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Once Upon A Time -- When You Wish Upon A Star

Updated on November 28, 2011

How Jiminy Became A Cricket

I have to say I really enjoyed this episode, which I didn't think I would. So far Archie hasn't really lit my fire. So learning about his past as Jiminy Cricket I didn't think would be that interesting. But I really enjoyed it.

Jiminy's parents were con artists. While they performed a puppet show they'd had Jiminy picking the pockets of those in attendance when he was a child. But he always loved crickets and he dreamed of having a different life, a better life, but he didn't know how to get away from his grasping parents. Enter Rumpelstiltskin. I should have known he'd play some part in this mess.

Jiminy told Rump he wanted more than anything to get away from his parents. So Rump gave him a vial of stuff to use on his parents with the proviso he has to bring his parents to him after he had used it.

Jiminy's parents are doing a new con as door-to-door snake oil salesman peddling some elf magic elixir that will prevent people from catching the plague. They swindle this nice young couple out of everything they had. Sick of his parents and their ways, Jiminy throws Rumps elixir on them but it does nothing, because his parents switched it with the stuff they gave the young couple. So instead of getting some useless colored water this young couple actually get Rump's potion.

Jiminy runs into the cottage and sees the young couple have been turned into dolls. Geppetto, who is just a child and met Jiminy and gave him his umbrella, rushes in and is horrified to see what has become of his parents. Jiminy is equally horrified at what he unknowingly caused to happen to the little boy's parents who only showed him kindness.

Later, Jiminy is wishing upon a star and the Blue Fairy appears to him. She tells him Geppetto will need his guidance as he grows up and she grants Jiminy a wish. He wishes to be a cricket and thus Jiminy Cricket is born.

In Storybrooke as Emma pins on her deputy badge, while refusing to wear the uniform, there's a huge rumbling under Storybrooke. After Regina plays hardball with Archie threatening to destroy him if he doesn't destroy Henry's fairytale fantasy, Henry runs off to where the rumbing took place to go and investigate. Archie figures out where Henry went and they both become trapped in a mine.

Regina is none-too-pleased when she learns Emma is the newest deputy, but she and Emma have to work together to say Henry's life. The experience in the mine gives Archie a backbone and he stands up to Regina once he's out of the mine and threatens her, this time. Back off of the way he's treating Henry or when a custody battle occurs, he'll testify against her in court.

In other Storybrooke news, David aka James aka Charming and Mary-Margaret aka Snow are spending time together. When his wife Katherine shows up with a picture of their dog, Ajax, he pretends to remember him, but later confides to MM he remembers nothing. Worse yet, the only thing that seems real to him is her. He seems about to kiss MM when Katherine shows up. Guilt-ridden that she's attracted to a married man, MM resigns from the hospital to keep her distance from David.

At the end Regina throws a shard of glass down the hole in the mine and it lands down it what looks like Fairy Tale Land. It seems the curse constructed Storybrooke over Fairy Tale Land. It makes sense. That's why when of the fairy tale characters tries to leave town something bad happens to stop them. Ironically, Henry nearly discovered it, but Archie stopped him from finding it.

After Emma rescues Henry, Regina is done working with her, and won't even let her near Henry. In spite of herself, Emma is starting to care and love Henry. Archie may not be all that wrong about their being a custody case over Henry in the future.

There also seems to be some similarities between Storybrooke and Fairy Tale Land. In both, Jiminy/Archie and Marco/Geppetto are good friends. And Gold appears to have Geppetto's parents in his pawn shop.

And in an ode to Disney, Archie has a dog named Pongo that's a dalmatian. 101 Dalmatians anyone? Apparently, Pongo hasn't found his Perdita, yet. So will the owner of Perdita be a possible love interest for Archie?


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    • tlmcgaa70 profile image

      tlmcgaa70 6 years ago from south dakota, usa

      i odnt have tv, dont like much of what shows these days. i watch anything i want on my computer. i stayed away from OUAT figuring it was nothing i would like. then one night in boredom i decided to watch it. i liked it inspite of myself. it hooked me. i was wondering when episode 5 would be aired on the computer. i saw your hub and went to see and sure enough it was there. so i watched it before reading your hub. i enjoyed it as well. except jiminy was told to leave his parents where they were and rump would collect them...he didnt have to take them to him. who would have thought a series would grow from fairy tales. i keep wondering when they are going to run out of story ideas. thanks for the hub.