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Once Upon A Time -- The Wraith Of Rump

Updated on October 2, 2012

Where we last left things off in Storybrooke – By awaking Henry with her kiss, Emma succeeded in waking up everyone in Storybrooke to who they really are. That’s why I argue with everyone claiming she broke the curse. They were all still trapped in Storybrooke; they just finally knew they were trapped and who they are. That’s not what I call breaking the curse. Meanwhile, Rump always had a contingency for when this day happened. He used the true love vial he tricked Emma into retrieving to make Storybrooke a place of magic. And thanks to Jefferson, Rump was reunited with Belle and discovered Regina had been holding her prisoner for years.

I was actually dreading watching the first episode because of The Charmings. I’ve developed a real antipathy for them. David and MM’s reunion with Emma kind of epitomized why I’ve come to loathe them. They really don’t get why Emma has mixed feelings about them and won’t even cop to the really horrible thing they did in hopes Emma would come back and save them from the curse. I really wanted to smack MM when she said they were giving Emma her best chance. Oh, really? You sent an newborn into a world you knew nothing about with no guarantee she’d even be looked after but you had faith everything would turn out right so that makes it all right. These two are just incredible. Or maybe clueless would be a better description.

Okay, who is Dr. Whale? He revs up everyone in town to form a posse to go kill Regina. The Charmings [rolling my eyes in disgust] go to save her. Regina tries to unleash a wave of magic on the people after her but nothing happens. When Charming gets in Whale’s face, he asks who he is, but Whale won’t tell. He basically flips the Pretender Prince off. For Regina’s own protection, she’s put in a jail cell. Unfortunately, she’s a sitting duck for a vengeful Rump who marks her so a wraith will come and suck her soul out of her body.

Rump seems to be the only one in town who knows how to use magic. He uses his Rumplestiltskin dagger to summon a wraith. The Blue Fairy seemed to think without fairy dust and magic wands she’d have a problem doing magic and Regina tried to use magic and nothing happened. Unfortunately, his use of magic may cost him Belle, once more. When she tells him how Regina kidnapped her and imprisoned her, she makes him promise not to kill her. Since he’s getting a wraith to do his dirty work for him, he doesn’t think he’s breaking his word to her. When Belle finds out she thinks otherwise and storms out.

Rump also gets confronted by The Charmings for what he’s done. He pretty much ignores MM and David and tells Emma her kid is alive and she’s reunited with her parents, so he really doesn’t see what she’s complaining about. He also reminds her she still owes him a favor. Then he tells her he’s brought something to town to kill Regina.

As the wraith travels the streets of Storybrooke it looks like a scene out of a horror movie. The Charmings arrive at the jail in time to save Regina from the wraith, temporarily. Regina gets Jefferson’s hat to try and get it to open a porthole into FairyTaleLand and Emma recognizes it as Jefferson’s hat. Regina denies knowing anyone named Jefferson. Regina can’t get the hat to work until Emma touches her arm. The porthole opens and the wraith goes down in it, but as he’s going he grabs Emma by the ankle and drags her in. Worst Mother Of The Century MM jumps in after vowing not to lose Emma again. Worst Daddy tries to follow but the porthole closes.

Charming goes after Regina, but it seems Regina needed Emma to touch her to awaken her powers, because she slams him against the wall and has tentacles wrap around him. She also tells him she knows who and what he really is. He’s not a prince he’s a pauper pretending to be a prince. Henry’s arrival saves Grand Daddy’s life, as Henry order Regina to stay away from him until she brings MM and Emma back.

Grand Daddy will be taking care of Henry as he utters the moldy old line I dread hearing. “I’ll find them. I’ll always find them.” Oh, the inhumanity. Next time he utters those words I wish someone would cut his tongue out and shove it down his throat. I’d also like to remind the Pretender Prince that 75% of the times he’s uttered that stale line he’s only found his beloved Snow because Rump laid a breadcrumb trail for him to follow.

Belle returns to Rump and he tells her she should leave him. He’s a monster. She says that’s why she must stay. Guess she hasn’t given up on him just yet.

In FairyTaleLand we learn what happened after the curse was enacted. It destroyed all of the land but a small corner of it. And the part that was left untouched was frozen for 28 years. When the land became unfrozen again, Prince Phillip and Mulan continued Phillip’s search for his beloved Princess Aurora. He finds her and kisses her awake. Unfortunately, their reunion is interrupted by the wraith, that marks Phillip.

Phillip gets Aurora and Mulan to safety then sneaks away to face the wraith alone. To say Aurora and Mulan don’t get on would be the understatement. Aurora can’t understand a woman being a warrior and Mulan thinks Aurora is useless. But Aurora isn’t stupid, as she realizes Mulan is in love with Phillip. Despite Mulan’s protest, Aurora goes with Mulan to find Phillip. They both witness the wraith suck Phillip’s soul from his body. When Mulan finds Emma and MM lying in the rubble from where the wraith sprang up, she blames them for Phillip’s death.

Mulan, honey, fat chance you have of getting MM to take any blame. Did you see the way she shrugged off her one night stands with Whale? I was cursed. Or Emma’s feelings about being abandoned? We gave you your best chance. And this is in a nutshell why I can’t stand her. She acts like she’s little miss perfect and she believes it, too.


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