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Once Upon a Time: Operation Mongoose Season Finale Review

Updated on May 21, 2015

Happy Endings for the Villains

The season 4 finale of Once Upon a Time played with the characters reversing roles. Henry is cast into the spotlight as he goes in search of the bestselling author who wrote the book Heroes and Villains, which is essentially holding his family hostage. Henry uses the key to get both him and the author sucked into the book. He has to find his family and save them before the bell tolls at the end of the book. The only twist is that everyone seems to have changed. Snow is the evil queen and Regina is the outcast who is hated by her majesty because she took away her one true love James, Charming’s twin brother. Snow has control of Charming’s heart and accepts him as a lesser replacement for her love. Hook is a mere crew member who serves under Blackbeard, and Rumplestilskin is a knight who has his happy ending with Belle and a newborn babe. Emma, who seemingly is Rapunzel, is locked away in a tower that is guarded by a fire breathing Lily.

Henry is now the Author

Henry tries and failed at convincing his adopted mother that they are inside a book. He tells her that true loves kiss will fix everything. She then throws the book in the fire and informs him that Robin is her rival, and he is soon to marry Zelena. Henry and Hook free Emma from the tower and they make convincing Regina their priority. They finally convince Regina to break up the wedding right before Rumplestilskin shows up to keep them from spoiling his happy ending. Emma and Henry duel him to allow Regina to still stop the wedding, but when she sees that Henry is in danger and about to die, she saves him once again. Her love for her son can never be lost, even in a different telling of the story. As Regina lay dying, the wedding bells are heard tolling from across the land. Henry picks up the quill and dips it in Regina’s blood. He is the new author, and he has the power to rewrite the story and fix everything. After a conversation with the apprentice, Henry decides that no one should have that kind of power and snaps the quill in two. He really is a good kid who would not use magic to his advantage. He has seen what it can do and he is perfectly happy without it.

The Savior is now the Dark One

They wake up back in Storybrooke with everyone alive and well, except for Rumplestilskin who is still dying. He and Belle have a tender moment before he is overcome by darkness. As Rumplstilskin passes, the darkness that remains in his heart needs to be contained. When all else fails Emma steps up and tethers herself to the darkness to control it in some way. As the darkness consumes her the dagger falls to the ground with the name Emma Swan engraved upon it. The darkness that her parents fought so hard to keep away from her has prevailed. Emma is now the Dark One.

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The season finale really puts a close to operation mongoose, but will it stick? Will Regina keep her happy ending? Will Rumplstilskin somehow survive without the darkness inside of his heart? What will happen to Emma? We know she has the potential for great evil; will she be able to contain the darkness that now lingers inside her heart? Will Henry pick up the quill again to rewrite the fates of his family? Next season is sure to be a great one, and I am hoping that Emma turns out to be a great villain in the series.


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