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Once Upon A Time -- What Flashback Stories To Expect In Season 2

Updated on May 21, 2012

I think there are some obvious flashback stories that we can tell from what happened in season 1 that we'll see in season 2:

What Happened To King Charlie Widmore?

We know he wasn't around for Snow and Charming's wedding and if he were, he would have tried to kill the groom. And he certainly wouldn't have let Charming take over the throne. So something major must have happened between Charming and King Charlie, most likely resulting in King Charlie's death. It was hinted that this was the next story coming up with Snow telling Charming it was time to retake the kingdom.

What happened to Regina's mother Cora?

I really believe the Cora was the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland. Her face was veiled with a red veil. And she had taken Henry's heart the same way Regina took Graham's. Just like Cora had ripped Daniel's heart from his chest. If Regina wanted revenge against Snow and her father, then she would surely want revenge against Daniel's murderer. Could Regina have trapped Cora in Wonderland as her punishment. She had been obsessed with Regina making a royal marriage, so there's a little bit of just desserts of Cora being the queen of Wonderland.

How did Henry get trapped in Wonderland?

Henry being trapped in Wonderland is the murkiest moment of season 1. If not for the scene where Regina is dressed as an old crone and Sydney is in the mirror, I would assume Henry got trapped in Wonderland before King Leopold died. If memory serves he helped trick Genie into murder King Leopold, so it would seem he got abducted after King Leopold's murder.

Of course there's another possibility. Maybe it was just his heart that was taken, much like Regina did to Graham. Perhaps, Henry was with Regina, but his heart was in Wonderland. Of course, the fact that when Regina opened the box he became Henry is another big question mark. Also, if Henry was living with Regina, just where was her mother Cora?

So this is definitely a story that needs more telling in season 2.

When was Jefferson in Wonderland before?

From what Jefferson said to Regina he was in Wonderland before. My personal theory is Jefferson is Bae. That the Blue Fairy's land without magic that the portal opened was into Wonderland not the real world. Wonderland almost seems like Fairy Tale Land's version of Purgatory. Wonderland seems just the type of place the Blue Fairy would try and trap Rump in.

In the finale Jefferson said he couldn't go to Gold, himself. Maybe because Gold is his father and he doesn't want him back in his life. Jefferson's only goal is to get his daughter back, and he wouldn't want Rump's magic in his daughter's life.

There's also the question of just who Grace's mother is? Could it be Alice?

Whatever the case Jefferson's past really needs to be explored.

Just what is the past history between Regina and Rump?

We saw in the Beauty and the Beast tale there's some kind of history between Rump and Regina. She set Belle up to kissing Rump in hopes he would lose his power. And Rump made Regina rip the heart out of her father's chest and use it to make the curse work when she trapped Jefferson in Wonderland to retrieve her father's heart. She was also keep Belle prisoner while making Rump think she was dead.

Add all that to all the characters suddenly getting their Fairy Tale Land memories back and it should make for an interesting season next year.

So there's definitely more to the story between these two.


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