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Once Upon A Time -- The Creature In The Lake

Updated on February 21, 2012

King Charlie Widmore is back and he's hunting down Prince Charming to force him to go through with the marriage to Abigail. He manages to escape King Charlie's men, but gets caught by Abigail's men. Abigail shocks Charming by informing him she doesn't want to marry him, either. She knows about him and Snow and says she wants to help him find his happily ever after, since hers has been stolen from her. Then she shows him a knight in shining armor that's been turned to solid gold because of her father's curse. It's her true love, Frederick.

Charming asks if she hasn't tried using true love's kiss to break the curse. Excuse me, while I take a brief pause. I recently saw Enchanted and was wondering if this was inspired this show because it has some similar elements to Enchanted. True loves kiss was a big thing in Enchanted. I really think the movie inspired this series.

Okay, back to the recap. Abigail says she's tried many times, but it won't work. Then she tells Charming of a lake with special waters only it's guarded by a creature. Charming vows to take on the creature and get Abigail the water.

The creature is actually a siren who lures men to their deaths. She makes herself look like Snow and at first, Charming responds to her, but says he knows she isn't really Snow. The Siren drags him beneath the lake to kill him, but Charming manages to kill her, instead, and bring back the curse-breaking water to Abigail.

Abigail pours the water over Frederick and he's released from his golden prison and they're happily reunited. Charming continues his journey to find Snow and runs into Red who tells him that Snow went to break-up his wedding. Charming figures King Charlie Widmore had something to do with what she said to him. Then, think of the devil and he shall appear. King Charlie Widmore orders his men to bring him Charming's head and I think he means that literally. Probably, Abigail married Frederick so their goes King Charlie's deal with King Midas. He probably plans to put Charming's head on a pike and display it.

Charming helps Red up on the back of the horse and they ride off with King Charlie in hot pursuit.

In Storybrooke, David is proving to be the anti-Charming. He and MM are still carrying on their thing, but she says he has to tell Kathryn the truth. He agrees, but when the time comes isn't honest about why he think he and Kathryn should part ways. Then he lets MM believe he told Kathryn the truth.

Regina, however, does tell Kathryn the truth. She does a little show and tell, with some photos of MM and David. Kathryn makes the first of several mistakes with Regina, when she tells Regina she's not her friend. You know, Regina can't take rejection. Then shoe goes over to the school and smacks the crap out of MM and makes sure everyone knows that MM is a husband-stealing hussy.

MM realizes David didn't tell Kathryn the truth and finally kicks David to the curb after everyone in town treats her like the town harlot and someone even spray paints TRAMP on the windows of her car.

Kathryn, meanwhile, makes her second big mistake. She says she realizes David and MM are truly in love and she's let David a letter giving him and MM her blessing. She's heading off to Boston to start a new life. Regina knows she'll never make it out of town. Regina goes to Kathryn and David's house to get Kathryn's letter and burns it. Meanwhile, Frederick finds Kathryn's car crashed, but she's nowhere to be found. Could Regina have stuck Kathryn in the same place she's got Belle hidden away?

It kind of annoyed me that MM was getting most of the fall-out for her relationship with David, while he didn't seem to be getting any, after he's the one that caused most of the mess.

In other town news, The Stranger is named August. He takes Emma for a ride on his motorcycle to a wishing well that may contain the magic water from the lake that Charming brought to Abigail to restore Frederick. Later, August is cleaning up Henry's book and putting it back together or could he be making another copy of it because he's the one who wrote it to begin with. Then he makes sure Emma finds it under the wheel of her car, and she gives it back to Henry, who says the game is back on.

Which leads back to the question of just who is August Wayne Booth really? Why can he come to Storybrooke and possibly leave again, as well. The only one who seemed capable of that is Gold. Henry can leave because he was born out in the real world and Emma can because she was sent out in the real world and wasn't in Fairy Tale Land when Regina's curse was enacted.

The plot definitely thickens.


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