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Once Upon A Time Rewatch: Episodes 1.6 and 1.7

Updated on June 1, 2012

The interesting thing about rewatching The Shepherd is knowing that the James that gets killed isn't the Charming we all know is you can tell he isn't Charming. There's some very slight differences that show he's nothing like Charming. And seeing Charming as The Shepherd you can see the person he is as David is who he was as The Shepherd. He thought he could have true love even though because the farm was in financial trouble he really needed to marry for money. And in SB he thought he could have MM even though he was married to Kathryn.

David Nolan is who Charming would be if Rump hadn't interfered in the course of his life and got him to agree to pretend to be Prince James. So it isn't the curse that made David Nolan it was who he really is. It was Rump getting him to impersonate his brother and slaying the dragon that turned him into Charming.

There was also something I didn't notice, which proves you've got to keep a sharp eye and ear in the scenes, because they don't just put stuff in there for the fun of it. King Midas mentioned what happened to Frederick and I never realized his name was mentioned before we met him. It's like Ruby and the wolf figurine. All the little things actually mean something.

One thing that bothered me the first time I watched The Shepherd is I thought Regina directed David to Gold's shop on purpose so he'd do something to David to stop him from getting together with Mary-Margaret. Rewatching the episode I still feel the same way. I know Gold isn't supposed to have any magic, but how do you explain David getting his memory back when he looked at the windmill?

My understanding is that all these people have been stuck in time for the last 28 years. That means David has been in a coma for 28 years, just like for the last 28 years Ashley has been pregnant. Can you imagine being pregnant for 28 years? I don't even want to think about it. But that said David had no memories to remember his life with Kathryn. He had no life. It was all a fiction Regina put in Kathryn's head. So how could David looking at the windmill remember memories he never really lived?

And what about Geppetto's parents being in Gold's shop? And Belle's teacup. That stuff should have stayed in Fairy Tale Land. How did it end in Gold's shop where it shouldn't have been? It hints to the fact Gold does possess some kind of magic. Like the poisoned apple that was stuck back in Fairy Tale Land, all those items should have been stuck back there, too.

In The Huntsmen episode, Graham didn't start remembering his past until he kissed Emma. And when Emma kissed Henry some magic traveled through the town restoring everyone's memory. The strange thing is there was a similar affect when Charming kissed Snow awake. The question is what affect did it cause throughout the kingdom back then? The situations were similar, magic was seen passing through Fairy Tale Land and Storybrooke. While we know what Emma's kiss passed through Storybrooke [making everyone recover their memories], just what did Snow and Charming's kiss make happen throughout the land?

It was like Emma's kiss caused everyone in Storybrooke to come awake to the truth of who they really were. It's what I think her power is; I don't think she ever had the power to end the curse. They only have Rump's word that's true and he could have very easily lied about the entire thing. Yes, Emma helped a few Storybrooke residents get their happy endings, but their happy endings were ruined long before the curse happened.

Hansel and Gretel could find their father before the curse happened because they turned down Regina's offer to live with her and she paid them back by making sure they couldn't find their father. Grumpy's happy ending was ruined by The Blue Fairy. Ella's happy ending was ruined when she double-crossed Rump. The only one who had their happy ending ruined by the curse was Snow and Charming.

The fact that Emma gave Gold the vial that helped him to stop time in Storybrooke again and to bring magic to the town, seems to have reinforced the curse.

One thing that wasn't explained was how could the wolf be in town from Fairy Tale Land. When Graham touched him, he also helped him to remember. And you can't say Graham imagined it because Emma saw the wolf, too. Isn't this the same wolf that caused Emma's accident in the first episode when she was going to leave Storybrooke? So just who is this wolf? How is he in Storybrooke when there's not supposed to be any wolves in Storybrooke?

One thing I couldn't help thinking when I saw Graham and Ruby together was if Graham had lived and learned Ruby's secret, with his affinity for wolves, he could have been Ruby's true love.

And having seen The Stable Boy the scene where Regina crushed Graham's heart seems almost parallel to what Cora did to Daniel when she learned he and Regina were going to run off together.

One last thing. I couldn't help but wonder if Snow didn't purposely write that letter, hoping Graham would read it and wouldn't go through with killing her. Her escaping then sitting down and writing that letter just doesn't seem believable. You're telling me she couldn't hide instead of just sitting out in the open where Graham could easily find her? It just makes you wonder.


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