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Once Upon A Time -- Why Does Everyone Say Emma Broke The Curse?

Updated on June 18, 2012

Because from where I'm sitting Emma didn't end the curse. All Emma managed to do was to make people remember and that could be a whole other curse in and of itself.

When Regina sent the curse throughout Fairy Tale Land an ominous black smoke devoured everything and apparently Storybrooke was born on top of what was once Fairy Tale Land. We've seen glimpses in the episode where we learned Archie's back story that Fairy Tale Land is located underneath Storybrooke. It was also insinuated in the episode where Regina opens her father's stone casket to go down to where she's keeping Graham's heart and crushed it; and when Rump poured the true love potion down the well into the lake where Charming battled the creature to get some water to restore Frederick after he'd been turned solid gold by Midas' touch.

If Emma had really broke the curse then Storybrooke should have dissolved around everyone and they all should have been back in Fairy Tale Land. But that's not what happened. All that happened was Emma kissing Henry made everyone wake-up and remember who they really were. You can't say that Storybrooke didn't dissolve because Rump/Gold unleashed magic on the town. There was a big enough window of opportunity before he poured the potion down the well for Storybrooke to dissolve and for everyone to be back in Fairy Tale Land if the curse had truly been broken.

Henry claimed Emma had to have a superpower and she claimed it was she could always tells when someone was lying to her. But we saw quite early on a couple of Storybrook characters flat-out lied to her and she couldn't tell they were lying. Like Sydney setting Emma up to trust him when he was secretly Her real superpower was the ability to wake-up Storybrooke residents to who they really were.

We saw that with Graham. He kissed her and he started having flashes of memory of his past life. When he kissed her again he remembered everything. Regina said using magic in Storybrooke was unpredictable because you didn't know the results. So when Emma kissed Henry [suggesting Henry is Emma's true love] which broke the magical spell on him and woke him up, the unpredictability of using magic in Storybrooke caused it to spill over on everyone else and cause them to wake-up, as well. That hardly equates to Emma breaking the curse like little uninformed Henry was claiming.

The thing is everyone is going on what Rump said that Emma would end the curse. That she could end the curse. He didn't say how she was going to end it, although he told Regina if Emma died that would break the curse. Still, everyone is going on what Rump said and none of them trust him. This is a man some of them teamed up to trap, take his magic from him and imprison him. That most of them spit on and look down their nose on him. And yet they're taking him at his word that Emma can end the curse.

Rump/Gold didn't just suddenly remember there was a true love potion planted in Maleficent's belly. He had it purposely put there. And it seemed he knew it would be Emma that would be able remove it from her belly. Snow said Rump could see in the future and perhaps Emma getting the true love potion out of the beast's belly was what he saw, so he needed her to be sent away into this land without magic so she wouldn't be affected by the curse. He even brought Henry to Storybrooke to be raised by Regina so he could lure Emma to Storybrooke. So how do we know Rump told the truth about Emma being able to break the curse and he just didn't lie so she could get him the true love potion so he could bring magic to Storybrooke?

We now know Rump created the curse so he could come to this world without magic to find Bae. So why would he be wanting for Emma to end the curse? Had he really given up on finding Bae despite all he'd done so he could create this Dark Curse and to manipulate someone into using it? Or did he need Emma to get that potion from Maleficent's belly so he could bring magic to Storybrooke. Once he had his magic back not only would he have the power to end the curse when he felt like it. He created the curse, so he'd be the one who'd know how to end it. Having access to his magic again could help him find Bae. I really don't believe he has any intention of this curse ending and everyone going back to where they belong until he finds out what happened to his son.

So I think it's looking more and more like Rump lied when he said Emma could break the curse, and in truth she never had the power to break it. He just used her to have his cake and eat it, too. He got to the land without magic the Blue Fairy claimed Bae had gone to, but he also found a way to have his magic here, courtesy of Emma. In short, while Emma was able to wake everyone up to who they really were, the curse is still firmly intact.


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    • anjac profile image

      Anja Poulsen 5 years ago from New England, USA

      You bring up some very good points. Another is that there wouldn't be any point to a second season if Emma had truly broken the curse by the end of the first season. Look for more surprises ahead, I think.