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Once Upon A Time Rewatch -- Episodes 1.16 - 1.19

Updated on June 6, 2012

I'm having a devil of a time trying to figure out just when Rump gave the Dark Curse to Regina. We know that Regina saw Snow going off with the dwarfs right after she got the apple back from Hansel and Gretel. So some time before that she had to have traded the Dark Curse to Maleficent for the Sleeping Spell and somehow The Blind Witch stole the poisoned apple from her. Yet Rump says he put true love into the curse, but he didn't have true love until the end of Heart of Darkness and by then Regina would have already had the Dark Curse and traded it away.

I think the interesting thing about Heart of Darkness was something I didn't really get until I rewatched it. I wondered how making Snow forget Charming she'd turned into such a hateful witch. I thought maybe the potion took all her love away. Then Rump explained taking the love away had left a hole in her heart and she'd turned bitter and hateful, and isn't that exactly what happened to Regina? In short, the show was saying Snow wasn't any different than Regina. If she hadn't gotten Charming and his love back she would have become exactly like Regina.

I think my favorite line Rump said to pompous Charming was that no one is born evil, they're made evil. Look at Grumpy? Look at what he became when he lost his love? Sure, he isn't trying to kill someone, but he's miserable and unhappy and went from a dreamer to someone who has no dreams.

My two pet theories that came from Hat Trick are that Cora is the Queen of Hearts and Jefferson is Rump's son Bae. But one thing I can't come up with a theory on is Regina's father, Henry. We know Jefferson and Regina went to Wonderland after Leopold was dead, because Sydney was trapped inside the mirror. But it was Henry who helped con Sydney into killing King Leopold. So how could Henry be at the palace and shrunk in a box in Wonderland? Regina fed him some mushroom so he would get bigger. And when Regina came back with Henry what about the Henry at the palace?

Maybe it was something like the way Regina could rip the heart out of Graham's chest but he was still walking around. Still, it doesn't seem like Henry's heart was stored in the box, but Henry, himself. He'd been shrink down to size much like Alice shrunk when she ate something in Wonderland. But how could he survive in a closed box without suffocating? Like I said, I can't come up with a good enough theory to explain this one.

The remarks that Regina made about the Queen of Hearts and the fact that the vault the Queen of Hearts had was eerily similar to the one Regina has, it makes me think that the Queen of Hearts is her mother. If she was so determined to make Snow and King Leopold pay, she surely got some revenge on evil mommy dearest, as well. Maybe that revenge involves why the Queen of Hearts wears a red veil to conceal her face.

Regarding my Jefferson is Bae theory, the Ruel Ghorm or Blue Fairy claimed she was going to send Rump and Bae to a land without magic. I think Wonderland is that land without magic. Jefferson said he needed magic to make the hat work and the hat won't work in Wonderland. Also, his neck was really cut off and sewn back on to his body, because he bears the scar around his neck where his head was cut off. In the finale he sent Belle to Rump, when he could have gone to him in person and joined forces with him against Regina. Returning Belle to Rump would have garnered some reward from Rump. Like giving him what Regina promised, but I think he was afraid his father would recognize him.

It may be just a coincidence but Bae addressed Rump as "Poppa" and that's the same way Grace addressed Jefferson. Generally you have your kids call you what you called your parents. And I think they're the only two children who address their parents like that. Hansel and Gretel called their father "Father".

Speaking of the Ruel Ghorm aka The Blue Fairy that's quite an interesting rep she has for herself. She's supposed to be the oldest and most powerful being. She's supposed to rule the dark. That really doesn't make her sound like the Good Fairy. And Ruel Ghorm sounds rather sinister. As someone pointed out, the Blue Fairy claims to be on the right side of magic, but she never said she was on the side of good magic. If she rules the dark that sounds more like she's involved with dark magic. She also doesn't warn people there's a price to pay for magic, although she always puts conditions on her magical gifts. Like telling Pinocchio he could only remain a boy if he followed the strict guidelines she set out. And let's not forget she created an entire race to enslave to mine her fairy dust for her. She also knew Rump was behind the Dark Curse and why he was doing it and she never said boo to anyone about it. Not to mention she willingly lied to Snow and Charming that only one could fit in Geppetto's wardrobe when she knew full-well it fitted two and the Geppetto wouldn't cooperate and make it unless Pinocchio got to be one of those passengers.

If she truly is the great ruler of the dark, then I imagine with Rump becoming the Dark One, that would put them as rivals for being the true ruler of the dark. It would explain why she tried a couple of times to get rid of him. Once by using Bae and the other with her nasty little magic quill to freeze Rump's powers and keep him imprisoned.

The Blue Meanie also told Bae that she was giving him the last magic bean. She said the others had gotten away from her, and I'd love to know what she meant by that exactly. I think Bae was the show's homage to Jack and the Beanstalk, since Bae planted a magic bean to try and save his father. Instead of a giant beanstalk and big green vortex [beanstalks are green] opened in the ground.

I still believe Jefferson is Bae and that when Bae went through the hole it lead him to that atrium of doors to other worlds. The atrium looked a lot like the place Alice landed in after she feel through a hole in the ground, and that's exactly what happened to Bae. It also makes you wonder if some of the other doors lead to Oz and Narnia. Jefferson said all these different worlds lay up against each other without anyone being none the wiser. Jefferson said his activities cost Grace her mother. Initially I thought Alice might be Grace's mother, but if Wonderland wasn't the only world Jefferson was in, Grace's mother could also be Dorothy of The Wizard of Oz fame. Dorothy ended up in Oz when a cyclone blew her house to Oz. Rump likened the swirling green vortex to a tornado. Perhaps, Grace's mother is stuck in another world away from Jefferson and Grace much like Jefferson got stuck in Wonderland. Jefferson said the hat only allows the same amount of people to leave and enter a world. So even if Jefferson could find Grace's mother he couldn't bring her home. Only he could return home.

Jefferson admitted he'd been to Wonderland before and he and Regina gained access to Wonderland by going through the looking glass, which was the title of the sequel to Alice In Wonderland. So I guess the question is was there ever an Alice in Wonderland or was Jefferson Alice his first trip to Wonderland and did he become the Mad Hatter the second time he went there? In the classic story the Mad Hatter was already mad when Alice arrived, and it doesn't seem like Jefferson became the Mad Hatter until his second trip to Wonderland. So it's possible Grace's mother wasn't Alice, after all.

My first time at watching Hat Trick, I assumed since the Queen of Hearts vault was so similar to Regina's that Henry's heart was in the case Regina retrieved. But since she feed Henry some mushroom, it reasons that Henry had just been shrunk down to size like when Alice ate or drank something in Wonderland. So maybe the answer to how Henry could have been at the castle with Regina when they plotted together to con Genie into killing King Leopold is that Henry was somehow taken after the King's death and whisked away to Wonderland.


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