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Once Upon A Time Rewatch: Episodes 1.13, 1.14 and 1.15

Updated on June 3, 2012

As it turned out I missed a couple of big things in 1.13. Like August's name. August W. Booth. Or just the initials: A.W.B. aka A Wooden Boy. The names really do mean something. So I wonder what it means that Ruby's name is Liza?

I also started wondering how King Midas got his curse. Now Rump has the ability to make gold out of straw. Could Midas have seen that ability and made some deal with Rump to have the same ability to make something out of gold? Was the price that everything he touches turns to gold? Thus the gift is a curse? Or could Genie have granted Midas the wish to have the golden touch? He did tell King Leopold that all the wishes he'd granted hadn't turned out well. They do seem to two most likely culprits for Midas' curse.

The other big thing was when August took Emma out to the well and it was suggested the water for the well comes from the lake where Charming killed The Guardian Of The Lake so he could give Abigail water to restore Fredrick from the results of Midas' touching him. This is the same water that Gold pours the true love vial into the well to bring magic to Storybrooke in the finale. The question is if Charming hadn't killed The Guardian of the Lake, would Gold have been able to pour his potion into the lake water contaminating it and bringing magic to Storybrooke?

I also failed to connect the dots that the reason August took Emma out to the well and got her to drink the water was his first attempt to get her to believe in magic. He told her if you drink the water something you lost will come back to you and then he made sure she found the Once Upon A Time book that was lost. She drank the water and something that was lost to her came back just like the well sign claims will happen.

In Dreamy even though I saw it, I didn't really make the connection that the dwarfs are the fairies slaves. The dwarfs are born to be enslaved in the diamond mines unearthing diamonds that will be ground up into fairy dust. Without the dwarfs the fairies would have to do the work themselves and could go around in their fancy gowns and jewels. Which sheds new light on just why the Blue Fairy couldn't have Dreamy leaving the mines and running off with Nova. It might give the other dwarfs the same idea, and if they all left the mines, the fairies would then have to do the work themselves. Which is why the Blue Fairy fed Dreamy that line of bull that if he lets Nova go they'll bring untold joy into the world. No, if Dream let Nova go then the fairies little dwarf enslavement would remain intact and they wouldn't be put in jeopardy of having to do their own work.

What I'm wondering since The Blue Fairy claimed the fairy dust powers the world's magic if the fairy dust isn't what gives the fairies their magical powers. Without the dwarfs mining the diamonds and grinding them into fairy dust, the fairies would have no powers, at all. They'd just be a bunch of flying insects like the Blue Fairy turned Jiminy into.

One big thing I forgot about Red-Handed was how odd David was behaving. The thing is, if David hadn't been roaming around the woods near the Toll Bridge looking for something, the heart would never been found. Since we know Gold made a deal with Regina to get out of jail by framing MM for Kathryn's murder, we have to ask why anyone would have looked where the heart was buried if David hadn't been observed acting strange looking for something near where it was buried. Which again brings to mind the possibility that while Gold doesn't have the level of power he once had, he still has some and he made David act that way so Emma would look down by the Toll Bridge and find the buried heart.

Overall, is how Charming has unknowingly helped Rump to succeed in bringing magic to Storybrooke. If Charming hadn't have killed The Guardian of the Lake, she might have done something to neutralize the potion that Gold poured into the lake water when he dumped it down the well. And it was Charming that put the true love potion in Maleficent's belly and Charming's daughter who retrieved it, Gold wouldn't have been able to achieve what he has. I wonder how Charming will react when he finds out that little fact.

If I didn't know better I'd say Rump had a hand in the death of Prince James, because without his death, Rump wouldn't have accomplished all he had. It got him the Yellow Fairy's wand, and without Charming taking his brother's place, he would have never met Snow White or done any of the other things he's done while impersonating his brother. And all those things have furthered Rump's goals.


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