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Once Upon A Time -- Why I Loathe The Charmings

Updated on September 29, 2012

I didn't start out loathing them. I actually loved Snow and Charming the first episode. Unfortunately, it became a case of familiarity breeds contempt. The more I got to know about them, the less I liked them. That and really thinking about all the stuff the show glosses over to sell them as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I think the thing that turned me off of the Snow and Charming pairing was their Storybrooke storyline. Yeah, I know fans of the pairing justify the fact Charming/David was having sex with Kathryn and Mary Margaret at the same time as he's really married to MM so it's okay. But no matter how you slice it the dude was having sex with two women at the same time. You can't get more sleazy than that. If he was so in love with MM, then he should have kept it in his pants with Kathryn, using his loss of memory for why he wasn't ready to resume his husbandly duties with her. Leading both these women on at the same time just made the Pretender Prince a slimy toad.

And what made me sick about MM was her shock and disbelief when Emma said she deserved to be slapped by Kathryn. She acted like what she was doing was nothing wrong. Again, she may be married to the toad, but she didn't remember that. She thought he was married to someone else and that didn't stop her from pursuing him. Yet, she doesn't think she did anything wrong because she has true wuv on her side. I'm sure Monica Lewinski thought the same thing. The bad thing is this self-righteous I'm blameless for my actions mantra that MM has is a personality trait Snow White shares, which makes both pretty unsympathetic.

Probably of the two, I find Charming the worst. King Charlie Widmore threatened to kill Charming's mother if he didn't go along with the plan and marry Kathryn. Yet, he didn't give his mother a second thought as he ran from the castle to go searching for Snow. Apparently, having Snow was worth possibly getting his own mother murdered.

And what is his problem with Rump? The dude shows no gratitude. Several times Mr. I'll Always Find You only found Snow because of Rump's help. Is he the least bit grateful? No, the first chance he got, he helped to imprison Rump. Maybe he's pissed because Rump helped wrench him away his simple life as a shepherd, but if Rump hadn't Charming wouldn't have met his precious Snow. And I'm sorry, but Snow went to Rump wanting a potion to forget Charming, Rump didn't go to Snow. Ditto for her going to Rump to help her kill Regina. Bottom line, the Pretender Prince would still be roaming around the woods if Rump hadn't helped him. So his whole attitude that Rump did horrible things to him really doesn't wash.

I also have a problem with him taking over King Charlie Widmore's castle. Yes, King Charlie was a nasty slug, but that still doesn't give the Pretender Prince a right to take over his castle. He obviously did something to King Charlie, so why didn't he take his beloved Snow back to his humble dwellings and go back to tending sheep. What gives him the right to take over a castle and continue to pretend to be Prince James.

And the topper has to be Snow and Charming sending their newborn off so she can grow-up and come back and save them. Just how selfish and vile is that? They didn't do it to save her, they were doing it to save themselves. The only reason they popped their newborn baby in the magic tree trunk was because Rump said she'd grow-up and break the curse and save everyone. So they popped an innocent helpless newborn baby into a tree trunk and sent her to a world they knew nothing about without even caring how this baby would survive, just so she could come back and save them. They didn't know Pinocchio also traveled in the tree. They thought they were sending a newborn to a strange world without any kind or protection. Wolves have more care for their young than they do.

I dislike Emma to a lesser degree. I really don't buy her as this great white hope. What did she really do in the finale? She didn't break the curse; she just woke people up to who they are, which is going to be a living hell for these characters now they'll know they're imprisoned in Storybrooke. I also don't buy her so-called great love for Henry. She only became determined to have "The Kid" back as a way to hurt Regina. Some mother love. But then considering her parents, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

I, however, absolutely loathe Henry aka The Brat. From what we've seen Regina was a good mother to this brat, but the minute he learned she wasn't his real mother, he went after the woman who gave him away, treating her like she's Mother Of The Year. The Brat is totally noxious to Regina. I doubt he ever cared anything for her, because he's never showed any kind of feelings for Regina. Or maybe the kiddie actor is just so bad an actor he's incapable of displaying some kind of feelings for Regina. Whatever the case, I wouldn't have minded if The Brat had expired in the season finale.

Tomorrow the new season begins and I can only hope The Charmings won't dominate this season as much as they did last season. I couldn't even watch the repeats because I had an overload of them and didn't want to be subjected to anymore of them. The so-called numero uno couple in Fairy Tale Land that everyone is willing to die for has reunited and Emma has The Brat, so maybe they could let other characters take over the spotlight this season. Or at least I can hope they will.


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    • LJones66 profile image

      Lee Jones 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      I don't hate the Charmings (Emma included). But they are starting to get on my nerves. But I do dislike Henry the Brat.

      Have you seen the previews for the Oct. 28 episode?