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Once Upon A Time -- This Is Why Regina Hates Snow Blight

Updated on March 12, 2013

The past comes back to haunt Cora

Original Airing: March 10, 2013

So far this season the only good characters have been the ones who didn’t have their lips glued to The Charmings backsides. Unfortunately, one of those small numbers perished thanks to the manipulation of saccharine Snow Blight.

The back story this week explained how Cora became Cora. It actually made her actions completely understandable and made me want to keep her around. It also made me wish for a Rump and Cora coupling. I thought they made a much better pairing that Rump and Belle, because unlike Belle, Cora accepted Rump as she is and she seemed like his true soul mate, unlike Belle.

Cora was the miller’s daughter and she ran afoul of nasty little Princess Ava who tripped her then Cora was demanded to kneel to before her and apologize to her. Later, the King that forced Cora to kneel before nasty Princess Ava caught her sneaking into a ball to find Prince Henry a bride. To save herself, Cora claimed she could spin straw into gold and the King imprisoned her telling her if she couldn’t do it she would be killed. If she could, she could marry Prince Henry.

Rump came to Cora. He said something that made it clear he came to her because he needed the child she’d have to enact The Curse. Cora made a deal with Rump to give him her first born, but she wanted him to teach her how to do magic. While he did, they discovered they were kindred spirits as both talked about how they’d been forced to kneel before someone and humiliated. Along the line they fell in love and Cora changed their deal to be she would give Rump her and Rump’s first born child. Cora also wanted to go off with Rump and forget about marrying Henry, but first she got Rump to teach her how to rip someone’s heart out so she could kill the King for the way he treated her.

Unfortunately, when she went to kill the King, he struck a chord with her. So instead of ripping his heart out and killing him, she ripped her own heart out so she wouldn’t fell anything. Then she told Rump she wasn’t going to go away with her, which caused him to accuse her of never loving him. She also said he’d never have her first born since it would have to be their child and she would never have his child.

So the big question is is Rump or isn’t he Regina’s real father? He told Regina in the past that Cora had brought him to her when she was a baby. I guess that’s the big question to still be answered. Could Cora have been pregnant by Rump before she married Henry? Or, since Rump doesn’t let anyone double-cross him in a deal, did he seduce or force Cora to have his child?

In Storybrooke, Rump arrived home and he and The Charmings took refuge in his shop. He taught Emma how to use her magic the same way he did Cora and she cast a protection spell over the shop. Then he showed Snow Blight the candle Cora gave her as a child to save her mother’s life. He told her where to find Cora’s heart and to use the candle on it, then to put it back on in Cora to kill her so he can live. However, Blight has a better idea. She’ll let him die and use Cora’s heart to control her and then everything will be sunny and bright in her little apple pie world.

And this is at the core of why I can’t stand this self-righteous arrogant little twit. How many times has Rump saved both her and her worthless pompous jerk husband? And are they ever grateful? No, they think it’s their due or something. Then it’s right back to them plotting against Rump. If they aren’t trying to find a way to imprison him, they’re trying to get his dagger to make him their slave. If it wasn’t for Rump, Snow Blight would still be stuck in Fairy Tale Land. Show some appreciation and gratitude you ungrateful little cow.

Anyway, Blight finds Cora’s heart, lights up the candle and whispers Cora’s name to enact the spell. Then she tricks and manipulates Regina into putting Cora’s heart back inside her by claiming she can have a loving mother if she does. Meanwhile, when Neal hears Rump saying goodbye to Belle, it causes him to make up with his father before he dies. After which, Cora breaks through Emma’s spell and pops Neal and Emma away. Rump asks if Cora ever really loved him, and she says he’s the only one she ever really loved and that’s why she had to rip her heart out to leave him. Then she prepares to stab Rump with his dagger so she can become the new Dark One. Only Regina puts Cora’s heart back in her body.

Regina experiences the mother she’s always wanted for two seconds before Cora drops to the floor dead. Regina accuses Rump of having done something to her mother, then when wishy-washy Snow Blight comes in trying to stop what she put in motion, Regina realizes it was her. She tricked her into murdering her own mother, since she didn’t have the balls to do it herself. Once again, Snow Blight has cost Regina someone she loved.

This episode was filled with a lot of irony, which helped to make it one of the few good episodes this show has had this season. The irony of Cora choosing power over love is echoed in Rump making the same choice over his magic and Belle’s love. It was Cora who gave Snow Blight that candle to kill someone to save her mother, and years later it was Snow Blight that used it to kill Cora. Regina tricked Sydney by thinking if he killed Snow’s father he would have her love, and Snow Blight tricked Regina into unknowingly killing Cora using the promise of Cora loving Regina if her heart was back inside her.

Of course there are many unanswered questions. Could it have been Cora that taught that nasty Princess Ava to have respect for the servants? Something tells me the next encounter Princess Ava had with Cora didn’t go so pleasant for her. If somehow Rump is Regina’s father, that means he willfully destroyed one child to try and find another child. The only thing Regina has to hold on to is while Henry was weak, he did love her. What would happen if she found out her real father only saw her as a tool to use to find the son he loved best? Let’s just say I don’t think it would be long before Neal was pushing up daisies courtesy of Regina.

The most unintentionally funny moment of the entire episode had to be Uncharming declaring how he’ll do anything to stop Cora and Regina, only to go flying through the air and landing flat on his butt, completely helpless, about two seconds later. Oh, Regina and Cora must have been shaking in their boots when they saw him and his sword aimed in their direction. Only not!


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