion that their magic is good. Rump, on the other hand, has rotten teeth and he acts really repulsive, so it gives you the impression his magic is bad. He also puts up front that there will be a cost to pay for the magic, while the fairies don't really seem to tell their victims that their magic will come at some price.

From Skin Deep it seemed to be that Regina can spy on anyone while they're outside through her mirror, but if they're inside their house she has to spy on them through a mirror hanging inside their house. Belle thought Rump had all the mirrors in his house covered because he felt he was ugly, but he had them covered so Regina couldn't spy on him.

There also seemed to be some big rivalry between Regina and Rump. Aside from wanting Snow White dead, she also wants to be the most powerful of them all. That's why she manipulated Belle into kissing Rump, hoping it would take his power from him, making her the most powerful, it would seem. At this point I don't think Rump had given her the Dark Curse, yet.

When Regina came and lied to Rump about what happened to Belle, she mentioned wanting him to help her do something to a certain mermaid. Would that be The Little Mermaid? Just what could Regina have against her? Or was it she couldn't tolerate anyone being happy while she wasn't? So will that be the next fairy tale we get to see?

Also, did Rump blame Regina for what happened to Belle [or what Regina lied that happened to Belle] and was getting her to use the Dark Curse his revenge on her? Is that when he decided to use Regina's hatred of Snow White to get her to use the Dark Curse?

Gold also said something interesting to Regina when she got him to admit who he was so he could have his chipped teacup back. He told her he was the power in Storybrooke. Now, maybe he meant because he seemed to own the entire town. But maybe he meant that he still had some kind of magic power. As I said in a previous rewatch blog, that windmill in Gold's shop seemed to implant fake memories in David's mind so he would stay with Kathryn and not get together with MM. And when he told Emma Hansel and Gretel's father's name, he read the name off of a blank piece of paper. It does seem to hint he still has some kind of magical power. Perhaps not as much as he once had, but he does seem to still have some.

Update: When I went back to check out if I'd seen Genie's lamp in Gold's shop I noticed something else. Rump didn't use his own magic on Ella, he used the Yellow Fairy's Wand. And to the best of my memory, Ella was the only one he got to sign a contract. With everyone else it seemed to be a verbal contract.


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