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Once Upon A Time -- You Owe Us, Now Pay Up

Updated on March 20, 2013

Original Airing: March 17, 2013

That’s basically what the joke that started the whole world laughing had the nerve to say to Rump. I was like, “Oh, no, you didn’t!” as my blood began to boil. What about the debt you and your beloved owe Rump? When are you going to start paying up?

One moment he’s standing at the door of the apartment he’s squatting in acting like it’s his own [which is no great surprise as Sheep Boy has a long history of being a squatter. Just look at him squatting on King Charlie Widmore’s throne and in his castle like they belong to him, and he’s doing the exact same thing with the chair behind the sheriff’s desk] looking down his pointy nose at Rump and acting like he’s something nasty he scraped off the bottom of his shoe, demanding he leave and not allowing him inside. And the next moment when he finds out Regina is after his precious Monster Manipulator he’s all you owe us and you need to pay up and protect us from Regina and make her stop wanting to get revenge on us.

Sheep Boy wouldn’t even have escaped the Enchanted Forest, not to mention all the other times Rump has helped this ungrateful swine reunite with his beloved. And how has he and his wife repaid him? Used Ella to help imprison him, his wife threatened to let Rump die and they both wanted to get hold of his dagger to enslave him. And after all that this punk has the nerve to claim that Rump owes them. Oh, he owes them, all right, but not in the way this obnoxious cretin thinks.

And it only got better when Henry entered. This was the first time I’ve actually liked this kid in a long time. He wanted to know why Regina would want revenge, and mealy-mouth Emma sugar-coated what Snow Mommy did. But then the Charming-obsessed writers won’t acknowledge what she really did. It’s not horrible she caused Cora’s death, since Cora did the same to her mother. What’s really horrible is the gutless wonder wanted to keep her lily-white hands clean and she didn’t have the guts to shove Cora’s heart back into her, so she painted a pretty picture to Regina about having a loving mother if she put Cora’s heart back inside her, all along knowing if Regina did that, she would end up murdering her own mother. That’s the real crime. I loved it when Sheep Boy was ordering Rump to kill Regina and Henry told them they weren’t the heroes they like to pretend to be. Of course, if he knew the real truth and not the sanitized version of the truth they feed him, he’d know they never were heroes.

When Regina is at Cora’s coffin, Rump comes to pay his final respects. He actually tries to give her some words of wisdom to learn from her mistakes and not seek vengeance. She’s not listening. She finds a spell of Cora’s that will make Henry love her so she can wipe the Uncharmings off the face of the planet. Henry, however, decides he’s going to get rid of the magic in Storybrooke and tries to throw dynamite down the magic well. Regina stops him and gives up her plan of revenge for him, while My Kid is yipping in the background to stay away from my kid, and Sheep Boy is waving a gun round like the deranged ding-a-ling that he truly is. Regina fires back at My Kid that Henry is her son, and she’s right. Pigs in a troth can do the same thing My Kid did when they give birth to a litter of piglets, only the mother pig is a better mother to her piglets than My Kid has been. Regina has mothered Henry while My Kid was off playing Bounty Hunter. And whatever other lies Regina may have told Henry, at least she was honest with him that he was adopted, which is more than My Kid can claim since she lied to him that his father was dead.

Regina gets an unexpected gift when MM shows up at her door wanting Regina to kill her. Regina rips her heart out and sees there’s a black spot on it and tells MM she put that spot on her pure little heart without any help from Regina. She puts that heart back in MM and foretells that MM will end up destroying the precious Charming family and Regina can just sit back and watch and keep her hands clean the same way MM kept her hands clean in the killing of Cora.

The flashback story was the first day in Storybrooke. A father, Kurt, with his young son, Owen, are camping when Storybrooke is created in the woods they’re camping in. I was wondering how Storybrooke could be frozen in time while people were living their lives in town. It was like Groundhog Day with everything repeating over and over again. At first, Regina got off on it, seeing how she changed everyone’s lives, but after a few days of it she got sick of it.

Enter Kurt and Owen. Regina took a shine to Owen and tried to convince Kurt to stay in Storybrooke with her. When he refused, she arranged for Graham to arrest him for drunk driving, only Kurt heard her and he and Owen made a run for it. Unfortunately, Graham and Regina stopped them at the Storybrooke town line. Kurt told Owen to run for it and Regina let him go. When Owen returned with the police to rescue Kurt, Storybrooke was invisible to Owen.

In present day Storybrooke it was revealed The Stranger who arrived in town and is so interested in the magic going on, is actually Owen all grown up. He’s in town searching for his father, so The Stranger storyline has finally gotten interesting.

If Kurt is still in town and he hasn’t aged, I’m guessing Regina has been keeping him prisoner in that secret ward at the hospital where Sydney now resides and where Belle was trapped in.


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