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Once Upon A Time -- What Will Remembering Mean To All The Fairy Tale Characters?

Updated on May 21, 2012

Is ignorance bliss?

As usual, what's good for Snow and Charming may not be so good for the rest of the kingdom.

Ruby will remember her life as Little Red Riding Hood, which involves the fact she's a werewolf and she murdered the love of her life. Living her life as Ruby and not remembering who she really was was more of a blessing than a curse. And since Rump has brought magic to Storybrooke every full moon she'll be turning into a werewolf unless she can get another magic red cape.

Ashley and Sean aka Ella and Thomas may not be affected too much one way or the other. They got together and have their baby. However, Sean has to work hard for the money instead of being a rich prince. So remembering that may not particularly make Sean all that happy.

Grace will remember that Jefferson is her father, and Jefferson didn't want her to remember the past, because he feels it's a torture to have to have two realities living inside your head. Will she be happy when she remembers or sad that the happy life she's been living isn't real. And will she be torn between her new parents and Jefferson?

Hansel and Gretel and their father found each other and reunited so remembering shouldn't affect them much one way or the other.

Kathryn will remember that her true love is Frederick and that she saw him at the school, so she and Frederick should be able to reunite, once more. So Kathryn will be happy getting her memories back.

Astrid and Elroy will remember their sad love story, as well. Since Astrid isn't really a nun, and since she and Elroy are now living in the small confines of Storybrooke, will they both tell the Blue Fairy to get bent and get their happy ever after together?

Archie will remember he's Jiminy Cricket. How will he feel no longer being an insect? He and Geppetto will remember each other and Pinocchio. Will they be able to find someway to bring August back to life?

I doubt remembering will do much for Sydney. He is what he was in Fairy Tale Land. Regina's devoted swain. Will he be upset he's no longer in the mirror?

Of course, everyone remembering will put Regina and Gold on top of the enemy list as they remember all these two did. No wonder Rump wanted to bring magic back so he can defend himself against the masses. Unfortunately, he's also brought it back to Regina and the fairies, as well.

One big thing the Fairy Tale characters were unaware was that they were all virtual prisoners in Storybrooke. Having an awareness of who they are, will also give them an awareness of that fact. How will they react to knowing there's a big world beyond Storybrooke and one they can never explore because they're trapped in Storybrooke?

I know the common belief is Emma broke the curse, but I think all she did was cause everyone's memories to come back. If the curse was truly broken, wouldn't they have all returned to their own land back to their old lives? And if that's the case, that would mean everyone is trapped in Storybrooke. Once they're aware of being trapped, getting their memories back isn't going to be a blessing but a curse.

And maybe that's exactly what Rump wanted. This isn't Regina's curse, this is Rump's curse. He created it to come of this world to try and find Bae. He had the true love vial planted in Maleficient's belly so he could get his hands on it and bring magic to Storybrooke at the right time. Charming with the help of Ella imprisoned him and now he's made prisoners of them all. What better revenge then that.

If you think about it Rump has set everything in motion. He told Snow and Charming that their child was the only hope to break the curse, so they began building a magic cabinet to send Emma away before the curse came. As Gold he brought Henry to Storybrooke and it was Henry who brought Emma there. Then he tricked Emma into giving him the true love vial.

They only know what Rump has said was in the curse. They don't know what type of escape clauses he put into it and just what his game plan is. Rump didn't just think about coming to this land without magic to try and find Bae but he thought about what happened after that. How to lure Emma to Storybrooke to get things moving and how to bring magic to this land without magic.Maybe Emma only ever had the power to make people remember their past. It was kissing Emma that made Graham remember his past. Maybe Emma's only power in the curse was to make everyone remember their past, so they'd realize they were every much a prisoner in Storybrooke as Rump had been in Fairy Tale Land. Maybe Rump mixed a little sweet revenge in his curse.

When Once Upon A Time I don't think Storybrooke is going to be filled with a bunch of happy campers now that they know who they are and that they're trapped in Storybrooke. Sometimes ignorance is truly bliss.


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    • hbentleymom profile image

      hbentleymom 5 years ago from Alabama

      I love this show! It is one we don't miss!