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The Boy Band-Young Direction.

Updated on June 9, 2015

One Direction

Your Favorite Boy Band

One Direction as a group has been the Brit Awards recipients having won at the 2012 event for Best British Single featuring the song What Makes You Beautiful. The band has also been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards in 2012 and won the MTV Video Music Awards, 2 Kids' Choice Awards and one award for NME.

A boy band that is English-Irish, One Direction consists of members that include Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan. After finishing 3rd and taking part in The X Factor British television singing competition, the band signed with Syco Records label of Simon Cowell. Subsequently, they signed with Columbia Records in the USA becoming pop culture's mainstream music. Several records were broken by the band by their albums Take Me Home and Up All Night. Singles topped the worldwide charts including songs like Live While We're Young and What Makes You Beautiful.

Through social media's power, international success was achieved by the band. Often, the band is described as instigating a resurfacing interest in the concept of boy bands. One Direction formed a portion of the British Invasion in the USA. As of the month of November in '12, the band sold over fifteen million videos, singles and albums around the world. Achievements include three video music awards from MTV and a BRIT Award. At the moment, the band represents a business empire worth fifty million USD according to Sony Music Entertainment UK chief executive and chairman Nick Gatfield.

What Makes You Beautiful

On the singles chart of the UK, the single debut What Makes You Beautiful became history's most pre-ordered single from Sony Music. Singles such as One Thing and Gotta Be You both hit the UK Singles top ten charts. In November of 11, a Columbia Record deal in North America was signed by the band.

Columbia Records co-chairman Steve Barnett claimed it wasn't a hard choice to make a contract with the band as many others in the same categories were older. In the USA, What Makes You Beautiful was released where it debuted at number twenty-eight on the Billboard Hot100. In the USA, it sold more than three million units and peaked at number four. Upon arriving in the USA, the band embarked on a radio promotion as well as a concert tour in North America as Big Time Rush's opening act.

Today Show

On the Today Show they made their 1st TV appearance on the twelfth of March '12 where about fifteen thousand fans showed up. Up All Night, the first studio album of One Direction was globally released in two thousand twelve. In two thousand eleven, this became the fastest selling debut album of the United Kingdom topping 16 countries' charts. As a result, they were inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records. Over three million worldwide copies were sold in the USA by Up All Night.

Little Things

In the presence of the Queen Elizabeth the II, Little Things was performed in 2012 by One Direction and in February 2013 are set to embark on a 2nd tour concert. In New Zealand and Australia, there were gross ticket sales of $15. 7 million with all one hundred ninety thousand sold tickets for 18 shows for shows in these locations.

3D Biopic Film

In addition, there was an announcement made in 2012 that a 3D biopic film which stars the group is being produced by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Morgan Spurlock is directing the film and producers include himself, Cowell, Adam Milano and Ben Winston. On the thirtieth of August in '13, the film is scheduled for being released.

Up All Night

Up All Night, the studio debut album of One Direction is primarily a record of pop music containing elements of rock influences, electro-pop. power pop, pop rock, dance pop and teen pop.

Louis Tomlinson

Born on the 24th of December in '91, Louis William Tomlinson was born to Troy Austin and Johanna Poulston in England. He attended Barnsley acting school and had small parts in Waterloo Road, and a drama film called If I Had You. His jobs include being a waiter in the hospitality suite of Doncaster Rovers stadium for football and at Vue cinema.

Harry Styles

Born on the 1st of February in '94, Harry Edward Styles was born to Des Styles and Anne Cox in Cheshire, England. Gemma is his older sister and he had a part time job in a chapel. Previously, Styles was the White Eskimo lead singer and had won the competition Battle of the Bands.

Liam Payne

Liam James Payne was born on the 29th of August in '93 and was born to Karen and Geoff Payne in England. Nicola and Ruth are his older sisters and he was born with a dysfunctional, scarred kidney. Heavily involved in sports, at the age of 12 he took up lessons in boxing.

Zayn Malik

Born on the 12th of January in '93, Zain Javadd Malik was born to Yaser and Tricia Malik in England. He has 2 younger sisters named Safaa and Waliyha and Doniya, his older sister. His main influence in music is reportedly urban music and he also likes rap and R&B.

Niall Horan

Born on the 13th of September in nineteen ninety-three, Niall James Horan was born to Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher in Ireland. Greg is the name of his older brother and when he was 5, his parents divorced so the brothers lived back and forth between parents. Since his childhood, he had been playing guitar and claims that Michael Buble, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra are his favorite artists.

One Direction Merchandise

This year from ice pops to dolls, shopping is sure to be a blast for fans of One Direction including shoes, ear phones, toothpaste and other stocking-stuffers that will be sure to satisfy every fan.

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    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 5 years ago from Scandinavia

      Well nicomp- I do no think you have a tween living in your house absouty loving them, thanks for stopping, though

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      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Never heard of 'em.

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      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Just say the video"Little Things" a few days ago. I posted it on my FB wall.