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One Life To Live -- August 1, 2013

Updated on August 11, 2013

Is Victor behind this whole mess?

Yeah, I'm almost two weeks behind. I liked it better when they released one episode a day.

Anyway, with the demand for Todd to disappear, it makes me wonder if Victor isn't behind the whole thing. Todd is lured back to Llanview after getting a tattoo card telling him to finish off Victor. And Victor just happened to show up at the same time. Had Todd done what he'd been ordered to do, Victor could have played victim with everyone turning on Todd. It would have been easy as at that point everyone was spitting on Todd, and this would have been the final straw.

The question is would he have really gone so far as to make sure Danny overdosed so he'd have an excuse to come forward and reveal himself? Of course, he was right there, so he could rush her to the hospital. Todd couldn't kill him unless Victor came out into the open. Only Todd didn't do it and Victor learned about his and Tea's dead baby and he went psycho trying to murder Todd, instead.

Of course, the spanner in the works is if he's behind the Tattooed People, why did he kill one of them and presumably leave town because of them?

Still, this seems just like something Victor would do. By making Todd leave town to protect everyone, it'll get exactly what Victor wants. Todd will lose his family again when he's getting close to getting them back. And that's the one thing Victor wants to prevent Todd from doing.

Let's just say after Todd leaves town I won't be the least bit shocked if Victor comes strolling back in. The only question will be if Victor is played by Trevor St. John or another actor, if St. John refuses to make a commitment to the show.

It was sad that after Todd and Blair finally got to the point of getting back together, they found out they would be torn apart again, because the only way to keep everyone Todd loves safe is for him to disappear. On the bright side, this time Todd and Blair are being pulled apart because Todd is protecting her, instead of Todd doing something that turns Blair against him. In a strange way it's progress for them.

Matthew's little catfish still had her claws out for Dani and even succeeded in chasing Dani out of her own apartment with her nasty comments about Dani and Arturo. I think she's out to get anyone Matthew cares for whose name isn't Michelle. It's the same way she went after Jeffrey to cause trouble, as well. She wants Matthew all to herself, and the little twerp seems too blind to this fish to smell the stench coming off of her. And it looks like Destiny will be next on her hit list, as she eavesdropped on Jeffrey telling Matthew he kissed Destiny and asked if that's okay with him.

Dani brought Arturo back to her place and seemed to disappoint him by revealing that she already had a sugar daddy paying her bills and that was her father. Then when Dani tried to kiss Arturo to thank him for buying her the earrings, he said the time was not right for them, yet. Unfortunately, Matthew and his catfish came in just as Arturo was caressing Dani's face, and when the catfish heard that Arturo was taking Dani to the gala she got even more catty and doofus Matthew just stood there and let her get away with it.

Dani quickly had enough of this cyber trash getting all up in her business and stormed out of her own apartment, while the bed warmer remained. If Matthew was any kind of a man, he'd set his catfish down and teach her the facts of life. He was friends with Dani and Jeffrey long before she swam into the picture and if she doesn't start treating his friends with respect, there's the door. It's not like she's some paragon of virtue that he has to pussy-foot around. This chick has done nothing but lie and deceive him from day one.

Clint nearly got himself arrested when the doorman wanted him arrested for punching him. Cutter, however, recognized Clint and put a stop to it. And Matthew called Bo to come and get his brother before he caused anymore trouble.

Bo wasn't very sympathetic to his brother and said Clint was just trying to be the center of attention. He did succeed in getting Vicky to come over and see how he was. Although she said she loved him, she refused to take him back. Then Clint suddenly sobered up and was determined he was going to leave to get his car.

When Nora tried to stop him from leaving and Clint put hands on her, Bo had enough and slapped the cuffs on Clint, telling him he was going to sleep it off in the drunk tank.

Strangely enough, this was the first time I've really felt Jerry Ver Dorn as Clint. Before now he's always been Guiding Light's Ross Marler playing Clint Buchanan.

Cutter went to personally tell Natalie about her father and that he prevented him from being arrested. This lead to the two making out on her couch. Meanwhile back at the club his doorman was claiming about his aching face and Nikki the bartender helpfully whipped out a package of blow and offered it to him. Sorry, but she does know that type of drug is against the law. What is she trying to do? Help shut down Shelter?

It's actually possible since she seemed to be jealous over Cutter going to tell Natalie in person about Clint. As they say, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

Speaking of the queen of scorned women, Dorian figured out that Jack was involved with someone when he commiserated with her. The question is will she figure out just who Jack's lady love is and if she does will she do something about it?

Dorian has always been primarily about he family, so it's time she get back to that and for her to forget about her rodent of a husband.


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