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One Day Movie Review - An Underrated Love Story

Updated on April 16, 2018
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Vikas has a passion for movies and likes to review them on his blog. In his free time, he likes to analyse some brain teasing films.

Cast - Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess

Directed by - Lone Scherfig

Genre - Romance

Romance is a genre that is quite common in our movies. Almost every other film that comes out is romantic. Even if the genre of the movie is Action or thriller or horror, Romance is still integrated into these movies. However not every film is successful in delivering the blossoming love that happens on screen and is weighed down because of the cliché or lousy acting or story which bores you to death. So I was a bit sceptical before watching One Day as I knew it was a romantic movie and I was afraid that it too might be the victim of every other romantic cliché that will fail to impress me. Before writing this review, I watched this movie again yesterday night to confirm if I still felt about this movie the same way and I am confident that it is one of the most beautiful romantic films I have ever seen.

The story starts with Emma Morley (Anne Hathaway) who is riding around on her bicycle and then suddenly we are taken back in time to 14 July 1988, almost 18 years back from the current day. It is here we see Emma and Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess) meet for the first time and thus the story begins. Throughout this film, we see Emma and Dexter, who meet each other every year on just one particular day which is 14th of July catching up with each other. There love for each other can be seen in their eyes and felt through there emotions and by the way they talk to each other. They hang out together, kiss each other but never really settle with each other as they have different goals to pursue. They want to be with each other, but due to their reasons, they don't. There love is not one-sided, as they both feel for each other. Also after watching it multiple times, I found many hidden meanings in the film like Emma uses cycle as her mode of transport and just like a cycle, she slowly but eventually reaches her destination but sometimes due to the slow speed of the cycle, you may reach your destination a bit late.

This movie made me laugh, cry and every other thing a romantic film must do to its audience because of its unique way of storytelling and the way it was presented coupled with a stellar performance from its lead cast. Anne Hathaway just stole my heart with her acting. I was extremely impressed by her. She was fantastic. Jim Sturgess too gave his best performance, and I liked him as Dexter. He had just the right amount of charm needed for his part. I read some of the critics reviews who didn't like the film and even thought Jim Sturgess was not good. Well, I don't know why they felt that way but ignore them, this movie is downright fantastic, and a must watch for all the romantic movie lovers.

Director Lone Scherfig has done a fantastic job of adapting the novel by David Nicholls and presenting it on the big screen. Her directing skills are phenomenal, and I would like to thank her for making this film so beautifully.

One day is a movie that everyone must watch, at least once. It's a great story with impressive performances will surely leave you wanting for more. I don't have any flaws with the movie, and it's a perfect romantic movie for me.

5 stars for One Day


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    • emaan khan profile image

      Emaan Khan 

      11 months ago from Pakistan

      impressive one really appreciate you!


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